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Is this normal??

Hello, my name is Jill, my husband drives truck, and I feel like I'm going through hell because of it. Let me start by going back a few years, I was a very social person, it makes me happy spending time with my friends, going to lunch, watching a movie, taking walks and just generally gabbing and enjoying each other's company. I don't do that anymore, maybe once every couple months. The reason I don't is because when I do, about fifty percent of the time it's a toss up on it being ok to do, or it could be a huge fight. I hadn't really gone out in a while and I woke up yesterday to my girlfriend wanting to know if I wanted to get some breakfast and hang out because we haven't in a while.

I tried to call my husband three times, and I finally thought you know what, I'm in my mid thirties if I want to meet up with her for breakfast I can, so I sent him a message telling him where I would be and I headed out. Big mistake. I had been with her about a half hour and the fighting started. It was over various things, at first it was I have to get rid of our dog, a dog he begged me for to be his truck companion and then couldn't deal with the puppy phase so he left him with me, and the kiddo pretty much destroyed our furniture, now he's talking about buying a boat over the next ten years to live on and he says the dog has to go now.

Then it got worse, he basically implied that I shouldn't just wake up and decide to go anywhere, that's what he said, as if I'm not allowed to do that. This isn't there first time. 50 percent of the time if I want to see my one of two girlfriend's that I have he makes sure it's going to be a miserable time. 25 missed calls, and message after message after message just fighting with me. Then he implied that I'm not to leave the house until I talk to him too tell him I love him, which he hears 400 times a day as most days are spent entertaining him on the phone, 3 to 4 hours a day. He said this is what truckers wives do. They don't go out. They don't hang it with friends, not even once a month, every other month, they don't, no movies, bowling, lunches, game days, nothing, a truckers wives job is to sit by the phone and wait for there to be an accident.

And how guilty and bad will I feel if he dies while I happen to be at lunch. I've rarely gone out, once a month, if that for more than an hour, and he said that I shouldn't leave the house at all because I'm not working and he is. He pays the bills, and it's thrown in my face a lot. I have medical issues I'm working it and hoping within the month I'll be back to work but he's complained about every job I've ever had, every one there's complaints, so I have to work but deal with his complaints about it nevermind the **** I put up with there it's about his problem with the place or people I work with.

My spirit is broken. I'm not who I used to be anymore, and I just need to know am I the only one being confined to the house. Anything I do with anyone else, if I'm enjoying myself that means I don't love him. Is this normal, because it feels like complete controlling insanity to me. If I saw a friend being treated like this I would be livid. And mine are. They miss their friend. I miss them. I miss myself. I don't know what to do he says this is just how it is and all truckers wives live like this, or do you guys demand this of your wives too? I dedicate my time to him when he is home, always have, but I feel like a prisoner even when he's not here.

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