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58 years young. Trucker since late 1998. States never driven in: AK., HI., WA., ND., OR., SD. Married to me Best Friend since 5-13, lived together since 9-96. No children. 2 Vehicles. 1 jobs. 1 home.

Living in Greensboro, NC since latter 1989. Living in Spindale and Rutherfordton, Rutherford County, NC from latter 1985 - latter 1989. Southern California (growing and learning LIFE LESSONS) from latter 1958 to latter 1985.



Currently working through a Driver Temp Service and enjoying the NO O.T.R. Life!!


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Posted:  3 months, 1 week ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?


How MANY Of Ya have a separate Piece of Paper from Your State or Federal Office (or 2 pages) stating "You Can Drive (Work) in restricted Conditions (like curfew and other) as long as you carry (retain) this page (or pages)????

I have a single type page from my Short/Long Term Driver Employer Service. Not likely I'll use it since I've been at home (except for short Food, Medical runs) for over 2 weeks and not interested in Slip-Seat operations, nor the cleaning of (before driving) the entire Day-Cab Interior.


Posted:  3 months, 1 week ago

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How many of US have (or had) a spray bottle with a bit of Dish Soap and filled with Water in the side box or Cab?? For spraying the Trailer Pins and Track!!

I learned that from a Old Hand (most likely an Owner Op) in 1999 or 2000.

Of course it usually helped NOT AT ALL for extremely RUSTY Trailer Slides, when the Pins would even retract.

Using a $50.00 Tool to help stop at a certain point when sliding Tandems seems to me to be one of them thar Truck Stop "Gotchas", along the line of "Jake Brake Shoes and Fluid, Muffler Bearings and $5.00 Showers".

Use What You Need To Complete The Task!!


Posted:  7 months ago

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How is alcohol consumption related to being in the truck?

MANY Trucking folks have been terminated for consuming Alcohol on Company Property regardless of doing a "34". Most Large Carriers state "NO ALCOHOL ON COMPANY PROPERTY" and unless one owns their own Truck to do as they please, Company Property extends to the 10-20 of You and the Truck.

When one is doing a 34 and has "a couple of beers" with a meal, no big deal (long as it's a MEAL and not a pack of crackers). Just DON'T consume IN the Truck, don't move the truck and remove key from ignition.

A .02 can still be seen as Under The Influence (if the Officer wishes) which basically carries the same weight, especially in Transportation.


Posted:  7 months ago

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Trying to get into Trucking...

In my twenties I racked up a total of 3 DUI's. Had one at 21 years of age, then 8 years later went through a divorce and got 2 back-to-back. Pulled over, jailed, bailed myself out, got my car back and proceeded to go back to the same bar only to get pulled over by the same cop 2 days later and back to jail.

Most Carriers CLEARLY stipulate in their Literature: "NO MORE THAN ONE D.W.I./D.U.I./O.W.I./O.U.I. CONVICTION IN A LIFETIME!" -for misdemeanors-

3 Convictions in that close time frame is anathema in Trucking.

J.B. HUNT, SWIFT, SCHNEIDER were the only 3 LARGE CARRIERS that would not hire me. J.B. kept calling and calling about Driving for them until I told someone I had 3 D.U.I. convictions in 2 years and they stopped calling. Schneider stated in '08 "that D.U.I. conviction in N.C. would be a problem with our Insurance Carrier". SWIFT stated basically the same.

I've had 2 D.W.I. or D.U.I. convictions in me Lifetime. 1 each: South ('86) and North Carolina (91). North Carolina only sees the one in 8-91 since they didn't (then) "communicate".

A D.W.I./D.U.I. is like a Felony as it follows to the Grave.

Posted:  7 months ago

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Rookie Solo Adventure, thoughts, questions, vent, and ramble.



It's WONDERFUL READING your exploits!

I'm a semi-experienced Driver having been Observing The Reality since early '99.

I dig your linguistics! Illuminating as well entertaining!

Never dealt with Over-Size Loads (Obstructed Sight Lesson), just standard and spread-axle 48' & 53' Skateboard (Flatbed) and Dry Van.

Name on Truck: little importance. Driver in Truck: Major (or General) importance.

