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Posted:  1 day, 4 hours ago

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1099 company driver responsible for fuel?

I think what they are saying is that the fuel comes off what the load pays, then you get 28% of what's left.

Better question is are you sure taking a 1099 job is a smart move? You are going to have to make your own tax payments plus pay both employer and employee sides of social security. In addition if you need benefits they are going to be way more expensive than even the worst employer provided plans.

Finally if you are driving their truck and doing what they tell you to do you are an employee, not an independent contractor. Your employer is falsely labeling you for their benefit. That makes them a liar and a cheat. You want to work for someone like that.

Posted:  1 day, 9 hours ago

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The "Boogey Man" Virus

Just saw that report on NBC nightly news. They had 13 deaths in 24 hours. They have a 53 foot reefer trailer at the dock as a temporary morgue.

inside a NYC ER now

My niece sent me this link. She's a night RN in this emergency room. She says, quite simply, they're overwhelmed.

Posted:  3 days, 10 hours ago

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Free lunch at......the scalehouse!?

My problem with conspiracy theories is that I find it difficult to believe that enough politicians/bureaucrats have the IQs and the ability to keep quiet to pull one off.

Posted:  3 days, 11 hours ago

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Free lunch at......the scalehouse!?

I just saw this on FB. Times like these do bring out the best and unfortunately sometimes the worst in people.

If you are a truck driver, and are in the city limits of Corbin (exit 25) we will help you get food. Call us at our non-emergency number 606-528-1122 and an officer will be happy to assist you. Thank you for delivering goods to our country! Stay safe!

Posted:  3 days, 11 hours ago

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Returning to Trucking

I would look for companies with refresher programs. If you drove for 10 years I am sure it will come back quick. Use the process here at TT and also look at sites like indeed. Many 3rd party logistics company’s like Ryder, Penske etc advertiser there and have refresher programs and great pay/benefits.

Posted:  4 days, 14 hours ago

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4 scale tickets in first year solo. Excessive?

Back in the 80s while dump truck driving for the family business I got 2 over weight tickets in 1 day by the same DOT officer. Needless to say my dad was not pleased.

His corrective action for me was to spend the next 2 days, in the middle of August, breaking down and mounting new tires on old 2 piece split ring wheels.

I learned my lesson.

Posted:  6 days, 6 hours ago

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Jeremy... how are you?

Jeremy: I believe you work for Ryder like I do. If so we have Short Term Disability coverage after the 1st week out. Call your dispatch office on Monday and they should be able to hook you up with HR to start the process.

I am currently off due to a heart attack. I opted for the extra coverage so I get 70% of my weekly average pay. If you didn't take the extra coverage I believe there is a dollar cap.

Get better.

Sorry had a tougher day fever is slighly better but breathing getting tougher liquid in my lungs so far my oxygen saturation is high enough to remain home but if i lose a couple few % they may make me go to hospital I'm hoping that don't happen I'm goin outta my mind but id rather go outta my mind at home. Family still symptom free so thats good my wife is a sanitizing nazi and refuses to give me any freedoms to roam I'm on lockdown one room one bathroom so much for home daily I'm back otr without the paycheck lol. Guess thats all ive got for now im obviously while bored doing alot of reading and studying people on social media wow these are crazy times. Everybody please stay safe out there love your families and watch your 6

Posted:  6 days, 15 hours ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

Yep. MBA/CPA now truck driver. 27 years with a major financial services firm. Took an early retirement package and decided that I wanted to drive a truck for a few years.

One of my jobs was as a Business Contigency Risk Manager. We did several "War Games" over the years concerning pandemics and they played out pretty much like this one is. I was also deeply involved in configuring our systems and process to cope with the 9/11 week long market shutdown.

You mention the $5 trillion "liquidity guarantee", not a loan. Guess what? I used to manage the cash desk for a major part of our business. I made $500M+ repo purchases daily with Deutsche Bank. Repos are just overnight loans for liquidity purposes, they are not driving up the economy. I just checked the NY Fed repo operations numbers for this weekend and it's less then $24B. That $5 T is an over the top number to reassure the nation's CFO's.

