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Posted:  6 years, 10 months ago

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OTR Trucking is HARD WORK???

Hmmmm... this thread reminds me of how I'm not gonna miss daily status updates and/or stand-ups/team meetings all day long.

I had a position once that required a break down of your day in front of the entire staff at the end of each day. When my boss made me stand up and explain why I had taken TWO restroom breaks more than expected... and I had to say in front of everyone "my stomach has been upset and I have diarrhea today" I knew my career had hit a new low.

Gotta love how even when you are in upper level management, you still have some jackhole breathing down your neck watching every minute of your day (literally checking in AND reviewing minute by minute daily logs)

In my last position I remember thinking, "when am I supposed to do actual work when I have 4+ back-to-back daily stand ups every single day?" And of course they we're supposed to be 15-20 minute check ins, but if you didn't ask for permission to drop off early, you'd end up riding out an hour long ramble by the client rep and lead on the call.

Plus if you did get off the call, you had just enough time to get back into a good grove when it was time to stop and call in on another project.

And yes, I know I could technically "work on something else" while listening to the call... but gawd, did it ever get old. I worked better with my headphones blasting some music instead of waiting to be asked some random question out of the blue.

20 years in tech development, I'm done. I actually enjoy stressful situations (good stress) and real work when I am doing something I know well and love. So "hard work" while doing something I think I'm gonna love... I'm so excited to get this career going.

I do find it interesting that over my extended research into this industry, I'm finding over and over "tech folks" just like me with a similar age, similar work history, similar drive for purpose in a new career all making this same choice. Makes me think I'm on to something.


Posted:  6 years, 10 months ago

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What did you do before becoming a truck driver?

I've been a graphic artist and front-end web developer for about 20 years (including some upper office management and c-level positions in the corporate world)... Most recently worked for a top-level international development firm handling multimillion dollar projects for non-profits and government agencies.

About two years ago I became a widower then I got sick and could no longer work, moved back in with some family and took about a year to recover and work on "me." Since then, I have been trying to find a new path in life.

I refuse to lock myself down again "behind a desk," sitting in meetings and wearing a tie everyday. I just cannot go back and do that lifestyle everyday.

So after some soul searching and putting together the things I love about work... like travel, adventuring alone in a new city, the joy of a job well done and on time (without having meetings all day about everyone's status updates), ...and it helps that I love driving and attention to details.

So I've been researching, lurking here, doing the High Road training, talking to family and friends that are in trucking, gathering all the information I can... I'm about to go to trucking school and get out there on the road. For once again, I'm excited for my future.

— — —

PS. This website has been amazing. I love the resources, the training, and all the great/amazing stories from everyone. Stay safe out there!

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