States i never visited: Montana North Dakota Oregon South Dakota Vermont Washington

I'm based in North Carolina at Greensboro (which is, like most Cities, losing the Green to Industrialization). My FIRST Long Haul was with a Skateboard Company in South Carolina (Bulldog Hiway Express). Running a Cornbinder (International) with a 10 speed non auto, pulling a 53' spread-axle. Trainer and I went to Pocatello, ID., with a "hot load" (they're all hot loads/hot freight).* That was FUN and we were arguing the entire trip out and back about when who was gonna drive. (That was when we were still coloring Comic Books [Paper Logs]). He told me "You'll have no problem in Trucking since You just wanna Get 'er Done". That's been MY Philosophy: get close to or onsite at the shipper or receiver as conditions permit. *(side note: I drove a few years for a Company called HOT FREIGHT EXPRESS where I liked it better with the E out of freight) Only stop for essentials: Food, Fuel, Toilet, Sleep and of course Repairs. Food: Carry ample supply. (i carried about 30 pounds, mostly canned and dry bulk that wasn't refrigerated.) Fuel: at 1/2 tank (if you believe gauge) or 700-800 miles from last Fuel. (tried to have full tanks b4 loading) Toilet: Preferably not some Off/On Ramp. (emergencies exist especially in Desert and Mountain terrains) Sleep: When/Where feasible. Repairs: sometimes repairs occur where one doesn't wanna be, but such is of The Adventures in Trucking. A few times in my consistent Training, I've "hooked" some trailers to discover that the tug test is best confirmed by "eyes on the prize" instead of "tug test", pulling forward and turning, to drop the trailer, and spend time cranking in low gear. It's been most enjoyable when Trailer was M-T however a few times LDD. NEVER did damage to ANY Landing Gear. Last week I was dropping a trailer: pulled release, disconnected air/electric, got in cab, "did I roll the Legs?", got out, confirmed a NO. Such was the result of not following PROCEDURE; Roll Legs, Pull Pin, Disconnect Lines. YOU'LL DO WELL IN YOUR ADVENTURES!! There is NO LOAD So Hot It Has To Cool off In A Ditch! CHEERS!!

Posted:  8 months, 1 week ago

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Turn on your CB!


Used to run a C. B. in whatever Truck I drove whether it was Company or Personal install. Tried that "portable C. B. setup" and retired it.

Last 2 years OTR (April '15 to April '17) I had no operational C. B. due to "I just didn't bother to replace the broken (Fire)Stick" and C.B. traffic wasn't worth the Constant Bashing.

Was running mainly I-85 from NC to Hotlanta, then 20 to DFW Airport area. weekly turns. Other route: I-40 to little rock then 30 to DFW Airport area and back or on 20 thru Hotlanta. NEVER had a problem with Traffic even when Clear/Icy/Snowy/Torrential Rain because I was alloted Enough Travel Time so I was afforded "waiting time".

I started Driving OTR in 2000, when C.B. was King and we could barely get a word in due to all the Chattering. Parked Up at Truckstops, Communication was GREAT as was help getting into slots, All Night Long where the OFF switch was engaged for "west and wewaxation, heh, heh, heh".

"THINGS" bought and sold on 19, like Left Handed Automatic Revolvers, Cans of Wh**p A**, Cans of Squat, Jake Brake Shoes and Fluid, Muffler Bearings, Strifoam Fuel Containers and other assorted oddities. - - - - Slip Seat Local operations: IF there's a installed C.B., i might turn it on, but most times I leave it OFF as hearing the excessively pointless profanity and negativity, ain't worth it for a Bear Trap/Traffic Report.


Posted:  8 months, 1 week ago

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You and the equipment... Don't be that guy!

October for me:

13 lights replaced

7 mud flaps replaced

6 flat trailer tires

3 batteries replaced

2 drive tires replaced

20 wild goose chases for empty trailers that didn't exist.

Every day seemed like a challenge. Most were a challenge due to poor maintenance, poor upkeep, and drivers leaving the problem for the next

Copy that.

How many Glad Hand Gaskets had you replaced in those manuevers?