Stimulus packages, I think they will help. Russia/Ukraine, not really sure I see a threat to the world's economy there. Chinese EMP. You mention a laser at a ship, pretty sure the US Navy can defend itself against anyone. If your are talking EMP attack on our countries infrastructure, that would require nukes and economics really won't matter anymore.

My opinion? I think we will be in a recession for 2 or 3 quarters. During that time the virus will either fade out like SARS did, be beaten by medical science or run it's course and infect just about everyone with most recovering and unfortunately many deaths. After that the bounce back will be swift. Many companies will surely go under but I think the global supply chain weakness exposed by this will bring more manufacturing back on shore.

The world is not ending, there is no grand conspiracy pulling the worlds puppet strings via a virus and don't believe everything you read on-line.

Posted:  6 days, 18 hours ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

What a load of BS. "Debt Jubilee"? I am a CPA with an MBA in Finance an I had to look that one up. Old Testament reference? Really?

I find it interesting that you started this post under the premise of asking a question and then used it as a soapbox for your nut job, new world order conspiracy theories.

Headed to Maryland and Virginia on Sunday. Then right back to MO.

End game is global monetary reset. Use of Modern Monetary Theory. MMT. So much money is being pumped into the worldwide system right now, it can't be absorbed. The US alone has pumped in almost $8 trillion. Repo market, small business help, cash money to every person . . .

EU just pumped $750 billion. The hits just keep on coming . . . Germany, 1/2 trillion in . . .

Debt jubilee on the other side of this crisis. Single currency for the globe. Single centralized bank. All money flows from and to a single institution. Talk about taking control . . .

EMP from China being threatened towards US Naval vessels in South China Sea. Russia has moved up 90k troops, 1100 tanks to Ukraine border right now.

To stop this, single world entity. No more enemies, no more monetary constraints, no more problems. One world gov't will be set up. This IS coming right at us, right now.

This plan will stop war, it'll stop recessions, it'll stop the coronavirus, it'll stop poverty, hunger, etc. All it will cost is everything.

God, I hope I'm wrong.

Posted:  2 weeks ago

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Where is the transmission fluid reservoir in a truck?

Assuming the truck has a true automatic transmission it will depend on the truck. Should be marked or check the owners manual. More importantly trucks that a school or company paid training use will have manual or automated manuals and will not utilize ATF.

The cdl manuals include many items that may not be on all vehicles. Your pretrip will be graded based upon the vechicle you bring to the test. By that time your school will have shown you what you need to know.

Don't overthink this.

Posted:  3 weeks, 6 days ago

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Trying to get my career started in trucking.

You mentioned Millis and in my opinion you can't go wrong with them. They were my first pick when I decided to go for company training. I filled out their app online and within an hour I had a start date confirmed.

If you are in SC their schools in Eden,NC and Cartersville, GA would be the closest.

You pay $500 out of pocket to enroll. $100 to hold spot then $400 first day of class. They will put you up in a hotel for the 3 weeks of school. After you are an employee you repay the hotel and aprox $2500 for the school via payroll deduction. There is also a $2500 fee they will charge if you leave before 1 year.

Great think about them is the training pay is very good. While you are in training you get paid the regular .43 per mile for every mile the truck drives, even when the trainer is driving.

I am no longer with them but I believe there are some current Millis drivers active on the site if you have questions.

Good luck.

Posted:  4 weeks ago

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SHOES vs BOOTS? What type of foot ware do you use?

I'll have to look for those. I have a pair of Keens that look just like those without the mesh. I get a $100 shoe voucher every year for a place that carries Keen. When I get of ST disability I think I will go shopping.


Posted:  1 month, 2 weeks ago

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PSA: Serious as a heart attack.

Monday night I suffered a heart attack while driving. Obviously I survived but hopefully my story will prove helpful to someone else someday.

For starters I am 57 years old, have never smoked and in what I thought was pretty good health. Regular doctor exams, on blood pressure meds but cholesterol always well within acceptable limits. Maybe 15-20 lbs overweight but no issues with shortness of breath or problems with physical activity.

