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Posted:  5 months ago

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Newbie Here! Best advice for a woman thinking of jumping in...

Newark? Sound correct?? NEWARK!! We used to deliver asphalt off 13 .. in NEWARK!

Ding, ding, ding we have a winner. PCA in Newark, I would have given extra credit for adding Door #1. First time there I had to go down that narrow lane on top of the tracks through the extremely crowded back lot come back around the building and then pull up that alley way and back across traffic to drop in door one. Even with a day cab you are blocking 3/4 of the road. Office lady's comment was "People are used to it."

Was there a month or so ago on a Sunday doing a drop and hook when they were closed. You have to go in through the exit and I had to move 2 FAB trailers in order to get to my empty.

I have also seen FAB trailers at Buckeye on Long Ave in Wooster and I think Skybox in Mansfield.

Posted:  5 months ago

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Newbie Here! Best advice for a woman thinking of jumping in...

Re: Your exempted (or non?) intrastate.... I know you are running part time USPS . . . but if that ever becomes 'lacking' for what you need, please feel free to either email me for #'s, or just 'look into' FAB Express. They've been REALLY good to my guy (and Don on here, who started with CFI) for quite some time.

Thanks Anne. I've gotten kind of spoiled. I don't want to work too much and I expect to get paid a lot when I do. The mail gig is on call. I've told them they can call me whenever they like, expect me to say no but I might say yes. Last week I worked for them Thur, Fri, Sat and Sunday so my friend there could have off to go the the Dirt Track stock car races in Florence, KY. Three trips each day back and worth from Sharonville, Oh to Dayton, Oh. About 80 miles each trip, took less than 8 hours and was paid $300/day.

Regular part time job is 3 days week hauling cardboard to various places NE of Cincinnati then picking up a backhaul of paper rolls from the Greif mill in Massilon, Ohio.

I am thinking about taking off from both jobs for a few months to work harvest season for the farm I worked for last year because it was a lot of fun. Last year I drove under farm exemption but now that I have a valid intrastate cdl again I can do more for them.

Speaking of FAB ask your husband if he knows where these pictures were taken.



Posted:  5 months ago

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Newbie Here! Best advice for a woman thinking of jumping in...

Hi Brandie:

I had promised myself that I was done posting on this site but you seem so sincere in your desire to do this that I want to try and help you.

You mentioned that you had applied at Millis . I know PackRat recommended that you call and I second that. I really think that they have one of the better programs out there. You will spend the first 3 weeks in training as a non-employee so obviously no paychecks but once you are out with a trainer your are going to get the current new hire milage rate for every mile the truck runs, even when trainer is driving. You should easily gross $1200+ week from that point forward. Also their 15k mile training period is reasonable. Long enough to get you plenty of opportunity to learn but not so long that the stress of the process has time to boil over and cause problems.

Their training is not totally free but I think the additional earnings you make while training more than make up for it. When I went through you paid $500 up front, $100 when accepted and $400 first day of class. You pay an additional $2000 or so via payroll deduction once you start getting paid. When I was there it was $100 week while with a trainer and dropped to $50 once solo. In addition there is a $2500 fee if you leave before your I year anniversary.

Sounds like you live close to the Trenton facility. I live in Milford so I commuted while in training and did not need the hotel accommodations they provide, you do pay those back. Training is basically 7-5 M-F so there was zero family impact doing this time. There will likely be 1 night away from home during a road trip where the class drives a truck to another Millis location to get you some actual over the road experience. All those expenses are paid and its actually a pretty fun trip.

The actual class time at Trenton. is also great. I assume Bill Smith is still the trainer and he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Actually just about everyone I dealt with at Millis were genuinely nice people. In addition, being close to Trenton gives you a lot of opportunities to stay close to home once you are solo. They have Ohio Regional which would get you home weekends and possibly some during the week. They also run a number of day cabs out of Trenton, I see them up around Akron all the time. I assume these are beer loads out of Trenton. They also do all the yard switching work for the Miller brewery in Trenton. There may be waiting lists for those opportunities but they are there.

Basically if you get accepted by Millis, and I see no reason why you shouldn't, I would jump on.

You also mention the possibility of tuition free private CDL school. I don't think that is necessarily a bad option, I see a CDL as a valuable asset even without experience. You are just going to have to be very careful getting that first job. There are lots of places that will stick a new driver in a truck regardless of experience and you don't want that. Look around for reputable companies the offer training for CDL holders with no experience, they are out there. You just have to be ready to say no to offers that don't set you up for success.

The Cincinnati region is a great place for trucking jobs, basically any situation you desire is out there. Due to a health issue I have an Ohio intrastate only physical and I still get offers all the time. Just last week the traffic manager at the manufacturer I haul out of offered me a job driving for the manufacturer directly. It was an awesome offer but it was full time and I currently prefer part time.

