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Posted:  3 days, 6 hours ago

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Busy 48 hours (for me anyway)

Usually my life as a driver for Ryder on a dedicated auto parts account is fairly laid back. Based out of Hebron, KY I normally do 1 or 2 overnights a week to Aurora, Ill with the other days being 300-500 mile out and back round trips. This week things got a little more interesting.

On Tuesday I left Hebron with my normal load to Aurora at 4 PM. Get to Aurora around 9:30 do a double drop and hook and head home with an empty. Shut down at the rest area in Roselawn, IN on I65 at around midnight. Woke up in the morning with a text message to call dispatch. Here is when the fun starts. Instead of going home they needed me to take my empty to the Peterbilt dealer in Indy to rescue an Aurora bound load from one of our OO's who had broken down. Get almost to Indy and get a call that they now need my empty in Lafayette,IN. Of course I am already past Lafayette so I need to turn around drive to Lafayette to drop the trailer and then bobtail on to Peterbilt.

Get to Indy at 1:45 and hook to new load and then get the call that after getting empty in Aurora I am to head up to Waukegan, Ill to get live loaded and take it to Georgetown,KY for a 1 PM delivery on Thursday. At this point I am crunching the numbers in my head and with the unknowns of Chicago traffic I knew it was going to be tight. Gave them the ole "I'll do my best". They said great and by the way Waukegan stops loading at 9 PM!

Luckily traffic was not bad and I made it to Waukegan at 8:30 pm and get loaded quickly. Was back on the road at 8:55 pm with a little less than 2 Hrs left on my 11. Made it make to the Roselawn rest area for the second night in a row with about 30 min left on my 11.

Hit the road as soon as my 10 was up and headed to Georgetown. Was docked and getting unloaded at 1:15 PM. While talking to the receiving folks, who were very happy to see me, I discover that they knew all about the breakdown delay and that my dispatch had told them that they had their "go to guy" covering it. Come to find out that is me.

Get empty and head back to Hebron drop my empty and park the truck a little after 4 PM.

48 Hours 1365 miles 2 Double D/Hs 1 live load 1 live un-load

Not "Super Trucker" numbers but I am pretty happy with it.

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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CDL B to A question ( Manuel/auto transmission )

I bet your company could rent a trailer pretty cheaply for a week or so. I have seen prices for storage trailers in the $150/mo range. Even if you have to reimburse your employer a week or so rental is not going to be terrible.

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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CDL B to A question ( Manuel/auto transmission )

Maybe I'm missing something here but you are talking tractor/trailer combos right? Can't you just hook up one of the manuals up to the 40 footer on test day?

Rob t, going private with it, the construction out fit i work for year round is helping me obtain my class a for their low boy, but they have 3 tractors and trailers right now two manual 72 footers, well one on road the others down for repair, AND the third is a goose neck 40 foot auto single axle. Pretty much the reason i asked because for the road test ive been having issies parallel parking the 72 footer, so far ive been only able to get it 2 feet from the curb insted of one foot. I feel its almost impossible, eben my trainer with 11 years experance can only get it 2 foot.

Posted:  2 weeks, 1 day ago

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Paper logs

Why in the world is paper logs a requirement? I recently had to be on paper for 2 days and I absolutely hated it.

Posted:  3 weeks ago

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Thats a good question. You do need a company account and a driver id to use Geotab as far as I know. I would ask the rental agent at Ryder to see if they have any suggestions.

I did find the following exemption to having an ELD online. If Ryder does not have a solution I would just run paper logs. I would be shocked if a DOT officer would give you a hard time as long as everything else is in order.

ELD exemption #4: Drivers with 8 days of RODS or less

Drivers who use Record of Duty Status (RODS) for 8 days or less in any 30-day period, as are also exempt from using electronic logging devices. If a driver doesn’t frequently go over the 8 days of RODS, they can use an ELD on demand for the times they do. However, if a driver is continually going over 8 of every 30 consecutive days, it’s best to install a permanent ELD solution on their vehicle.

Posted:  3 weeks ago

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Me too.

Posted:  3 weeks, 5 days ago

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McElroy Truck Lines

Saw an example of this yesterday. New Years Eve is a paid holiday for us but they asked for volunteers to return a bunch of XTRA Lease trailers, a full days regular pay on top of the holiday pay for 4-5 hours work.

There were 12 of us running these and only 2 check- in lanes at XTRA so there was a back up checking in the first round. I parked and walked up to a group of drivers and they were discussing how our main dispatcher, aka Mr. A. Hole, treats them so badly. Apparently he gives them terrible runs, messes up truck assignments, screws them on payroll, yadda yadda yadda.

Want to know how Mr Hole treats me? He calls me on Thursday to ask me how I want to start next week. Usually he gives me about 3 options and doesn't bat an eye if I counter with: "You know I'd really rather do this, this and this". After we agree on a plan he usually ends with a promise to get me done early the next day, Friday.

Understanding the troubles that trucking companies are faced with will help us to understand the nature of the performance based equation we're faced with. Top performers are highly valued. They are counted on. When you see drivers whining and singing the blues about their trucking jobs you are seeing the guys and gals who, most likely, will never figure out how all this works.


