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A cop with 40+ years experience going into trucking

I got my CLP over a month ago and even got my DOT medical.I then went into a unpaid salary, but paid tuition school which was great until I started the training. A little background, I as aforementioned am a retired cop of 40+ years. During my tenure, I was a training office for EVOC (emergency vehicle operator) including PIT (pursuit intervention) and 5 years as a FTO (field training Officer). I went through a minimum 50 hours of training every year during this tenure. So I am not unfamiliar with training. Having said all that, I was sorely disappointed with this particular company’s driving school, particularly wend it came to the range for the backing training. Granted, I know how to maneuver a patrol car beyond belief, but maneuvering an 18 wheeler was foreign and I sincerely wanted to learn. But the class consisted of 9 students to one instructor whose idea of training was giving a brief instruction of how to do it (parallel, off-set, 90 degree, etc) then sit in his truck to keep warm while the students tried to remember his instructions and pretty much screwing it up without his getting out of his truck and correcting the problems. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but there has to be a better course of instruction. Hell, it took me one and half weeks just to teach PIT. And I was in the car with the student (another cop) during the time from instruction to practical. Needless to say, I did not continue with this particular company. There has to be a company that takes their training to heart and actually, one, reduces their instructors to a optimal 1 instructor to maybe 3 to 4 students, and that actually TRAINS students. Muscle memory is everything. You train muscles right the first time then everything else is a breeze. I really do want to drive a truck, I have driven pretty much all my life in conditions I wouldn’t want to wish my worse enemy (or maybe) but I do want to learn and be the best truck that I can be. I was a good cop and want to reflect that in trucking.


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