Best of luck to you in whatever you decide to do, I think you stand an excellent chance of making it.

Posted:  5 months ago

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Trucking companies and COVID Vaccine

Brett, it basically boils down to that I strongly disagree with just about everything that you personally write. I then waste way too much time in my head coming up with elegant replies before saying "screw it, it's not worth it." I then realize that I have spent all this mental effort on some dude living in the woods who I have never met. That in turn makes me angry at myself because I could have been thinking about motorcycle projects or my next stock option trade.

You have called me a sheep a few times because I believe the science, and that is true. I guess the reason is that I don't have a Phd in any of the related fields required to combat this. I haven't spent decades studying the subject matter in order to tackle the challenges we now face. It cracks me up to hear people who I know have made a lifetime of bad decisions become passionate over "the jab". "Sure I've had domestic issues, limited education, trouble holding jobs, substance abuse issues and problems with the law, they say, but I know this is all fake." Real credible.

Thing about this pandemic is the timing. It managed to hit at a time when the most ridiculous things are politicized and social media is what it is. Suddenly someone can decide what they want to believe regardless of any other data, find a few sources that seem to fit their vision, locate a few like minded individuals and by God we have a movement.

By keeping posts like this going you just keep stoking the fires. And before you yell censorship you know damm well that at this point no one is going to be changing their mind's. They have too much invested in the belief system they have created. And honestly I think the craziness of posts like this have damaged your brand. Your analytics may say differently but I don't see the level of help and successful outcomes that we used to see.

In closing let me give you a little free consulting advice:

I am assuming that this site is monetized and that you receive commissions/referral fees for the candidates you send on to the training companies via you application process. My wife was the office manager for an internet startup firm that did something very similar and some of those checks were mind blowing.

In my prior career I spent 27 years with a large financial services company, you've seen their ads during the Super Bowl. For about 10 of those years I was in an area called Risk Management. One of the projects we would do were something we called Vender Risk Assessments. We would basically review individual venders to make sure the firm was protected. We would look at financial controls, date security, intellectual property, reputational factors, among other things.

Imagine that I am in a similar role at Prime, CRST, PAM etc and decide to take a look at good ole I decide to start with their website and locate this series of posts. I quickly realize that this guy Brett, who happens to be the same guy our contact is with, has some pretty controversial ideas and the whole conversation seems border line hostile, subjective I know but much of this analysis is. I then discover that with just a couple clicks there is my bright and shiny corporate logo with an invitation to apply to work for our company. I would then think to my self "That was pretty seamless, is it possible that people might associate our company with that content and assume those are our beliefs?

My report would say that yes it is possible. My recommendation would be to get TT under control or get us out of the relationship. We ended multi million dollar contracts on situations less damning then this.

Now can you delete my profile?

Greg, there's no reason for you to run away. Why can't you stay and have an open and honest conversation?

Posted:  5 months, 1 week ago

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Trucking companies and COVID Vaccine

I have finally decided that Brett is "Trolling" his own website. No one person can have so many warped views of the way the world works.

Please delete my profile from the site. I won't be back and do not want to be associated with this place.

Brett I apologize for comparing you to the Unabomber. That would require a knowledge of chemistry, thermodynamics, etc. I doubt that you believe in any of those things.

Posted:  5 months, 1 week ago

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Trucking companies and COVID Vaccine

Brett, whenever I read one of your tirades about current events I instantly think to myself. "This guy sounds just like Ted Kaczynski" aka The Unabomber.

Posted:  5 months, 3 weeks ago

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DOT physical exam doctors.

My last exam was done by a chiropractor who is a DOT examiner and he was awesome.

Due to a heart condition I only qualify for an intrastate medical under an Ohio PUCO program that grants exceptions for drivers who had a commercial licenses prior to the national CDL.

When I went to my prior examiner, an Urgent Care Center, they did not know anything about the program and would not process it. The chiropractor took the time to review the packet I received from the state and even called an official at the PUCO for clarification.

Already have an appointment in Nov with him to get renewed.

Posted:  6 months ago

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It is not currently a requirement to get your CDL but many large companies require it as proof that you have had some structured training.

I had 2 employers in my first year of driving and neither one asked for any certification.

Look for companies that advertise that they hire new drivers. My big break was getting hired by Ryder in their Driver Development Program. All they required was a CDL and a clean driving record. I had to spend 6 weeks with a trainer, this was home nightly, after that I tested out and went solo.

I didn't know I'd have to have a training certificate even after getting my CDL??

