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Posted:  7 months, 3 weeks ago

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Knight: Driver-Facing Cameras?

Can anyone let me know if Knight has made the leap into using driver-facing cameras? If not, does any one knows if they plan to get them? How about inside microphones? I'm trying to find a new company now that mine is installing them 😠

Posted:  8 months ago

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Do I qualify for Walmart?

My CSA score is perfect, but what I'm not sure with is that about 6 months ago I backed into a cinder block wall and smashed it. The damages were probably around $5k. Since this happened on private property, this was only recorded on my company's record. Would this disqualify me as a potential walmart driver?

Posted:  3 years, 9 months ago

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Can I rent and drive a semi truck and trailer for personal (non-commercial) use. Yes, I have a CDL

Basically, I was wondering if I could rent a tractor and trailer to haul my parent's belongings to a different state. I would presume I'd have to get some kind of insurance, but would I need the same coverage that an owner op needs? Would the size of the trailer matter (40ft vs 53ft)?

What if I just want to just buy a tractor (no trailer) and use that as my own personal vehicle - buy groceries, go to church, drop the kids off at school, drive to work, etc.? Although this sounds extremely impractical considering a lot of places ban semi parking, but I'm still curious :)

I'm a CA resident btw.


Posted:  6 years, 8 months ago

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Applied Pressure Test for Automatic Transmission?

How do you test your air breaks for leakage when you have an automatic transmission? I know for a manual transmission I would just do the applied pressure test: max pressure>put in low gear>shut off engine>release clutch>push in valves>hold in service break>can't loose more then 4 psi in a minute. For an automatic I can do all those steps except for putting it in low gear. Do I just skip that step and continue on or what? Thanks!

Posted:  6 years, 9 months ago

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Adding Endorsements: Would I need to retake the Class A and C tests?

Just thought I'd give an update for the record.

Maybe this is only in California, but if your licence was last renewed (or newly gotten) one year or more ago then you will be required to retake all of your driving tests in order to add endorsements. So I had to retake the CDL general, combinations, air brakes, and Class A general tests, plus my added endorsement tests of tankers, doubles/triples, and hazmat. Luckily I decided to review all the material before heading to the DMV, so I was able to passed them with little problem. Also concerning the hazmat, in addition to taking the test at the DMV, I also had to go to a TSA office to submit paperwork and to get finger printed for the background test. The tests at the DMV cost me $43 and the TSA hazmat stuff cost $87, so $130 altogether.

Posted:  6 years, 10 months ago

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Adding Endorsements: Would I need to retake the Class A and C tests?

Thanks for answering and for the clarification!

The reason I asked about the class c test was because when I got my A I also had to take the written test for...I guess it wasn't so much for the C licence, but it was a general driving test that covered the same questions as the C.

Posted:  6 years, 10 months ago

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Adding Endorsements: Would I need to retake the Class A and C tests?

I plan to get my Hazmat, doubles/triples, and maybe tankers endorsement soon. I think I remember hearing somewhere that in order to add endorsements after the first year of having your Class A license (which it has been) you need to retake the class A and C tests over again with them. Is this true? If it's relevant, I'm licensed in CA.

Thank you!

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