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58 years young. Trucker since late 1998. States never driven in: AK., HI., ND., OR., SD., WA. Married to me Best Friend since 5-13, lived together since 9-96. No children. 1 Vehicle. 0 job. 1 home.

Living in Greensboro, NC since latter 1989. Living in Spindale and Rutherfordton, Rutherford County, NC from latter 1985 - latter 1989. Southern California (growing and learning LIFE LESSONS) from latter 1958 to latter 1985.



For I, CoVID19 eliminated my Trucking Avocation in 2020. Successfully Retired!!


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Posted:  3 years, 5 months ago

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Best advice you ever received out here.

At Night or Thick Fog when Backing Anywhere: GET OUT AND LOOK!! shocked.png embarrassed.gif

REDUCE SPEED >in Heavy Rain!! >on/in Snow and/or Ice!! >in FOG!!


KEEP YOUR C.B. ON!! (when a C.B. was actually useful).

Turn Your MUSIC DOWN!! (unless Parked).

The Life You Save May Be You!!


Posted:  3 years, 5 months ago

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How to get off my DM's bad side


Well "I ain't nevah" heard from any dispatcher "you have too many questions". I have heard "we don't supply Customer Phone Numbers" because of too many Drivers being negative to Customers. I acquired a few Customer numbers at P.T.L. when new addresses were not updated in Directions (common at many Freight moving companies).

I worked at P.T.L. (Paschall Truck Lines, Murraysville, KY) through a Leased on Owner Op for about 8 months in '02 and had 4 different dispatchers. In person, the dispatchers were generally good. Over Qualcomm or Phone, not so good (MY Perspective). Never was I a Trainer, as I was rather Green for a few years and preferred Solo Operation.

You're a Team Driver or a Green Trainer?? I've never had any dealings with Western Express Drivers apart from minor chit-chat. I do not recall any Drivers talking up or down about Western Express.

Is your Dispatcher being nasty on Qualcomm [which is recorded] (or whatever in Truck Communication device) or just on Phone? Any way to not actually SPEAK with him/her? Maybe you can report his/her actions to his supervisor(s)? There are usually ways to work through such problems, like requesting another Dispatcher.

As to Trainees that appear not to be "catching on", well, they have been, can and will be replaced. Do you want to run Team or Solo? Might be much safer/better for you as Solo. I'm just grasping from MY Trucking Experiences.


Posted:  3 years, 10 months ago

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Omg, locked my keys in my truck again


So I was at a T.A. in Cleveland, Ohio one time and "locked keys in Truck". Was told by someone to check with Shop. Checked with shop and they said "Call the Local Police Department, here's the number, as they're always out here unlocking Trucks and they charge ZERO!!" Officer arrived within 20 minutes, had me sign a Waiver against "any damages", got his kit and popped door open in under a minute.

Locked self out somewhere else, called local Police, same type "waiver", unlocked and into Truck.

I drove a 1999 Freight-shaker that could be unlocked with just about ANY Key and 1 pick up location unlocked the truck with a 50's Chevy Truck Key.

Finally had another Key made and kept it on me personal conveyance ring along with King Pin Key and Trailer Lock Key Ring with medium Key Clip. - - - - ONCE I took a trip for a different company (through a Truck Driver Service in '08 or '09) and on return trip inadvertently Locked the Door (with a removable Arm rest) as I was exiting Vehicle at a rest stop. Engine remained running as outside temp wasn't over 35 F with Wind Chill. Luckily Window was down 2 - 3 inches so I was able to utilize a small Tree Limb to open Passenger window (window switches were in middle of cab near shift stick). - - - - Cornbinders (International Pro Sleeper and other Models[?]) with the small lower "spot window" on Passenger Door gave the option of entering Truck by uninstalling small Window. Might have not been designed for such "assistance" yet it was useful and went back together with a little more effort. Wife did such once at a company where we were Solo Drivers. Came to find out that the Company used Cornbinders that were keyed alike however Women Drivers could have their Door Locks key differently. Male Drivers weren't offered the same option. - - - - - - - - - - - - - I've locked myself out of my personal conveyance, yet had me Fone, ONCE this year and since Trunk and Hood open from INSIDE, other option was calling wife, luckily I wasn't 30+ miles away. Now, Every Time exiting Vehicle, or ANY Vehicle, I check at minimum 3 times, that I have Ignition Key IN HAND before closing Door.

