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Posted:  1 hour, 26 minutes ago

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Another Reason CRST is Awesome

This should probably be in my diary section, but with dissatisfied and angry people posting negative reviews all over the web... Well, I'm just trying to even the playing field, I suppose.

So, yesterday I took a backing test and to any onlookers it may have appeared as if I were making a complete mockery of things. It was really bad.

I had some interesting feelings about the whole thing afterwards, but the most extreme was self-contempt. I was so mad at myself and so disappointed in my performance. And I was convinced (still am) that I had nobody to blame except me.

I'm surrounded by people who seem to believe that everything that they struggle with or fail at is part of some BS conspiracy or due to some inadequacy in instruction, etc. Apparently these trucking schools exist just to take advantage of people.

So, let's just put some of that rest (once again) with some CRST examples...

Yesterday, about an hour after failing my exam, I walked from the training center back up the street to the area where we practice with the trucks. I didn't actually have a plan, but I was determined to seek some advice or find something to help me through this next test attempt (which is later today.)

Lo and behold, I run into one of our instructors coming out the door with some free time because someone else didn't show up for something. I explained what my trouble was and asked for his advice. He replied that he could show me better than he could tell me and invited me out to the range toward an empty truck. And I proceeded to get almost an hour of 1-on-1 instruction (right through his scheduled break time) in backing maneuvers. Wow! That was awesome!

I hung around the driving area a little while afterwards, watching other people do their practice or their testing, just to observe more things. And as the end of the day drew near, I noticed a small group forming up in one corner of the yard. So, I went to see what was going on.

Turns out there is an instructor who volunteers her time every other week, and sometimes once a week, to run a remedial backing class for people really struggling with backing up. We were out there from about 6 pm to 9 pm last night.

Now, I didn't get to practice backing up because there is a sign up list they use and I wasn't on the list. Only fair to give time to the people that signed up first. So, I hung around just in case and observed everything while out there.

Well, we ran out of time and I didn't get any truck time. But I still think it was so cool that she stood in the hot sun all day training people and, at the end of the day, she stood there an extra three hours just to help people!

My final example is not related to driving, but rather permit testing. I had two roommates that were having trouble with their permit tests. One was studying his butt off and the other was not. The one that was not studying found himself on the bus home by the weekend (along with many others.) But the one who was really trying was given almost an entire extra week of testing and study help simply because he was trying!

Okay, long post just to say that personal choices and personal accountability seem to carry people a hell of a lot farther than laziness and the expectation that you are owed something. And if you are struggling in an area, ask yourself what you have done to find the extra help all around you.

On multiple occasions now I've personally witnessed or been part of experiences where CRST has gone above and beyond to help people get through. So, the next time you see a negative review about a school (ANY SCHOOL) maybe stop for a moment and wonder who is posting that deluge of dissatisfaction and ask yourself about what's not being said.

(By the way, I havent taken my backing test yet for today, and have no idea how it will go. But if it goes poorly, I cannot say it was because nobody was willing to help me!)

- - -

There are numerous articles and posts here on this site that address the issue pf negative reviews and the many things you read online about trucking schools and companies. However, I am typing this on my phone right now and searching for those one by one is a real pain with this small screen and keyboard. Hopefully someone else will come along and post some of those links below for anyone that finds this post in the future.


Posted:  16 hours, 57 minutes ago

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When is it too soon to look for another school?

Well, I would rather die than quit anything. Living with the unknown is worse than almost any result.

With that said, I didn't quit today. I failed miserably on my backing test, but not for lack of trying like a desperate man. I passed PTI with no problem, but when I did the backing test... Yup, that was ugly.

I get three more attempts to pass it. If I do it tomorrow, then I learned from my mistakes. If I don't, then I re-assess, try to learn some more, and try again the next day.

People who are in the same class as me are passing, so I can't blame the "system", the instructors, or anyone else. Its all up to me.

Tomorrow is a new day!

Posted:  17 hours, 12 minutes ago

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CRST - Training Adventures in Cedar Rapids

Well, took two tests today. Nailed PTI without much issue at all. Forgot to mention some hoses under the hood and didn't point to the air compressor when I covered that. No matter, I passed PTI with room to spare.

Then I was called to do my backing test. Yowsers! That whole thing went down like the Hindenburg! I might have broken the record for the worst backing test in CRST history, lol. Thankfully we did have quite a few people from our class pass today.