Posted:  1 month ago

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Need Advice On Job Search - 63 year Old

I found myself in a similiar situation 2 years ago. I had taken an early retirement package at 55 and decided to get my CDL. I went through paid CDL training with Millis Transfer and got my licence but did not end up staying with them and going solo.

So here I sat almost exactly 2 years ago with a bright and shiny cdl but no recent experience other than my time spent with a trainer. I wanted to drive but was leery of going full OTR. I had also been following TT ever since I started my CDL journey so I was well aware of many hurdles ahead.

What I ended up doing was to put together a very brief "trucker resume" with the following intro:

"Truck driving is a second career for me. I worked my way through college driving dump trucks and always enjoyed driving. After taking an early retirement package I used the opportunity to enroll in CDL school with Millis Transfer. I completed the OTR course and was almost done with the required driving when I realized that being on the road for 3-4 weeks at a time was not a good fit for me."

I then setup an account on and posted the resume as Public. People could not see my personal info unless I applied or responded to an ad. I was quickly hit with dozens of responses. Many of them were automated replies from national companies or jobs that I was not interested in but there were a few "gems" in there. Within days I had narrowed it down to 2 local companies that would work with my experience and that I thought offered a good chance of success.

The job I accepted was with a small company located 10 min from my house. They have about 10 day cabs and around 20 box trucks and they do truck load, LTL, warehousing and plant transfers around the Cincinnati area. They had me do a road test and then for several days had their safety driver ride with me. After that they put me on a contract of their's where several hundred loads of freight needed to be moved from one location back to our facility. These were 60 mile round trips and several drivers were running it at once so their was always someone close if I needed anything. Did 3 of those trips a day for several weeks then they turned me loose to run everything else.

Key thing for me was that this was a local "trucking company". I was bumping docks and doing drop and hooks just like OTR but my trips were very short. I had every intention of staying with them for a year but after about 3 months I updated the indeed resume and was contacted by RYDER with an offer I couldn't refuse for my current position, will be there 2 years in April.

Posted:  1 month ago

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Contract buyout

From your posts it looks like you are with CRST. A friend of mine started with them about 2 weeks ago and he has been going non-stop since he got in the truck. They had to shut down yesterday because a receiver was closed and once because of high winds out west. Not sure of his miles but they have been back and forth from the Midwest to Washington state at least twice.

Do not be afraid to ask questions here once you are out there. I told my friend to reach out to me whenever and he has definitely taken me up on the offer many times and I am happy to help.

He and I trained together at the same company 2 years ago. We both got our CDLs there, but neither of us went solo with them for various reasons. I started driving right away, but he had been out of trucking since late 2017. When he told me that CRST had hired him as a driver, not a trainee, I was genuinely concerned. I told him to go slow, take his time, stop what you are doing if something doesn't feel right, ask questions of people you trust and do things the way CRST wants you to do them. 2 weeks in he must have 5-6k miles under his belt and is asking fewer and better questions so hopefully, he is off to a good start just like I'm sure you will.

Posted:  2 months ago

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Training with Veriha updates...

That's a lot of "On Duty" not driving time each day.


Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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Got asked to train

Last week Ryder asked me if I would like to help out with trianing new hires.

This is really more of an on boarding process since we are currently only hiring drivers with a least 2 years experience. I will take them out for a few days and show the the procedures on some of our most common runs, how to do their paperwork, ELD, etc.

I am no where near being one of the senior drivers in our fleet so I had to ask "Why me?" Safety driver gave following reasons: 1) In 18 months and over 200k miles I have had zero issues, not even a single HOS violation. 2) I communicate well. 3) I'm not an "A hole".

Not sure how often I will be needed but I said yes. I have to admit that it feels good to realize that they appreciate my preformance.

Posted:  3 months, 2 weeks ago

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Got some backing practice... another biker bar down...

Getting in and out of strange men's trucks at the truck stop is a good way for a fella to get a "reputation". Just sayin.

Posted:  3 months, 2 weeks ago

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Tell me about curtainside.....

392.9(2). Just says that they need to be secured. Sounds like what you are describing would more likely be an issue for the shipper if the freight was damaged because of a leaky tarp.

Can anyone point me to DOT regulations pertaining to curtainside trailers? Specifically condition of curtain. We have one trailer that has patches all over the curtains in various states of repair. I feel like the overall integrity is fine and all straps secure, but I'm not sure of the legality of a couple patches that are coming off. I need to get a detailed understanding of the rules regarding this nationally and in Washington State particularly.

Posted:  3 months, 2 weeks ago

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On food storage ideas for when you go solo

I have a 2019 Cascadia with the same setup and our food selections are very similiar.

Main complaint I have is with the fridge mounted on the floor and the front opening door is it is easy to miss something when emptying the fridge. My truck normally sits all weekend so in the summer the battery management system shuts the fridge off sometime Sunday afternoon when temps are in the 80s- 90s. Came back to work one Monday with a very funky yogurt container in the back. Now that things are cooling down some it has still been cold on Mondays.