Hopefully something in this Post can Help Someone!! CHEERS!!

Posted:  3 years, 10 months ago

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DOT Drug Testing: Urinalysis or Hair Follicle?


Was O.T.R. from late 1998 to early 2003 (due to a Preventable) then latter 2005 to early 2017. Brief period of College Course work in '03 & '04. Some employment in latter in '04 & '05 as Class A & B Heavy Truck Mechanic. 04/'17 to present at 2 local Driver Services (temp or temp to perm opportunities). - - - - - - - - - - - - - Never been subjected to Hair Follicle testing. Doesn't bother me. What I DO KNOW is that IF there is No Hair available, You FAIL!! Do NOT "believe" the "Shave The Body" idea! It's the same as "providing Urine" not from You. - - - - - - - - - - - - - ONCE during a Physical in 2013, I was subjected to a "Tobacco User Test" (which required 3 breathing applications [similar to the Alcohol Breath Test]). My "score" was 65%, minimal passing (average of 3 submissions) was 64%. I haven't again seen the "test" and I changed the D.O.T. Physical location/company. - - - - - - - - - - - - - As "Driver Requirements" change, so do the Trucks. (I started when there were ZERO Automatic Transmission Tractors [of that I was aware] except for the occasional Class B.) - - - - - - - - - - - - - CHEERS!! dancing.gif

Posted:  3 years, 10 months ago

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Finding a new job with a preventable accidents on my record

Ladies and Gentlemen (Old School formatting),

Qualcomm has been well known to become dysfunctional for any or no reason regardless of "signal strength". I've experienced such actions, over a 20 year period Nationwide in different Class A Sleeper Trucks. (I've also been a Class A & B Truck Mechanic within the "20 year Period" and had NEVER SEEN or HEARD of such calamity.) >>(not to say it doesn't happen, just that I've never seen or heard of it)<<

Serpentine Belts, of what I've learned, can last from 50,000 - 100,000 miles, however your mileage will vary. Some Brands of Belts will not even last 50,000 miles. I'm surprised to read about a Serpentine Belt terminating O. T. R. at such a Large and Well Established Company, yet things happen. (Could have been from faulty Pre-Trip Inspection/s).

As to Steering: "Yes, Steering is incredibly difficult without power assist, yet still can be done without Popeye Arms. Results vary depending upon terrain, weather and Initiative".

Brakes still work regardless of Engine Performance ****il Air Capacity drains to Brake Lock), so use of Brakes would have possibly eliminated your

"being forced to hit a/the guardrail".

As to "not being able to contact company on a Cell Phone", well, that's just weird UNLESS your service was terminated due to something OR possibly in a weird area that didn't offer much connectivity. At such point after vehicle motionless and 4 ways initiated, walking 1/2 to 1 mile from Vehicle might have assisted connectivity (unless service terminated). I'm curious as to how long was the Driver O.T.R. with a Trainer?? The least I've heard was 2 weeks (Many Companies). The most, 3 months ( A Refrigerated Company on I-30, just North of Texarkana).

The Coolant/Overflow Tank does NOT appear (per the only Picture) to "be melted", otherwise the coolant would not still be seen IN the Compartments. There "appears" to possibly be some Coolant just below and to the front of the Reservoir however a "1 picture Diagnosis" is not adequate.

In the future Young Driver, TAKE MULTIPLE PICTURES of Both Sides as well Top AND Bottom! Same for ACCIDENTS (like the one you incurred).

Thanks Everyone!! CHEERS!!