Posted:  8 months, 1 week ago

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You and the equipment... Don't be that guy!


I noticed no mention of the easily seen activity of not properly securing Trailer Doors (Barn/Swing). MANY Drivers "get in a hurry" and can easily have a non secured Trailer and then Seal applied. Please Drivers as well Yard Jockeys, Look UP to be certain Trailer Doors are properly secured prior to relocation.

Loads have been and will be refused due to improper securement and such goes DIRECTLY on the current Driver. - - - - Carrying and Actually USING a Tire Pressure Guage will help prevent the "waiting for Road Repair". Having as well a 50 foot Air Line (which attaches to Tractor Emergency [RED] Line) helps especially for Drop-n-Hooks. Air Lines come in RED, and Hi-Vis GREEN. Cheap Insurance!!

For Those of US that have the Proper Tools and Skills to "adjust Brakes", please DO proceed. You may also discover things going south like Air Line connections and components and Electrical (A.B.S.). Good time to also check for structural integrity of Trailer Framework (Cracks, Splits, Missing Bits, Potential Failures).

Shiny Side UP, Greasy Side DOWN! There is no load so hot it has to cool off in a ditch, upside down or in water. CHEERS!!

Posted:  10 months, 2 weeks ago

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Have a chance to get a manual

Sometimes, them thar Elder Folks (like ME), caint git the bleedin' Clutch Pedal to operate the way our legs prefer, so floating is the only way up and down other than stoppin' and backin'.

For all the Trucking I do, which is almost consistently parked, I no care for "autoshaft". Eye jist toler8 et.

>>when I was rolling OTR from 2011-2017, I used (separately) 2 trucks with autoshift AND Clutch Pedals. That was SOOO MUCH BETTER than the clutch free versions. In essence nowadays, all Automatic Trucks are simply LARGE CARS!


Posted:  10 months, 2 weeks ago

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Have a chance to get a manual

Jamie, if you go to manual, you better make sure you can go back to AMT if you don't synchronize with the manual. No pun intended.


Posted:  10 months, 2 weeks ago

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Company flipping me from day driving to night driving over and over

For the final few years before getting "off the road" (4-5 day turns), I was doing a dedicated run NC-GA-TX turn and I was driving mostly Daytime. - - - - I DID A LOT OF CONVERTING DAYS AND NIGHTS in the first Trucking Time Period (2000-2011) because most LARGE Freight Companies used BROKErs (Load Boards). Interesting "Schedules". Best allowed time period (0001-0600) was being able to "nose into a spot" at ANY Truck stop for a nap. That was a bit before the Bucking Bronco of Electronic Logging (unless one was with WERNER).


Posted:  10 months, 2 weeks ago

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A Bizarre Conversation With A New Driver


Since I already had a Valid Class A and wasn't beholden to any Company:

I took the Flatbed Securing Lessons in N. Charleston, SC the beginning of 2000. I had ZERO PROBLEM climbing on ANY Load except of course mushy stuff and Coils. I treated Skateboard Loads like Mountains: most are solid with loose parts. Pick a Route.

I had NO problems with Loaders, Loads and Securing. My problem was Tarps, so i didn't last very long with Skateboards because I would not Tarp some Loads, much to the chagrin and anguish of Dispatchers + Company Rules, and I refused to Tarp Treated Wood. Untreated Wood and Coils, no problem.

I ventured off to Dry Vans.


Posted:  10 months, 2 weeks ago

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I noticed being up north that a lot of trucks were pulling double 53’ trailers are the laws different in different states?

Howdy Donna,

Ever heard about 57' Trailers? That had or have a 18' Tail Swing with Tandems Forward AND they used to be "only Legal in 8 States" (when I learned about them, early last Decade). I no recall seeing any 57's at Shippers/Receivers this Decade.


Posted:  10 months, 3 weeks ago

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Old dui's

Old Dui's Paully,

Getting Hired with 4 DUI CONVICTIONS over 22 years out may or not be a problem. Most Companies want NO DUI CONVICTION in previous 7-10 years, HOWEVER, D.U.I. convictions usually reside on ones' Driving Record for EVERMORE.