Well, I get three more attempts. And it's up to me learn from my mistakes. I was only guaranteed a shot - the results are up to me. Tomorrow is a new day. Reset, recharge, re-engage.

Posted:  17 hours, 29 minutes ago

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CFI at Crowder College

Well, looks like I wasn't the only one to have a bad day. Tomorrow is a new one, brother!

Posted:  1 day, 21 hours ago

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When is it too soon to look for another school?

And I'm doing just that. Currently on a break only because that same "winning" instructor is on break. I went back to observe others doing their practice - with the same instructor, no less. My buddy tried to get me to pick a different one, but I had a problem with this dude and I needed to deal with it. So, I've been managing his arrogant ass and trying to figure the movements of the wheels. Still not making much sense to me just watching. But I've really got no other choice. I'm just not sure I could go through all this stress and BS again. So I've really got no choice but to figure it out. Sooner or later something has to click because I've got everything else down pretty good.

Thanks for the encouragement. I just needed to fix the cranial-rectal-inversion I was suffering from.

Posted:  1 day, 23 hours ago

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When is it too soon to look for another school?

Well, I'm scheduled to test this week and I get four attempts to pass before I'm sent home. So, it's pass the CDL exam by Saturday or go home.

Before anyone tells me about being a quitter or having a failing attitude, first bear in mind that I havent quit. I'm still giving this 150% until the end.

However, even though I'm one of the best student drivers in my class, and have PTI down to a science, there is that little issue of backing a trailer...

Up to this point I have clearly failed to grasp some of the fundamentals necessary to successfully complete this maneuver. I fully intend to keep giving it hell. But the chances of me waking up tomorrow and suddenly knowing how to do this correctly are not very likely. Most people just arent born knowing how to do this.

I've gotten more advice on how to do this than I could ever recite. And if great advice alone made things possible, I would be rich, handsome, and successful beyond imagination.

So, as a matter of practicality, I have to recognize that there is a possibility that I might not succeed this time around. Failing to admit that possibility is what gamblers call throwing good money after bad money.

There's also a possibility that I could somehow pull off a miracle. In which case the other plans are already laid out and waiting. So no further actions are necessary at this time.

So, I can wait to see how this plays out. Or I can begin taking steps to create a buffer just in case it doesn't.

My only concern right now is how it might look to another school or company for me to apply while still here. Is that something that would look really bad or am I over thinking that?

Posted:  2 days ago

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CRST - Training Adventures in Cedar Rapids

Oh boy!!! Time to vent...

Finally got more backing practice this morning. And it was a complete and total disaster!


Actually, it's my fault for not taking a few deep breathes and remembering how to deal with certain types of people.

I marched back here to the smoking area to post a whole bunch of stuff that I really want to scream from the top of my lungs. But you know what? Eff it! Its my fault for reacting instead of focusing and just dealing.

So, I lied. No venting.

Posted:  2 days, 3 hours ago

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Wanting to start my trucking career.. but wanting to talk to someone where and how to get started

...makes me think I better practice backing with my car more for practice!

Well.... It's not quite the same. Don't bother with the car (or anything else.) Any good school will help you learn this part.


Posted:  2 days, 10 hours ago

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Prime: Let's do this!

Just following along. Best of luck Prime is a great company. You won't regret your decision.

Dunno... Sounds biased to me. rofl-2.gif

Posted:  2 days, 10 hours ago

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Houston Community College CDL school

Awesome machines, aren't they? And you'll be rolling one in almost no time at all. You seem to be all over the studies already, so no need to remind you about that. So, I'll just remind you to smile a lot and enjoy this great opportunity!

Hey, you're no longer just reading about it or thinking about it - you're actually doing it live... How cool is that? Soon you'll be answering questions and giving trucking advice to the newbies just like these great folks are doing for us now. Even better... Soon we'll be real truckers!!! (Yeah, the old guys won't get it, they forgot about how exciting it is - but we know!) rofl-1.gif

Posted:  2 days, 15 hours ago

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CRST - Training Adventures in Cedar Rapids

Wow, Junkyard... You guys get night drives? This is me jealous all over again!

Well, we start testing on Wednesday, as well. Though, some people will have to start a day later or so depending on when they got their permit.