Posted:  3 years, 12 months ago

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Friday Short Haul - Love's requires masks, 10-million-mile driver, brake check blitz, and TuSimple truck incident


As to CoVID-19, I just follow the suggestions/rules in wearing Masks and either work gloves or throwaways when out-n-about which anymore is on an "as needed" basis. - - - - Pilot Joining Love's in Mask Mandates and soon enough shall all other Truck Stops, Garages, etc. - - - - I've done some calculations regarding the 10,000,000 mile "award": 10,000,000 / 100,000 a year = 100 Years. 10,000,000 / 150,000 a year = 66.66666666666667 Years and NO TIME OFF since 1954 or 1953. 150,000 / 12 = 12,500 a month at the average of 4 weeks a month = 3,125 a WEEK and NO TIME OFF. 150,000 / 365 = 446 miles a day (it's feasible, yet every day for 66 years?). Adding in all the changes in Trucking just from the 1980's, he's truly a "Knight Of The Highways". - - - - CHEERS!!

Posted:  4 years, 3 months ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?


How MANY Of Ya have a separate Piece of Paper from Your State or Federal Office (or 2 pages) stating "You Can Drive (Work) in restricted Conditions (like curfew and other) as long as you carry (retain) this page (or pages)????

I have a single type page from my Short/Long Term Driver Employer Service. Not likely I'll use it since I've been at home (except for short Food, Medical runs) for over 2 weeks and not interested in Slip-Seat operations, nor the cleaning of (before driving) the entire Day-Cab Interior.


Posted:  4 years, 3 months ago

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How many of US have (or had) a spray bottle with a bit of Dish Soap and filled with Water in the side box or Cab?? For spraying the Trailer Pins and Track!!

I learned that from a Old Hand (most likely an Owner Op) in 1999 or 2000.

Of course it usually helped NOT AT ALL for extremely RUSTY Trailer Slides, when the Pins would even retract.

Using a $50.00 Tool to help stop at a certain point when sliding Tandems seems to me to be one of them thar Truck Stop "Gotchas", along the line of "Jake Brake Shoes and Fluid, Muffler Bearings and $5.00 Showers".

Use What You Need To Complete The Task!!


Posted:  4 years, 7 months ago

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How is alcohol consumption related to being in the truck?

MANY Trucking folks have been terminated for consuming Alcohol on Company Property regardless of doing a "34". Most Large Carriers state "NO ALCOHOL ON COMPANY PROPERTY" and unless one owns their own Truck to do as they please, Company Property extends to the 10-20 of You and the Truck.

When one is doing a 34 and has "a couple of beers" with a meal, no big deal (long as it's a MEAL and not a pack of crackers). Just DON'T consume IN the Truck, don't move the truck and remove key from ignition.

A .02 can still be seen as Under The Influence (if the Officer wishes) which basically carries the same weight, especially in Transportation.


Posted:  4 years, 7 months ago

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Trying to get into Trucking...

In my twenties I racked up a total of 3 DUI's. Had one at 21 years of age, then 8 years later went through a divorce and got 2 back-to-back. Pulled over, jailed, bailed myself out, got my car back and proceeded to go back to the same bar only to get pulled over by the same cop 2 days later and back to jail.

Most Carriers CLEARLY stipulate in their Literature: "NO MORE THAN ONE D.W.I./D.U.I./O.W.I./O.U.I. CONVICTION IN A LIFETIME!" -for misdemeanors-

3 Convictions in that close time frame is anathema in Trucking.

J.B. HUNT, SWIFT, SCHNEIDER were the only 3 LARGE CARRIERS that would not hire me. J.B. kept calling and calling about Driving for them until I told someone I had 3 D.U.I. convictions in 2 years and they stopped calling. Schneider stated in '08 "that D.U.I. conviction in N.C. would be a problem with our Insurance Carrier". SWIFT stated basically the same.

I've had 2 D.W.I. or D.U.I. convictions in me Lifetime. 1 each: South ('86) and North Carolina (91). North Carolina only sees the one in 8-91 since they didn't (then) "communicate".

A D.W.I./D.U.I. is like a Felony as it follows to the Grave.

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