Posted:  6 months ago

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In shop waiting for repairs to trailer

You can edit your own logs. Once you are back it the truck just change that status change from On Duty to Off Duty.

Posted:  6 months, 1 week ago

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Got to drive some unusual trucks lately.

I occasionally haul US mail for a small USPS contractor. Their total business is 15-20 trips a day from Cincinnati to Dayton, Ohio and back. 70 miles round trip. Worked for them last weekend and got to drive this beauty.

It's a 1998 International Eagle single axle. It's an ex R&L Transfer truck and for some reason they totally refurbished it and then sold it shortly thereafter. It has a reman'd Detroit 60 Series engine and rebuilt 10 speed. Rebuilt brake, suspension and electrical systems. All new lines and hoses, etc. Drives like a new truck. I think this was my first time driving a single axle semi. Only made 1 trip but it was fun to drive.


For my regular part-time job hauling paper I got to drive our "spare" truck. It was my boss's first new truck and he bought it when he had a contract hauling beer. It was spec'd to be very light weight. Along with a light weight trailer he bought he said he could scale over 50K in freight. I need to check the year but it is a Freightliner Columbia, the predecessor of the Cascadea. It has also been pretty much total re-done and recently had a brand new dashboard installed. It is also a blast to drive.



Posted:  6 months, 2 weeks ago

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OTR training after being local?

You guys are over thinking this. I am sure there is somewhere close by to where you live where you and your trainer can arrange to meet. If you can't or don't want to to leave your personal vehicle there have someone drop you off, take a cab/Uber etc.


Hey guys, I know that you're gonna go OTR for 6 weeks with a trainer. But, wanted to know where do I park my personal vehicle while being deployed? I have it on the street but 2x a month, they have street sweeping and plus when the pandemic happened, I didn't understand why my car was not working but a rep at a store shop told me that I have to drive it like every other day to keep the battery alive. I left it on the street for sometimes a good week or two. Do I have to pay a parking garage to have them keep the car for a month or two? How does it work? Thanks!


I have generally the same questions. Apparently how it usually works is you either park your personal vehicle at a nearby drop yard the company uses, or a nearby truck stop, whichever is closer/more convenient. You will then get picked up by your trainer and dropped off a few weeks later.

However, a question I have yet to get a solid answer for is what happens when there is no drop yard or terminal within a reasonable distance of where you live- so you're forced to go the truck stop route. Personal vehicles parked at truck stops get towed after about 12 hours, so this option doesn't work.

I spoke to a Prime recruiter and she actually told me that if these options aren't feasible, your trainer will come pick you up AT YOUR HOME, like, literally roll up in front of your house, apartment, whatever... in a huge combination vehicle and pick you up like your their prom date. This I find simply hard to believe and was something she was just telling me so I wouldn't be discouraged from choosing Prime.

As for your battery, just unplug it while you're away. problem solved.

Posted:  6 months, 3 weeks ago

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Roehl's Lease Operator Program - What percentage does the O/O pay for fuel?, Fuel Tax? IFTA?

Why would you even consider lease at $1.04/mi minus fuel? As a company driver with 1 year experience you will easily be able to make .60+ per mile. That extra .44 is going to be wiped out by fuel alone.

I took an early retirement in 2017 at 55 got my CDL and became a company driver. My W2 earnings for my first 2 full years driving were $68000 in 2018 and $89000 in 2019. And that was rarely working more than 5 days a week and only being out overnight a couple days a week. Many weeks I was home every night

In early 2020 I suffered a heart attack which put me off the road for 8 months and resulted in me only being able to keep an intra state physical. If I was under a lease purchase commitment that would have been a financial diaster . Instead I collected almost $1000/week from my company provided short/long term disability insurance while staying home and recovering.

You say you are 57 years old so what is your end game? Do you want to earn piles of cash to pay off bills, sock away additional retirement funds, or maybe maximize your social security earnings? In any of those cases company driver is by far the better choice.

I do not have any experience. I just obtained my CDP and am looking to sign on with Roehl. I picked Roehl, because they seem to have an emphasis on safety and care for their drivers. I understand that it will not be all rainbows and butterflies :-).

I have read/ some books on starting a trucking business as an O/O. I thought that after a year of studying the industry as a Trucker, I would have a truer insight on what the actual costs/profits would be for a company driver vs lease operator. The idea was to spend a year OTR, and then make a decision on the best move forward.

When I went through the advertisement for lease operator on the Roehl website, it mentioned an industry leading surcharge for the fuel. This was important for me, because when I calculated the costs for 120,000 Miles @ 1.04 CPM, without relief for the fuel costs, I would make less than $44K as a lease operator, and that was with a lease payment of only $570 per week. My calculations did not include repair costs or down time.