For a moment or two, there was confusion on my part, but now Wednesday is definitely the day. But because we have so many people, I might only get to take one test a day for three days or something similar for two days.

Not much else to report today. Got some more driving practice this morning. Then we had a detailed lecture this afternoon about backing up. I took a bunch more notes and I'm hoping I can remember all of them by Wednesday. I've had three occasions to practice backing now, so with all the new notes, something should click by test time on Wednesday.

I've got two new roommates now, and neither one speaks very much English. I'm not a racist by any means, but I can't help but wonder what paperwork they filled out to get here, and what tests they will take now that they are here. Not to say they can't read and write better or more than they speak, just saying it's probably going to be challenging.

Well, happy Monday, everyone!!!
Make it a great week!!!

Posted:  2 days, 15 hours ago

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CFI at Crowder College

I can really relate to that inconsistency between instructors thing! For the most part, they are all really good at both driving and teaching. But there are just those few little things that come up once in awhile.

Found out today I also begin my test on Wednesday. WooHoo!

Posted:  2 days, 15 hours ago

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Bah! There are plenty of resources out there to one-off stuff with good quality. The biggest issues would definitely fall under logo design, etc. After that comes the headache of setting up the initial accounts, etc.

For something like this it's not so much about the production, but all the time and administrative headache that has to be put into to it.

There are a dozen places from Amazon to CafePress where the merchandise can be created and sold. But those services would eat most profit margin, as well, so it needs to be done with the understanding that this is more for promotional use and advertising value (or membership pride) than for profit.

Next, there has to be enough interest from members to make it worth Brett's time to set up all the stuff that an initial set up would require. After that, it should just about run on auto-pilot.

And merchandise could go a long way for gaining more traffic! I sure got a good deal of advertising miles out of nailing my permit test the first time and introducing people to the High Road CDL Training Program and also from my printed version of Daniel's Pre-Trip Inspection Guide here at CRST.

Finally, I'm another TT groupie interested in TT merchandise if it ever comes back around.


Posted:  3 days, 10 hours ago

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Wanting to start my trucking career.. but wanting to talk to someone where and how to get started

Welcome to the site!

Not sure about chat, but you can certainly find an incredible mix of both new and experienced truckers here. I'm in training right now, Bran is about to start training, and Susan is a trainer that teaches people like us when we hit the road with a new license and need to learn about reality.

No reliable chat out there that I know of, but you won't find a better site out there than this. I know because I looked (and so have many others.) This is where smart trucking lives and the Trucking Truth gets told. Heh! I know that sounded really cheesy, but it's true.


Posted:  3 days, 15 hours ago

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Greetings! I'm in my third week of training here at CRST in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. If I can help with any specific questions, then I will.

Another member here named MillionMiler is a Lead Driver (driver/trainer that trains new CDL holders out on the road for their first month) for CRST and he can probably answer more than me.

As for getting your permit first, you will want to talk to a recruiter first before doing anything. Used to be it wouldn't do you any good because you needed to take it here in Iowa. But... Within the last week something changed and they have been letting out-of-state permits come through the program.

So, right now only a recruiter can answer that question. There might be special circumstances or last week may have been an exception for some other reason.

But if I can answer anything else, just let me know. Also, there are some training diaries here on the site packed with information about training here at CRST (mine included) located in the Training Diaries section of the forum here.

Posted:  3 days, 19 hours ago

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CRST - Training Adventures in Cedar Rapids

Sunday, May 20th

Spent the night at a hotel with wifey, went out to dinner, and got a great night of sleep. Feel recharged and ready for this next week.

Some other thoughts I wanted to share about the school. No matter what anyone tells you about not volunteering information or answering only whats asked, be careful with your paperwork here!

This past week we seen a fella put on the bus and sent home this for failing to disclose a no-seatbelt ticket from two years ago. He didn't think it was important, so he didn't write it down on the disclosure form. And now he's gone. If you have something to list when they ask for traffic or criminal history, no matter if you think it's important or not, disclose that info immediately on the form. This is a multi-million dollar company with a huge amounting resources. If there is something out there on record, IT WILL BE FOUND. So many people either think it's not a big deal or (worse) try to be clever (because they are going to be the one that finally "beats the system") and it always ends badly.

Also, another thing we had to do last week when starting at NADTA (the part of CRST that trains us) was what they call an agility test. Cant remember if I had mentioned this earlier and wanted to make sure I got it in here because I'm trying to list as much stuff as I can about this place.

