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Posted:  4 years, 4 months ago

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Smoking in the cab

Its all about lying to yourself. If you weren't addicted, you wouldn't do it. Vaping is smoking. There is nothing ruder you can do to a non-smoker than blow smoke of any kind in their face. It is a health issue and a disgusting habit that you are forcing on other people every time you do it. Just daring them to challenge you. Why is it that this industry tests for every other kind of drug out there, but drivers are still allowed to use nicotine. Honesty people. It's all about honesty.




And the "jury" is still out on the safety of vaping.



Jury is WAY OUT.

I see folks that vape - huff on it harder than a bong hit - and that CAN'T BE GOOD for you either. Any foreign substance you force-feed into your lungs, just doesn't belong there. So, even if it doesn't contain carbon-monoxide (or all the other by-products of burning tobacco and paper), it's a matter of "less worse", but still not as good as not inhaling ANYTHING in the first place.

When I did trucking school (county vo-tech) years ago - I chewed nicotine gum while on the truck, as it was a non-smoking environment.

But if I could find a vape that tasted like American Spirit Organic Lights, I would consider it.

Most places that are non-smoking (restaurants, etc.) have also gone to non-vaping too.

Even as a smoker - I find the even more excessive clouds that vapers exhale, to be somewhat annoying.

My kid has had me try the vape a few times - just doesn't "hit the spot" like a real cig does.




Actually its not really "way out"

Ciggs have over a thousand chemicals added into the tobaccy to create more addiction and make the tobacco burn faster so you smoke more.

Vaping has four main ingredients.

1: Propylene glycol -

PG, is used in MANY foods you probably eat nearly everyday while out on the road.

2: Vegetable glycerin-

VG is also used in MANY foods which again you probably eat nearly everyday on the road.

3: Nicotine, everyone knows nicotine is not exactly great for you as it does increase your blood pressure from restriction.

4: Whatever flavoring you use, which you can make yourself and know exactly what you have in your vape juice.

Yeah inhaling anything into your lungs is less healthy than not inhaling but vaping is significantly safer for you than smoking a cigg. VG and PG will also bind to the Tar in a smokers lungs and when you make the transition you will be able to cough up tar that would otherwise be stuck on the inside of your lung the rest of you life.

Google Xray images and see for yourself. My dad switched to vaping and hacked out a bunch of tar and his o2 rate went from 86% to 98% over the last year and his DR is incredibly happy I made him switch.

As with ANYTHING if you do it TO MUCH its not going to be good for you just like Vitamins, vitamins are great for you but if you overdo it they are deadly.

Use common sense and your friend the internet for unlimited knowledge.

This wasnt directed at any one person, just anyone that comes along. Vaping may not be "healthy" but its significantly better than smoking. And quite frankly you probably breath worse crap on a daily basis at a truck stop than some vapor from an ecig.

Posted:  4 years, 4 months ago

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Finding a trainer

I am a new driver. I'm supposed to go over the road with a trainer on Monday. This feels like its going to be the most stressful part of the whole experience for me. I'm just praying I get somebody good. Is there any way to try to find your own trainer and meet them before agreeing to spend a month or two living with them in a vehicle. Everyone I've talked to seems to think this is an outrageous request. Couldn't we like put up a personal ad for trainers and students? You know, non-smoker, pet okay, hates country music, lives in Kentucky with a jealous wife at home, that sort of thing. It seems like it would make the whole experience better for everyone.

Posted:  4 years, 4 months ago

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Need advice about Marijuana testing for CDL drivers

I love weed. This has been a hard choice for me as well. I am clean and sober now and still have a real problem with drug testing. The one that ****es me off the most is the hair test. I didn't realize I was going to have such a problem with it but going into an office and having someone cut a big chunk of hair right from the crown is really really upsetting. And I know I'm clean. I just feel violated, like no one should be allowed to force this on me for a job.

However, the flip side of that is that I see why they do it. Weed or any other drug really has no place in trucking. It's dangerous okay. That's the bottom line. You are driving an 80,000 lb vehicle that doesn't belong to you loaded with someone else's expensive shait. If I was in charge, if it was my pricey equipment and merchandise, I'd want the same thing. I've met too many idiots out here to say its not important.