Posted:  6 months, 4 weeks ago

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First load as lease operator

After carrying 800 lbs of tile up 2 flights of stairs and wrestling 3 custom cabinets and 2 commodes into the house on a 90 deg day I have learned to never again to complain about a 2 hour unload while sitting in an AC cab playing on my phone.

Don't forget all the valuable experience you've gained, too.


Posted:  6 months, 4 weeks ago

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First load as lease operator

I may be losing money now but I'm going to make it up in volume.

Also it's a 24 hour walk away lease so I have an out.

Posted:  6 months, 4 weeks ago

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First load as lease operator

I must be doing something wrong this 10 mile trip cost me over $3000 and no one paid me anything.



Posted:  6 months, 4 weeks ago

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No Fuel For You

Saw one of a driver's worst nightmares yesterday.

I was just finishing fueling up at the Speedway at exit 165 on I 71 in Ohio when an old pretty rough looking Volvo pulled up at the island next to me. He went straight into the store and I finished up. I go inside to get a detailed receipt and the driver is at the fuel desk in front of me. It quickly becomes obvious that they are having problems. Not really trying to eavesdrop but I hear the cashier say in a slightly irritated voice; "Sorry sir but that one is declined too. He says "No, I'm sure that one is good!"

He finally walks away and the cashier gives me an eye roll as she prints out my receipt. When I go back to my truck he is outside of his on the phone. Not sure what language he was speaking but PO'd and desperate came through load and clear.

Posted:  8 months, 3 weeks ago

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Schneider National OTR: Tanker or Truck

Why don't you just go dry van or reefer?

Posted:  8 months, 3 weeks ago

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I swear it was there during my pre-trip

He said that the Loves quote was over twice as much.

This blow out was pretty uneventful. I had a couple back in the old dump truck driving days that were much more exciting. One time I had the tread separate on the front tire of on old GMC Brigadier dump truck. The tread stayed partially attached and beat up the hood so bad that it broke the latches and swung forward while I was still moving. Also left a trail of metal and fiberglass shrapnel behind me. This happened right in the middle of Indian Hill, Ohio, a very affluent Cincinnati suburb. They had a city crew there sweeping up the street within 30 minutes on a Saturday.

That is a prodigious bargain. I don't know how you could have gotten all that for that price.

I have never experienced a steer tire blow out. You make it sound relatively routine. I am glad for you. I am confident when I do experience one it will be more traumatic than yours.

Posted:  8 months, 3 weeks ago

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I swear it was there during my pre-trip

Had an interesting morning yesterday.

I was heading north on I71 between Cincinnati and Columbus. I was in the right lane with cruise set at 67 when a large box truck started passing me on the left. We were just about even when I heard the load bang of a tire blowing.

I immediately started slowing and scanning my mirrors but did not see any issues with my truck and it was driving fine. The box truck rapidly slowed down and headed for the berm. Since I wasn't noticing anything I figured it must have been him. I was just about ready to get back up to speed when the truck gave a slight lurch to the left and started shaking back and forth. As I headed for the berm out of the corner of my eye I saw what remained of my left front tire exiting the scene.

Once I got pulled over I looked down the south bound side and thankfully did not see any sign that the runaway tire had caused any issues. I had just finished making my initial phone calls when I hear a tap on the passenger side window. Look over and there was an Ohio State Patrol officer staring at me. He just wanted to know if I was ok and if I needed anything. I told him about the MIA tire and he seemed to already know about it and knew where it had ended up. Shortly after he left I saw an ODOT work truck stop in the general area, I assume he was picking up what was left of the tire.

All in all I got very lucky. I only had about 18K on and was on nice straight highway without any traffic around. I am confused about the delay in the sound of the tire blowing and the truck reacting. When it blew initially I did not feel anything at all through the steering wheel, that came a good 30-45 seconds later.

Road side service was there in about 2 1/2 hours with a new wheel and tire. Boss sent me a copt of his bill and it was $909. I actually don't think that was too bad for tire, wheel, service call and labor. Ended up the day with only 28 min left on my 14.



Posted:  10 months, 1 week ago

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Sherwin Williams

No experience but I did speak to a recruiter once. From what I recall they had 2 types of driver jobs available.

The first was line haul, basically moving loads between DCs, suppliers large customers, etc. The pay was above average and the benefits were very good.

The second and much higher paying job involved delivering to SW retail stores. Since nothing in life is free it sounded like you really earned it on this one. For starters once you look around most SW stores are not truck friendly. In addition the driver unloads and puts product into store rooms. This is paint we are talking about, very heavy. If I remember correctly there were additional delivery bonuses based upon how many 1000 pounds you had to handle. There was also additional drop pay and other ways you were compensated.

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