We received instruction on how to properly climb in and out if truck cab and how to climb in and out of a trailer. And then we went outside and began. First, we had to open and close the hood of the truck to prove we could do it. Then we had to climb in and out of the cab to prove we could so that. Then we had to duck walk under the trailer, from one side to the other. And finally we had to properly climn into the back of a trailer and back out to prove that we could do it if we ever needed to.

If you can't do any of these things within something like three attempts, then you have to go to the HR department here and they will decide if you can stay here to train or not. I don't know why HR has anything to do with it or how that whole process works. Just know that's the current rules here for the agility test.

We also just spent the last week studying and going over something called the Smith system. It's sort of a defensive driving course aimed at helping you to see things better while driving and how to be safer in general around other people out on the road.

We finally took a test on that on Friday, and anybody who failed that test had to show up to the classroom at 5am yesterday (a Saturday) morning to take the test again - yikes! If that doesn't motivate you to study and pass then I just don't know what will.

Finally, the staff and trainers here are fond of reminding us that we are not training for a job because currently we DO NOT have a job. We are training for our CDL and also taking part in one very long interview process right now. Which is exactly what this is... We are monitored in almost everything, from the amount of time we spend studying to how early or late we show up for class. Lots of things go into our training file and all of those things combined are taken into account when the company reviews the original job application we filled out.

It's not like big brother is watching you 24 hours a day, but if you constantly do poorly on exams or like to skip classes, etc., you just might pass the test and get a CDL, but you also might be taking that CDL and a bunch of new financial obligations to go look for a job elsewhere. They only want people who are serious about learning.

So, that's just some more thoughts and notes. Like I said, just trying to post more information than just how my day went. Just in case someone stumbles by looking for more info.

Hope everyone is enjoying a lazy Sunday!!!

Posted:  4 days, 18 hours ago

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I need some advice, please!

As someone who's only been in training for two weeks, let me give ya some advice from the student side... You will never get enough practice at backing to feel like you "got it" finally. None of us do. And that is pretty much every place out there.

I'm sure they will teach you about safety, and I am sure they will teach you to pass the CDL exam. After that, most of us will get our real training and real practice from a trainer-driver, the person who is actually supposed to teach us these things in detail.

It might seem very challenging at first, and maybe even intimidating, but we all feel that same stress everywhere we go to train. The thing is, these folks training us know what they're doing and are usually pretty good at it. So just listen good and study hard and you will find yourself on the road very soon with exactly the skills you need to get started.

Congratulations on finding training you are comfortable with! Now go make the most out of it!

dancing-banana.gif(And don't forget to start a training diary here on TT so other people like you can come get answers about training at CR England.)

Posted:  4 days, 19 hours ago

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CRST - Training Adventures in Cedar Rapids

Well, half day of training today. 45 minutes of driving early this morning and one alley dock after that. Worked on some PTI by myself and enviously watched some other people practicing backing up.

Morning went pretty quick. It sounds like we start testing on Thursday, so I really need to apply myself. I've got a few days left to learn backing, so im thinking of trying to catch some YouTube videos to see if that will help. I've got lots of notes to read from, but still waiting for something to click. And I've had lots of help now, so it's up to me to make this happen. Pretty sure I'm just not focusing on the right things. But I'll get there. We should have at least one more backing practice before Thursday. Plus, even though we can only test once per day, they do give us four tries for each part of the test. So that's technically four days of practice all by itself. So I just have to get it together on my end.

Anyway, wifey will be here soon. I almost prefer to spend the time studying at this point because I'm running out of time to get this right. But spending time with her is just a little too irresistible to pass up, so not much studying until tomorrow night.

Its been terrifically inspiring to see on here how many other people across the country got started or got permitted this week. Seems like trucking has a prayer after all. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Posted:  5 days, 3 hours ago

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Today’s the day!



Posted:  5 days, 10 hours ago

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CRST - Training Adventures in Cedar Rapids

When you say start your testing on Wednesday, that means you'll be getting your license soon doesn't it?

Where did the time go?

Been asking that for 40+ years...

Oh NO! She's bringing the Mother-in-law!shocked.pngrofl-3.gifrofl-3.gifrofl-3.gifgood-luck.gif

Yup! If I don't make it back alive say nice things about me!

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