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Where do you start? I moved to Minnesota from Canada back in '89. I spent time in both the Canadian Army and the US Army. The Gulf War launched the 2nd day of my Basic Training. After 6 years in the Army, I spent over 22 years in the telecommunications industry, 19+ at the same company, until they laid me off as part of a head count reduction. And here we are today. I figure after dealing with so many people of all walks of life, I need a change. Telecommunications is volatile right now. I liked when I was a tech and saw my boss in the morning for 5 minutes and walked out the door to my truck to be "my own boss" the rest of the day. Most of the customers were cool, some were fun, others were just off their rockers! I think, and hope, that I will have a similar experience driving truck. "Being my own boss" during the day, figuring out what to do next so I get the job done, while at the same time seeing some people throughout the day. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's wishful thinking on my part but I need a change either way. Best quote I never heeded, "Turn in your keys, your badge and your pager, then go enjoy the rest of your life". That was my first day 19+ years ago.

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Posted:  1 year, 11 months ago

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Getting Close...

Thanks for the articles, they were very informative and helped me with my decision. I went with a local company, they have a sand and gravel division, heavy haul division and otr. I was hired on in the sand and gravel division. Yes, the hours can be long AND you don't get paid for all of those hours either, depending on the job type, such as a county or state road job which requires a prevailing wage. I'm usually home by 5pm, which works for my kids. The bonus is I have driven side dump, belly dump, flat bed and 5 axle dump trucks in every condition that I could ever think of. I'm sure there's a lot more that are unimaginable to someone as green as me. I hope to get as much experience as I can driving with this company and with any luck, love it and stay with them. I love driving. Every where. City, interstate, gravel pit, off road in construction sites. I've learned how to control the fuel pedal while I'm being bounced all over the cab so my speed remains constant while in off road conditions. Each load handles differently because of how the load settles in the box. Dumping can be challenging when they want it exactly right there and not 6 inches over. The"best" was the paving supervisor who told me to dump the class 5 over there but don't hit any stakes. The lot looked like a pin cushion from all the stakes and I started laughing at him, which he didn't seem to like. I didn't hit a stake, backing, turning around or driving out. I loved it. I still hate round abouts. Thanks again for the help.

Posted:  2 years ago

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How long do out of state testing results take to show up in your home state

It really helps if the guy behind the counter is willing to look at the federal system to see if your test results are there. The guy here in MN refused, flat out refused to look at the fed's site. Told me I've just entered a nightmare, because the entire state has 1 person who verifies the test results and updates the state computer system and that person is on vacation at least for the rest of the week...

Posted:  2 years, 1 month ago

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Getting Close...

Total newbie question I am sure, but the suspense is killing me. I am nearing the end of my truck driving school. Sounds like I have 1 more eval, then a road test if I pass the eval. I have additional "Professional Driver Training" after I get my CDL with the school that the other courses don't offer such as dropping and hooking, driving the different types of trailers and trailer wheel bases etc... the stuff beyond the "this is what you need to get your CDL" training.

I have a confirmed conditional job offer from Schneider, a promising email from a recruiter at Swift and then multiple applications at local carriers thru Glassdoor, Indeed and even Craigslist. I've even applied through "Driver Pulse" to 4 or 5 companies, which is kind of nice because it saves your info and just transfers everything it can to the next job application you fill out, as long as the questions are worded the same.

Here's my issue. I have companies that I want to apply for that their system will kick your application out if you are being honest and put you don't have a CDL (yet). So, obviously wait for my CDL, right? Well, then what happens if one of the offers I have received from the other carriers says time to make a decision, I pass, and the company that I have to wait to check "YES, I HAVE MY CDL!!!!!" puts me on a shift that doesn't work for me? (Oh, I should mention I am only looking for local right now, because I have custody of my kids and have to be there for them, so OTR doesn't work for me until they graduate high school, at a minimum.)

Right now I am leaning away from Schneider, due to having to be in another state for 3 weeks. I just can't do it with my kids... Swift, I have heard some very interesting things as far as accidents and safety record and even seen a lot of Swift trucks on YouTube bad driver videos. You can always use Google to see if a company is bad or good, depending on how you word your search. I checked the fed site on some of the local company's safety records. one was about 70% higher than the national average. Probably not going to look their way a second time.

Anyway, sorry for the long drawn out post, just looking for some solid advise from the people who have done this, not the guy with the 2 year degree in underwater basket weaving in the job placement department at school.

Thanks in advance, as well as for the already overwhelming amount of information on this forum...

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