My LAST DUI conviction in a 4 wheel vehicle on a Class C License was August '91 and it's still listed on State Driving Record AND there have been some Well Known Large Carriers and Smaller Carriers that stated through their Safety Departments: "ANY such Alcohol or Drug Conviction, regardless of time since, renders applicant non compliant."


Posted:  11 months, 1 week ago

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Getting my CDL on a budget.

I hate signing things, but if it's the only way, I will look into it. Thanks.

Missed that part.

You'll be SIGNING THINGS, A small BOOK of Things In ANY Orientation!

You'll also be Signing:

Papers for a agreement for CDL TRAINING, because it's a CONTRACT. For a Drug Test. For a Physical. For a Class A License. For Shipping and Receiving Paperwork. For a D.O.T. INSPECTION. For a Overweight Ticket. For a Company to get permission to see your Driving and Criminal Records (as well HireRight and P.S.P.). For a speeding ticket or other Driving Infraction. For the Receipt at a Truck Stop or other location Before AND After Repairs. PLUS You'll be REQUIRED to show Your License pretty much everywhere to Back Up Your Signature.

There are "Trade Offs" in Everything! Costs to Everything! ANYTHING, NOTHING and SOMETHING are the only (seemingly) FREE items.

What If, Why, What For, I Don't Need To, I Ain'T Gonna and Not My Problem are phrases for not following through.

Remember: There's NEVER TIME to do it Right BUT There's Always TIME To Do It Twice (or Thrice) and Warehouse work is full of it!! - - - - - CHEERS!!

Posted:  11 months, 1 week ago

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Getting my CDL on a budget.

John H.,

Nice Avatar! It appears of Australia or New Zealand (mudflaps up front).

I went through a Truck Driver Training School in latter 1998. It WASN'T FREE. I did some research yet nothing "popped up" claiming FREE so I went the Paid route. I did get a Pell Grant, so that helped a little.

There are Colleges that advertise Truck Driving Courses. Company Advertisements regarding Driver Training.

I've NEVER seen ANY Construction Companies, as a example, offering to Hire potential Dump Truck Drivers/Equipment Operators without Experience. Heavy Equipment Operators is another avenue some many folks have explored.

How's your CRIMINAL RECORD? This has a MAJOR BEARING upon even getting INTO TRUCKING. Any questionable Misdemeanor convictions since 18? Recent D.U.I./D.W.I./O.U.I./O.W.I.?? Drug Charges/Convictions? Vehicular Accidents whether or not at Fault? Points on License?

Do you LOVE Alcohol? Other Substances?

Just Checking, because I was unaware of a D.U.I. being a problem regarding Trucking and I had to wait 7 years (August '91-August '98) from conviction date BEFORE applying to ANY Freight Trucking Company. I had a CLASS A License before December '98 and I still have it because I quit drinking Booze, June 4th, '92. - - - - - Do Some RESEARCH at this Site! Check out TRAINING OPTIONS! Get PREPARED Mentally! - - - - - - The World is full of "What IF?"

The TIME to discover IF you would not like Trucking is in ORIENTATION because you're not fully committed!!

Just like working in Warehouses, NO COMPANY starts ANYONE at the Top (unless, possibly, one buys 51+% of the company), you had to "work your way up". Same in CLASS A & B Trucking. Get the 1st INCIDENT FREE YEAR, then see where ya wanna be. Might well be where you are then, might not, you'll never know till you arrive, IF You Choose To Do Such!!


Thanks 4 Yur Tym! CHEERS!!

Posted:  11 months, 1 week ago

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Merge FAIL In Construction Zone (caught on Traffic Camera)

One thing to NOT do when 40 Ton Wheelin': Causing a PREVENTABLE!!

Posted:  11 months, 1 week ago

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Dollar General And Dollar Tree Accounts


Not ONE DRIVER to now has mentioned working INSIDE 53' Trailers with NO A/C or HEAT. INSIDE Temps are much HOTTER in Summer, and Winter is Much COLDER, yet you'll also be Sweating in Winter.