The KW T-680s I trained in at Millis had the drawer type fridges which I like a lot better.

Posted:  4 months ago

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Nothing good to report, I'm afraid...

Look at Ryder's career website and see if they are hiring for any accounts in your area. They have a Driver Development Program, DDP, that does not require any experiance as long as you have your CDL.

You drive with a trainer for 6 weeks making a base pay, was $650/week when I did it in April 2018. After the 6 weeks you test out and then go solo making whatever that particular account pays.

Ryder is a Third Party Logistics company so the type of driving and equipment varies greatly depending upon the customer.

I imagine that Penske, Black Horse, etc have similar programs.

Posted:  4 months, 1 week ago

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My logs are a mess

One major advantage of ELD over ABORD, in my opinion, is the ability for the driver to make edits. Not advocating abusing the feature but changing a few minutes of ON duty to OFF comes in very handy from time to time.

I'm 57 years old. Who can argue with the "Forgot to go off" annotation on the edit.

Posted:  4 months, 2 weeks ago

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Hit the Driver Appreciation cookout Trifecta.

Thats for sure. Indy has been a nightmare all summer. Yesterday I had a short trip to Mooresville, Ind, about 10 miles south of 465 on the south side. A big section of 465 is closed for construction. I was able to use 65 and 465W to get there but I saw that traffic going back the way I came was already backed up several miles at 3:30pm so I decided to make my way back to 74 "cross country". One section of IN44 that looked like a nice straight truck legal route on the Rand McNally turned out to be 15 miles of 10-15 mph hairpin curves with no shoulders and 2 feet deep ditches on each side. Not fun but sure is a good feeling when the road finally opens up.

Greg M.

You definitely hit the jackpot on the food. You won't need a bigger belt, your in Indiana they don't know how to patch the highways there you'll be airborne so you'll loose weight. Lol I know, I just left there 3 days ago.


Posted:  4 months, 2 weeks ago

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Hit the Driver Appreciation cookout Trifecta.

I managed to hit 3 driver appreciation cookouts in less than 24 hr.

Wed afternoon I had steak for lunch at my home Ryder terminal in Hebron, Ky before heading off on my run to Aurora, Ill.

Wed evening I get to Aurora and the Black Horse Carriers guys invite me to their cookout where I have an awesome burger with all the fixins.

I take my 10 hour break at a Ryder remote location in Lafayette,Indiana , office trailer and gravel drop lot. Wake up Thursday morning and they are cooking breakfast and I get invited to that.

Much more appreciation and I am going to need a bigger belt.

Posted:  4 months, 3 weeks ago

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GPS and dash cam.

Another thing to consider is that a tablet GPS requires cell phone service to work where the stand alone GPS units utilize Global Positioning Satellites. There are still many areas out there without reliable cell service. In those areas the tablet may not do what you need it to do. Along as you are not in a tunnel the true GPS will be up and running.

Posted:  4 months, 3 weeks ago

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Getting paid to visit my daughter.

On Friday I got assigned my favorite run to start the week. Almost all the other drivers hate this trip and when I first saw it I did as well. However after applying the TT thought process the flexibility of trucking made it a piece of cake.

First let me describe the trip as dispatched. Leave Hebron, KY at 2 AM Monday morning with an empty and drive to Ann Arbor, MI for a 8:00 AM pickup. Then drive 2 hours to the second stop in Bryon, Ohio for a 10:30 AM pickup. Then drive back to Hebron arriving around 3 PM. 554 dispatched miles with 2 stops taking over 13 hours.

For a 27 year 8-5 work day guy, that sucks. That's when the outside of the box thinking kicked in.

Most of of our trips and drivers are out and back using day cabs. However I was hired on directly into what we call the "Overnight Extra Board". For a higher pay rate I agree to be available to stay out OTR a few nights a week. I have my own assigned sleeper that no one else uses. In addition my 25 year old daughter happens to live in Bowling Green, Ohio, about an hour from my first stop.

Given that info here is how I run the route. Tomorrow, Sunday, I will probably watch the first half of the Bengals game at home then head to the shop to pick up my truck and grab an empty. I will then drive 4 hours to Bowling Green and park for the night arriving around 6 PM. My daughter will then pick me up and I will take her out to dinner and hang out with her for the evening until she takes me back to the truck. Around 7AM I will head to Ann Arbor and complete the trip as dispatched.

I prefer this because I get keep "normal" hours and lets me get a nice visit in. It also gives me options for the rest of the week. If I want I can just finish my day when I get to Hebron and go home and enjoy the evening. Or I can call dispatch when I I am leaving the last stop and give them my ETA and tell them I will have about 5 hours of drive time left when I get in and ask if they want me to do anything else. At that point they may have me do something local, or more likely, give me an Aurora, Illinois trip that delivers Tuesday afternoon. If the latter option, I will head towards Aurora, take my 10 at our drop lot in Lafayette, Indiana before delivering on Tuesday in Aurora.

Dispatch loves that I run it this way and would give it to me every week if I wanted. Only draw back is that given my daughter's ability to get me to spend money on her I am running for about 10 cents a mile.

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