Monday started a little messed up. I was supposed to leave at 9:30 AM for about a 9 hr trip from Hebron, KY to Princeton, Ind and back. Pretrip truck and start the 3 mile drive to customer when I get the call that the load had canceled. Since I had already started my clock I pulled over to call and see what they wanted me to do. They had nothing and said to check back or they would call. I live about an hour away so I really didn't want to drive all the way home so I made plans and met my old corporate world boss for lunch.

Eventually get called in for a 5 hr round trip to Springfield, KY. I leave out at about 3:30. When I get to Springfield the drop lot was all jacked up and there was only 1 open spot and it was very tight with trailers on both sides being very close to the lines and crooked. As I'm doing my GOALS I have traffic backed up in both directions. No one was being impatient but I still felt a little stressed.

Get it dropped and grab my loaded trailer and bills and headed back towards the Blue Grass Parkway. As I am driving I start to feel a soreness across my shoulder blades and I felt chilled. Thinking I must have tweaked something doing my drop and hook I pull over and grab a water and an ibuprofen and lay down for a few minutes. I get feeling better so I head home. During the drive back I did not feel bad, just a little off. The soreness actually lessened but did extend to my right arm and chest but it still just felt like I had strained my chest muscles messing with the trailers.

Get back to Hebron around 9PM do all my post trip stuff and get in my car for home. During the ride I call my wife and she stated something that had started to develop in the back of my mind. "Are you sure it's not a heart attack?" When I get home we talk about it and try decide what to do. During this time I am looking online and starting to get a little worried Final straw was when I grabbed something to eat and my jar was very sore, another symptom my research had turned up. Finally made the call and said I think we need to get to the ER. We have a very good hospital with a great cardiac unit about 20 min away so she just went ahead and drove me there.

I get to the ER about 11 PM and tell them what is going on. They quickly do an EKG and send me back to the waiting room. I had barely sat down when a lady ER Doc walks in calling my name while talking on the phone. She asked if I have ever had a heart attack. I said no and she said well you are now. She said she was on the phone activating the Cath Lab and that things were about to happen very quickly. They take me into the ER and at least 10 people were working on me. Whole time I am alert and really don't feel that bad. The cardiac surgeon shows up and said they were going to go up through my arm to my heart, find and remove the blockages and install stints as needed. Also told my wife to notify family members!

End result was that I had a 100% blockage of the LAD coronary artery, the widow-maker. They removed the blockage and installed a stint. I got to the Cardiac ICU about 3 AM. 2 days in ICU and one day in regular room and got out yesterday. Luckily there does not appear to be any permanent damage and I start rehab next week, just got back from trip to the grocery and feel fine. Seems like some extra steps to get my physical back and I am off duty for at least 60 days. Thankfully at this year's annual enrollment I opted for the optional "Mac Daddy" ST disability coverage so I'll have close to full pay.

Everyone there said that I most likely would have been dead by morning if I hadn't went to the ER. Lesson is that if your body is trying to tell you something "LISTEN".

Posted:  1 month, 3 weeks ago

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My first accident!

Back in my old dump truck driving days getting stuck this time of year was an everyday thing. Get to a job site and back up as fast as possible, sometimes in high range, and let it go as far as it would go. You had to know when to get on the clutch to avoid breaking the drive shaft. Once you stopped, dump the load and wait for the dozer operator to come over and drag you out.

Posted:  1 month, 3 weeks ago

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FINALLY heading to my own truck!

Good luck Victor and be careful. Just remember that Admissions Counsleors and Financial Aide reps are recruiters just like in trucking. Their job is to get you signed up and on the hook.

I din't think my numbers are far off.

Basic tuition $23K yr. 4 years $92,000 assuming no annual increase, Not likely.

Room/board: Not sure of your arrangements but let's say $5k year. 4 years $20000.

Flight training: $25500 for Private ticket with instrument rating.(from Liberty 2020 course fees). Did not see a listing for CFI, needed to instruct and work for them, but that would be another $5000 or so. These numbers assume you take the average amount of training to test out. Additional flight hours are incredibly expensive.