I am an advocate for across the board legalization of marijuana, and an advocate for safe responsible driving. It's not your car. The stakes are high (no pun intended). Like the others said, it may not be fair, but its a choice you have to make. If you drive with THC in your system, sooner or later you will get caught. Personally, I don't think the added stress is worth the risk. Say you got high three days ago on your home time, go back too work, get hit by someone on the road, really not your fault, but then are send to test because you were in an accident, guess what? You, the professional driver are liable. You just went from no problem, to big career ending problem. There are plenty of other jobs out there that don't care. Find one.

I wouldnt bet on something like frozen urine. Couldn't imagine what DOT would say if they found your block of **** lol.

I get you're into ganja and I don't blame you, its lovely, but here is the reality of the situation; you have to quit one of them. Either you stop using marijuana completely for the duration of your trucking career, or quit trucking. They just don't go together no matter how responsible you are, this is how the world is and you cant change by simply not following the rules. So you have to figure out which is more important, trucking or marijuana.

Unfortunately for you if you choose trucking, since you are heavy user, its going to take longer than 30 days for your body to be clear of THC, you only shed a couple dozen micrograms per day, so its going to take awhile depending on how much is floating around your blood stream.

If you really must use some kind recreational substance, stick with booze or psychedelics. Alcohol and psychedelics are out of your body in 24 hours and psychedelics are generally not tested for due to expense.

As for you being an addict, it certainly is possible. Addiction is characterized by heavy usage that is disruptive to your life. Your marijuana usage is arguably disruptive, or will be, to your career and therefore your life, and if you cant stop to remedy that issue well... You might be an addict!

If you're at home, smoking weed and watching cartoons when you could be making 40k a year sitting on your ass... You might be an addict!

I'm not judging brother, I love drugs, but I'm putting them aside so I can pursue a cool, unique job for couple years. I think you should do the same, quit now and hopefully you dont get caught and you can keep on truckin'.

Life is chock full of tough decisions and it sounds like this will be big one and I wish you the best of luck with it.

Pee tests can be beat but its not that that you have to worry about... Like pat said if you hit someone or someone hits you they do a blood test and can't beat that....

Posted:  4 years, 4 months ago

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Rules about smoking in a truck cab?

I am sooo with you on that. I right out of school and having considerable difficulty finding a non-smoking trainer without a pet in the cab. I feel like I've already been branded a troublemaker and I haven't even got started yet. I have yet to walk onto a truck yard without someone blowing cigarette smoke in my face. One company even had their office staff and safety manager vaping in the office! I feel like if I can just get through training and get assigned my own rig I'll be a great driver, but seriously it seems that this whole profession is still in the caveman days when it comes to tobacco. In this day of political correctness about everything else that matters, How are they getting away with this? MM

I do not want to share a truck with a trainer who smokes nor do I want to drive a truck that has been previously smoked in.

Which companies do not allow truckers to smoke in their trucks? I will do anything to drive a smoke-free truck.

I can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke.

Posted:  4 years, 4 months ago

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Sexism In Trucking From A Woman's Perspective

Great Article, I'm a new lady trucker. Just got my license and starting my first job next week. That being said, I have worked around men and in male dominated professions most of my life. In my experience, most of the men I have chosen to be around and work with are great. Most of them actually enjoy having women around and are willing to make them feel comfortable. So far everyone has been nice to me and I haven't felt the slightest bit sexually harassed. It is the few who ruin it for the many for sure. I do agree that women need to take some responsibility and stop playing the victim card. I know this is a stereotypical "man's job". If you need your princess pillow and intend to wear heals and makeup and not get your hands dirty then you're probably not going to make it. Just saying.

Today we published an amazing new article by Rainy:

Sexism In Trucking From A Woman's Perspective

I've gotta say this has instantly has become one of my favorite articles of all time, and we have a lot of em! But that's the truth. Rainy's message of empowerment is one that I admire wholeheartedly. She doesn't believe in being meek, playing the victim, or begging for sympathy.

Rainy believes in having strong character, standing up for yourself when the situation calls for it, and performing at a high level with no excuses.

I also admire Rainy's courage for taking the approach she does toward women in the trucking industry. There will be some women who don't agree with her approach but she pulls no punches when she shares her belief that those women are causing more problems than they are solving. Rainy not only has the courage to speak her mind, but she lives by her beliefs and stands strong.

This is an article that everyone should read. We've all been victimized at times in our lives. We all have inherent disadvantages in some ways. We've all been bullied or written off without being given a fair shake at some point. You will find Rainy's approach to be inspiring in many ways no matter who you are.

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