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Posted:  5 years ago

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Are national companies receptive to relocation requests?

I have spoken with three individuals from Schneider (whom I am prehired by), a call center girl, my recruiter and a DBL; all have assured me that my desire to "park the truck in different cities every month" will not be a problem. I also asked if relocation to another home city is an option within my first year. Again they stated that so long as you stay within your first job assignment for the first year (OTR, Intermodal, Jet-Set, etc...), relocation will nevee be an issue.

However that does perhaps lead to the possibility that your driving position might not be available in the zip code you would be moving to... just my theory and hasn't been brought up yet in any conversation.

Posted:  5 years ago

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Enhanced Driver's License vs Passport

I know nothing about an enhamced dl, but i am certain a fast card is a passport with limited ability to enter foreign soils. As examples: canada and mexico, no problem... England, need a passport... China, passport and visa.

I hold both and a twic due to past employment.

Posted:  5 years ago

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Awesome Schneider Payscale... can anyone add some info?

That's pretty sweet. I'm glad they choose to reward your service in the military, even if it isn't driving related. Anyway, my recruiter told me that I'd get fixed raises the first year, at 3 and 6 months I think? I can't remember, but it was a total of 3 cents/mile. If you weren't told that, maybe it's because they're just starting you at the full amount or something. In my case I got 3 more cents/mile at one year (so I'm making 6 cents/mile more than I started at), but no one explained why. I kind of assumed it was because the starting pay had gone up, so even after the raise they promised, I was still making what starting drivers were making. But I'm happy, I feel like they took care of me.

I'm not sure I answered you question though. I think they give 1 or 2 cents per mile raises, but I think there's a cap so eventually you max out. Not sure what it is though. You would be starting at more than I'm making at 1 1/2 years, but I was never military, and like they told you, some of it has to do with location. Apparently there's enough of a demand for some locations that they are actually flying drivers in for 3 weeks at a time, then flying them home.

As far as i am aware, your zip code has alot to do with things regarding pay. I searched around the schneider web site and found a lot of fluctuation in max starting cpm. My zip was the highest i could find next to san francisco zip codes. Im only $0.04 off of the max for my metro area.

And the "jet-set" program seems to allow for a steady cpm regardless of the area you work in... However... Your starting cpm seems to still be pegged off of your zip code of residence.

Posted:  5 years ago

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Awesome Schneider Payscale... can anyone add some info?

Hey all,

So I spoke briefly with a Schneider new hire rep today after finally signing up at the trucking school I decided on. She informed that due to my zip code and previously military service (non-transport related), I qualify for an OTR per mile starting pay of $0.44, with more should I choose to drive in Canada and/or hazmat!

I won't lie, I'm a little stoked over that!

With that having been said, not accounting for safe-driving bonuses, does anyone have an idea of Schneider's pay increases over the first year?

Posted:  5 years ago

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New Guy Here... Questions about Schneider

Again, Pete B., thank you so much for your input. Question two was the big one as far as what I was dying to get answered!

I will have $2000 in out of pocket tuition expenses after my GI Bill coverage (not as much remaining as I thought, but $3000 paid is $3000 paid). My trucking school allows for financing at $200/month and Schndr pays out such (seems like an industry-wide standard billing/reimbursement plan)... so that is a zero-sum game.

As far as question number three... man, once I park that truck in Florida... Florida is my new home.

Posted:  5 years ago

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New Guy Here... Questions about Schneider

Thanks Pete B.!

Mind asking a few quick questions? I learn new things by the day, and since you're with them, maybe you might have an answer before I start bugging some poor recruiter over the phone.

1. Though I will have my schooling paid for by the Veterans Dept., will Schneider still compensate me the $200.00/wk for the "cost" of my CDL?

2. My current geographic location is a means to an end, and to be honest, I am kind of a reformed drifter. Would Schneider allow for me to, during my "home" time, allow for me to take said time in another state? Or, do I have to report to the location I got hired from?

Example... I live in Indiana. I have my CLass D and A CDL from Indiana and was hired in Indiana, but my woman lives in Georgia. Can I get my "home" time in Georgia?

3. With so many options for truckers such as OTR, regional, intermodal, etc... is it possible to switch between say OTR to intermodal in my first year if need be?

Thank you

Posted:  5 years, 1 month ago

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New Guy Here... Questions about Schneider

Hello Everyone!

I am going to be getting my Class A CDL (Minnesota) with any and every endorsement I can (thank you Dept. of VA voc. rehab) , and I am seriously thinking about Schneider as my first company. I would definitely like to go OTR with as much time as work as possible (I'm 40 have no family and I am hoping to retire overseas) and the company seems to have many employment opportunities. I have a valid TWIC and US Passport.

Any input on how well a rookie might do with the company?

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