That comes to close to $150,000 and does not include books, inflation, interest costs, additional fees etc.

After all that if you do not get accepted into military flight school a commercial pilots license and multi engine rating will cost you another $75k+.

Posted:  1 month, 3 weeks ago

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FINALLY heading to my own truck!

Victor: Are you sure about this? I just did a quick look at Liberty's website and that program with the flight training is going to be at least $50k/year! If I understand your plan correctly, you want to get your degree then join the military? At this point you will be in your late 20's with well over $200k in student loan debt and no guarantee that you will be accepted into Officer Training let alone flight school.

If military is the path you want to take you should consider enlisting in a branch of the military now, preferably in an aviation related field. Once settled in a skill set you can begin your degree work and let the military pay for it.

Posted:  2 months ago

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Busy 48 hours (for me anyway)

Usually my life as a driver for Ryder on a dedicated auto parts account is fairly laid back. Based out of Hebron, KY I normally do 1 or 2 overnights a week to Aurora, Ill with the other days being 300-500 mile out and back round trips. This week things got a little more interesting.

On Tuesday I left Hebron with my normal load to Aurora at 4 PM. Get to Aurora around 9:30 do a double drop and hook and head home with an empty. Shut down at the rest area in Roselawn, IN on I65 at around midnight. Woke up in the morning with a text message to call dispatch. Here is when the fun starts. Instead of going home they needed me to take my empty to the Peterbilt dealer in Indy to rescue an Aurora bound load from one of our OO's who had broken down. Get almost to Indy and get a call that they now need my empty in Lafayette,IN. Of course I am already past Lafayette so I need to turn around drive to Lafayette to drop the trailer and then bobtail on to Peterbilt.

Get to Indy at 1:45 and hook to new load and then get the call that after getting empty in Aurora I am to head up to Waukegan, Ill to get live loaded and take it to Georgetown,KY for a 1 PM delivery on Thursday. At this point I am crunching the numbers in my head and with the unknowns of Chicago traffic I knew it was going to be tight. Gave them the ole "I'll do my best". They said great and by the way Waukegan stops loading at 9 PM!

Luckily traffic was not bad and I made it to Waukegan at 8:30 pm and get loaded quickly. Was back on the road at 8:55 pm with a little less than 2 Hrs left on my 11. Made it make to the Roselawn rest area for the second night in a row with about 30 min left on my 11.

Hit the road as soon as my 10 was up and headed to Georgetown. Was docked and getting unloaded at 1:15 PM. While talking to the receiving folks, who were very happy to see me, I discover that they knew all about the breakdown delay and that my dispatch had told them that they had their "go to guy" covering it. Come to find out that is me.

Get empty and head back to Hebron drop my empty and park the truck a little after 4 PM.

48 Hours 1365 miles 2 Double D/Hs 1 live load 1 live un-load

Not "Super Trucker" numbers but I am pretty happy with it.

Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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CDL B to A question ( Manuel/auto transmission )

I bet your company could rent a trailer pretty cheaply for a week or so. I have seen prices for storage trailers in the $150/mo range. Even if you have to reimburse your employer a week or so rental is not going to be terrible.

Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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CDL B to A question ( Manuel/auto transmission )

Maybe I'm missing something here but you are talking tractor/trailer combos right? Can't you just hook up one of the manuals up to the 40 footer on test day?

Rob t, going private with it, the construction out fit i work for year round is helping me obtain my class a for their low boy, but they have 3 tractors and trailers right now two manual 72 footers, well one on road the others down for repair, AND the third is a goose neck 40 foot auto single axle. Pretty much the reason i asked because for the road test ive been having issies parallel parking the 72 footer, so far ive been only able to get it 2 feet from the curb insted of one foot. I feel its almost impossible, eben my trainer with 11 years experance can only get it 2 foot.

Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Paper logs

Why in the world is paper logs a requirement? I recently had to be on paper for 2 days and I absolutely hated it.

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