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USMC,DAV 52 father of 4 Career Commercial Diver Ship Building Supervisor & Driver

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Posted:  3 years, 4 months ago

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I have a CB question.

THe Cascadia Evolutions have the CB bracket and cables hidden behind the drivers side eye glass holder. remove the 2 over head screws the entire insert will pop out. remove the eye glass holder look for the antenna and wire connections with a flash light the wires are labeled make sure you connect them correctly or you'll blow your radio.

Yea, you're going to need an antenna and coax cable with connectors if your truck doesn't already have them installed. Both my trucks already had them installed and I only need to provide the CB radio. The max range on a barefoot CB is only about 4 miles max. Most times you will only hear about 1 mile or so because you will tend to increase the squelch till it takes a strong signal to overcome. The red connector is the positive voltage and the black is the ground. Look around for the coax (thick black wire) with a connector on it. Look on the outside of your truck for antenna(s). If you don't have an antenna and coax, then you might want to check with your shop for solutions.

Posted:  3 years, 12 months ago

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Off to Melton for Orientation!!!

Well it has been a long road to this point and I have "pulled the trigger" and selected Melton. It was a close race with Schneider but as far as the things that interested me, Melton edged them out. One of the things that I wanted that perhaps others might not want was Melton's 21 day stint with a trainer/engineer. Schneider could only offer me a dry van position at this time and the trainer time would have been 5-7 days. I just felt on this point I was getting short changed. I want as much training as I can soak up. I have never done any of this before and I would be a fool to pretend that I know everything. I read a complaint on another forum from someone that ridiculed Melton's approach to training as catering to the newest of novices. To me, that is a strong point. I don't want them to assume I know anything outside of what little I learned in school.

So I get to ride the Greyhound bus for 27 hours to Tulsa, OK in the morning. Orientation begins on Monday morning. 8 days in Tulsa and then 21 days with a trainer in his truck. I think this will be intense but at least I will get to pick my trainer's brain for 21 days! At the end of the 3 weeks, I will be getting assigned my own truck and it will look something like this:


I just got a call from my Melton Recruiter, I road test thursday; and ship out to Ohio Friday. With all the research I have done over the last few months; Melton seems like the best choice for my road preferences and needs. They have been in constant contact since I first reached out to them. Looking forward to a prosperous career with them.

Posted:  4 years ago

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Trucks & Personal Protection.

Once again, there is nothing to worry about. Most drivers have a hammer or tire thumper by their seat. We also have a fire extinguisher. Truck keys are bigger than car keys. Many trucks have knives strapped to their sides. Truck stops and shipper/receivers have people there. Why is a Marine so worried? I wouldn't want to mess with someone who"s truck says "Marine Veteran" on the door.

Not Worried Big Scott, just curious about this industry and the changes affecting driver safety. There are many "Legal Improvisions" I have taught civilians over the years that will yield more ghastly damage than a firearm. No, friend not worried, just confirming my need to "improvise" "Plain Sight" tools and tricks to treat tricksters should they feel the desire, to acquire what sits upon the tires, as I dream. Semper Fi` Bro see ya on the road.

Posted:  4 years ago

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Trucks & Personal Protection.

Thanks for the input from all, I was doing some late night brain banging and came up with a few legal Ideas. Improvised "accepted tools for self defense"; Cattle prod, flare gun ( excellent assailant marker). Wasp Spray taped to a bic barbeque starter. A sharpened ( but covered) walking stick. and as always a good sharp knife. I teach urban survival skills to civilian "preppers" There are as Bill F. said always to improvise and adapt to a potential threat. Fear cannot be a part of the picture, however wisdom is worth more than money and can often save your life.

Posted:  4 years ago

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Trucks & Personal Protection.

I am a 52 year old Marine Corps Vet, just coming back into the industry. I am also a registered Concealed Carry Holder. What are the current restrictions? I have only been told once ( a potential Carrier on my looking at list) that they are forbidden. I am a trained and carded holder what is the problem with carriers refusing to allow drivers to protect themselves? Not ranting, just curious.

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