Example: it's 112 degrees F. including humidity, in, say, FLORIDA, yet in the Trailer it'll be 125+ degrees F. and you're only at the 2nd of 5 stops and it's 10:30 a.m. There's NO VENTILATION in 53' Dry Van Trailers (even the so called "ventilated" trailers) and a fan at the back blows in about 3 feet and it's not close to you.

Sound like "a good time"?

If so, you're on the Right Track. If Not, Just Say NO!!

You'll have plenty of opportunities inside Trailers at MANY Shippers/Receivers to get a "feel for the environment".

This post has been for the BENEFIT of Cecelia......Thanks B-2-U-4 Your Time! CHEERS!!

Posted:  11 months, 1 week ago

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How hosed am I?

Got a little bored and tried to see if I couldn't find the place this occurred. KJ please correct me if I'm wrong, this is Southeast of Paducah.

0668935001565549043.jpg0277642001565549275.jpg0427412001565549294.jpg if this indeed is the corner I can see what you mean about a blind corner...HOWEVER, you were clearly going too fast. You can see the signs warning you of a turn, and if you were following GPS you'd see a tight turn is ahead. You even said had you hit the brakes you'd have hit the car. That's admitting you're going too fast. Having your trailer run over some grass (had you been correct about the ditch being level with the road) instead of hitting a car is the right move. BUT you never should have put yourself into that situation. Had you been going slower you would have had more time to react. I'm not sure how getting out to look around the corner would have helped you with traffic coming at 45 mph, by the time you climb back in the truck there may be cars there weren't when you looked. Be prepared to own up to it and explain to a potential employer what you learned from this and how you will avoid it in the future. Truck rollovers are ALWAYS preventable and they're extremely serious. I wish you luck.

Rob. T.,

EXCELLENT RESEARCH!! That Curve looks almost exactly like a entrance/exit road in Cheraw, SC., to Carolina Containers. Same style, right turn in with a driveway/road to the left in middle of turn. - -There is too a invisible ditch on that road, but only ENTERING.- - ___________________________________________________________________________


Even at NIGHT with HEADLIGHTS, that invisible Ditch isn't.

Just like a Load is a Load, a Rollover is a Rollover regardless of what Natural/Unnatural circumstances (hidden Ditch) are involved.


Could have been in Mountainous Terrain (NC., PA., KY., VA., W.VA., AR.) and there are many spooky, winding, STEEP 2 lane Truck Roads.

- - A Rollover CAUSED BY (SUDDEN) HIGH WINDS is NOT Driver Error unless there were Statements made by the STATE warning HIGH PROFILE VEHICLES of Potentially Dangerous Winds, etc., like have been and will be Nationwide and the MANY DRIVERS that Chose/Choose to IGNORE WARNINGS.- -

Sorry Mate, 3 Years (MAYBE a bit Less) before a Company will possibly accept you for Training seems right.

Thanks ALL!! CHEERS!!

Posted:  11 months, 1 week ago

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How to plan a trip like this - dispatch told I can do it

Empty miles: 156 app time: 8/11 4pm ET

Loaded miles: 451 app time: 8/12 5am ET

Total miles: 607 (My GPS is showing 630 miles)

So I am thinking about leaving truck stop around 12pm today thinking it will take me 3 hours to reach loc 01 and I also have to stop for fuel and washout.

I am guessing that I can leave shipper by 6pm and at that time I will have 8 hours drive time left. I hope I can cover 451 miles in 8 hours depends on traffic and road conditions.

So I can reach there by 2 am and by then there won't be anytime left on my 14 hour clock.

Factoring just LOADED MILES, 451/8 = a average of 56 mph and that's inconveivable. Factoring TIME for 1st leg including Wadhout and Fuel, you would NOT have a remainder of 8 hours in your Factoring. Figuring, using Logic, that the Load ACTUALLY LOADS at the Load Time AND takes no more than a mere 2 hours, load delivery time is highly questionable however as state above, you would have LESS THAN 8 hours to SAFELY travel 451(+) miles (and that goofy 1/2 hour "break") AND that NO ONE can consistently drive 8 hours at a set speed, therefore unless having arrived at Shipper as stated by Turtle, such Load isn't feasible.

This has been of MY OPINION and merely reflects Logic. Thank You For Your Time. CHEERS!!

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