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Posted:  4 years, 11 months ago

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So, I can't get the parallel or alley dock

I am almost done with TNT and my trainer let me park/alley dock twice throught out the whole training. Im a pro at driving and maneuvering in the city and tight spaces but I am horrible with backing and alley dock. Its really stressful. I get nervous when I hold up people because im going slow and it just intensifies the stress. Im trying to be stoic about this whole process and not letting it get to me but damnit its hard.

Posted:  4 years, 11 months ago

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N00b Questions You (Probably) Have But Were Afraid To Ask!

Hey miiss myoshi. Im not really sure how to PM on here so I guess this might be the best way to ask you a question. Im finishing up my TNT in 2 weeks and was interested in getting a lightweight but im really debating about doing otr vs NE regional because I live in MA but dont really have a need to go home much. On average how much have you been able to make doing regional. I would only do OTR if it would mean more money. I have no interest in driving around the country. I did it enough during TNT lol. Im looking to make as much momey as possible since i have no bills, single, and 21 so I can really take advantage of this opportunity

Posted:  4 years, 11 months ago

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Going solo in 2 weeks and need advice on what to get

Im not sure if there is a list on this site or an article but I'm really nervous and excited about this new career and want to take all the advice I can get. I worked minimum wage my whole life (im 21) and this was an amazing opportunity because I feel like I finally have a grown up job making real money. I will be getting a lightweight but I dont like having too mcuh stuff other than what I need. I will be cooking all my food

So Far on my list I have: -1.7 cubic ft mini fridge -Laptop -microwave -electric grill/skillet -crockpot -bed sheets/pillow -Truck GPS+road atlas -coffee maker -disposable containers/utensils -disinfectant wipes to clean dishes and stuff -vacuum

Is there anything you guys wish you had in the truck when you first started that would have made life better/easier?

Posted:  4 years, 11 months ago

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Prime inc. - lightweight/ Condo and OTR/NorthEast Regional?

I have about 9k miles left of TNT. Maybe a week and a half or 2 weeks left. I'm not really sure what the best route to go is. I live in MA. I had a girlfriend when I started getting my cdl with prime so I was dead set on Northeast regional because I would get better hometime. Well we broke up and now Im not really sure what I want to do. I have no bills other than phone bill and living expenses while on the road. I decided to go with a lightweight truck because Im a minimalist and honestly dont like to have too much stuff. I only have what I need. I will be getting a dog after I upgrade and get my truck. Ill be getting a small-medium sized dog under 30lbs so The space wont be an issue if I got a light weight so I really dont see a downside to it. What I'm really stuck on is if I should go OTR or Northeast Regional. I want to make the most amount of money. I dont really have a reason to go home very often now. Im really curious about what people here on the forum have to say about this. I could use as much advice as possible. Oh and I'm going company instead of lease because I was told that leasing is only worth it if you train, and there is no way in hell I will ever team drive again. If I had more than 3 hours of sleep a day while out with my trainer it was a good day. This is horrible. i like to have my own space and be able to cook my own food and be a nice clean organized space. I'm alittle too OCD to team drive.

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