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Retired Trucker. 34 Years with the same company. Started with the company in Orange County, California in 1971. Started on International Cab-overs. 150 H.P. No power steering, no A/C, no radio. Pulled doubles, refers, 40'-53' dry vans, occasional flatbed & Food grade tanker.

Company introduced an Incentive Plan in 1986. I'm a go getter so I learned the ropes on maxing the Incentive program to its fullest. I got better and better earning up to $92,000 ...and this was in 1986 thru 1998 !!! I Was consistently the highest producing driver.

Retired in 2005. Probably have well over 1.5 million miles. Now wanting to get back into Trucking at the age of 74. I want to pull Fuel Tankers. I have all my endorsements including TWIC.

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Posted:  3 years, 5 months ago

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Why Small Trucking Companies Are Often A Disaster Waiting To Happen - article by Brett Aquila

Excellent article as always Brett. 😜 One suggestion I have is make a link to this article in the TT starter pack that we link to new drivers. That way they can understand before they even try to get into the industry.

I was a Top Tier Driver for a large Grocery Company from 1978 until I retired in 2005. They had an Incentive Plan. I took it upon myself to learn how the Incentive plan worked. I used all the parameters to the max. Out of 700 Drivers, I was the #1 producing Driver all the time I was there. Just about all the other Divers just sluffed off and didn't take advantage of it. They would complain about the company all the time. I was making $1,500-$2,000 per week...and this was in the 1980's-1990's !! Other Drivers wouldn't talk to me because I made them look bad. Didn't bother me. Let'm. This all shows that if you work hard and learn the ropes, it will work to your benefit.

Posted:  3 years, 10 months ago

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Getting back into trucking after long absence

Hi Everyone. I need some advice from Seasoned Truckers.

I'm a Retired Trucker who has been out of Trucking for a considerable amount of time. I still keep my CDL (with ALL Endorsements) and Medical Card Current. One of the things on my Bucket List is to get back into Trucking. I was a Local Driver for a Large Grocery Company in Southern California for over 30 years (I now live in the east coastal area in Central Florida). As a Local Driver I never did any real Long Haul except for some day trips to Las Vegas and back. I drove many years pulling Doubles until 53 footers became the norm. We did Paper Logs and only had Manual Shift Transmissions back then.

I know it wouldn't be hard to get back into the actual Driving of a Truck. The problem I see is learning Electronic Logs and Time Management. Seeing as I was a local driver, the only thing I had to worry about then was running out of hours. If I did, I would simply start my shift a few hours later the next day. Long Haul is a different story. From what I've read, Planning several days in advance to keep your hours in check is a big part. And at the same time making your appointments on lots more.

In talking with some Recruiters, I get different stories on their recruiting of Drivers that have been out of Trucking for a period of time. Sure would appreciate any advice from Seasoned Drivers on subjects from getting hired, to Time Management, to a Company to work for and any other pertinent information.

Thank You, John

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