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Trying to find a CDL school w/paid training for a career.

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Posted:  3 years, 5 months ago

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Truck Driving: An Escape From Poverty Or A Silly Fantasy?

Hi Matthew! Are u still on here? I need some help too & your article title caught my attn..i didnt want to make my own post i guess lol! This is one of reasons i want to be a driver, but i also have several other reasons! Theyre all written down where i can read them everyday. Ive been working towards this goal for months. I applied to school,i wasent surprised they said no. And now im anxious to apply to the others..but obviously i have to lol! My problem is my work history, its a bit unstable, so i can see why they didnt want me. How can i fix this??? I cant change my past. How can i prove that nothing in life means more to me, then a chance to have a good career?? I live in a small town in California, everything is expensive & ****ed up here. Life has been a struggle for years. I have an education, ive tried community school here. Seems like nothing has gone anywhere. I was about to completely give up, when last August i learned that i can be sponsered for driving school & i just fell in love the more i researched it. I also understand how difficult it can be, but im fully confident i can handle this lifestyle. Im smart, friendly, extremely driven individual, want to travel, sick of Cali & rent, sick of everything lol! What can i do to show a company how serious i am? I dont want to miss a great opportunity when i know i will do well & theres no opportunities where i live. Thus reason some of job changes; trying to find my way. Had some other probs too, but i fixed those. Some werent even my fault & then i had crazy roommates,etc. Its just been hell of ride & i want to get the **** out of here & make myself useful! Im totally clean record, not drug user. Im a hard,efficeint worker; not a 1/2 ass. I already dont need much sleep, very safe driver my whole life. Both my parents were police officers. I was A & B student in school. I LOVE to learn, am sharp minded can u help me? Anyone? Advice?p>

Not sure where I want to start this. I've been browsing this site for a few days and a lot of my preconceived notions as to what truck driving is and what we've all seen in movies have already been blown away. Still, I'm not sure what to expect. After what I've been through and the life-long poverty I've endured the idea of getting paid even 12$ an hour blows me away, and I know trucking pays a LOT more than that. I'm not looking to match an attitude or take on some identity or lifestyle. I just want a living wage. But is truck driving worth it? I've been trying to find non CDL driving and delivery jobs in Phoenix but they are few and far between, and I'm still waiting to hear back from the one place I had an interview with. I wanted to do it for a year so I could tell whether I would enjoy driving for a living as much as I thought I would. I love driving. I love road trips. I LOVE maps (I collect them) and the one job I've had that wasn't silly minimum wage was a merchandising job with a company called CPM where I was left alone, worked without a supervising "boss" and had to complete tasks on time within a certain amount of time. The best part of all of that was the driving cross county and I didn't even get paid for that part! So since I don't seem to be getting any bites and most of the hooks are beyond my licencing Its starting to look like it might be a good idea to just jump the gun and go straight for CDL trucking. I know a lot of companies offer free training (but at what catch) and trucking certainly seems like an industry where the labor seems to have a fair bit of power and independence. Worlds away from what I've been doing wearing silly costumes and paper hats and selling people gas or office supplies, or what have you for 8.50$ because I'm just a 22 year old kid.

But still....I'm unsure and need advice. What kind of people drive trucks? Who will I have to deal with day to day? I'm not looking to enter a high school like environment where I have to "prove myself" to a bunch of guys. I just want to drive, and make a living wage, and provide for the one I love so they can be happy. All the technical stuff, the driving, in different places all the time, that I know I can handle. I might even be able to find a job that only runs me locally, or within the state so I can be home almost every night! Maybe I can even find a place that works me weeks out of the month and the 4th week I get off. (stop me if I'm being silly.) Point is, what can I realistically expect to find. Being as tired of my life as I am I'd tend to view this thing through rose colored lenses. I'd hate to waste a bunch of peoples time getting training in CDL, only to hate it because I'm only home 3 days a month, and have all this money but can never take the person I love out to dinner because I'm never there, or am constantly harassed because I'm not "dude" enough to drive a truck in the eyes of the people I work with.

Honestly, what can I expect, and should I even be taking this seriously?

Posted:  3 years, 5 months ago

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Phone networks/types for OTR drivers

Hey i was wondering what kinds of phones you OTR drivers are using? More importanty,which network(s)? I need a new phone soon,but also planning to start driving school in next few weeks. With all the stress to get into school lol can u please lend me your advice? Nobody wants to roaming charges all over the country right😂 or maybe thats how it goes, i have no clue! I usually buy unlocked phones, does that work? Is phone company contract better choice? How expensive is it? Does it cost more than being in stationary location; like most normal people😂😉

Posted:  3 years, 10 months ago

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Knight CDL School Diary

Thats good to know about dry van; drop n hook.

Dry van has a lot more drop and hooks which I like better lol... Good luck and it does get easier

Posted:  3 years, 10 months ago

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Jim Palmer cdl training

Wow great story! Congrats on passing 1st try! I'm nervous as hell just wondering if i'd be accepted to a school😂

Posted:  3 years, 10 months ago

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Jim Palmer cdl training

Is this still the test? 2yrs

Yes sir.


Is the drug test at JP urinalysis only?


Posted:  3 years, 11 months ago

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Seeking paid CDL training advice

Hi! I've spent hours thru this site since i found it-thank you for being here! Perhaps i need to read even more, but a couple questions cant hurt right? Im in California looking for a paid CDL program, its location doesnt matter to me. I wanted to get into trucking a few years ago, but a DUI on record isnt awesome. Now it's less then 90 days until 10yrs old! So can any drivers or soon to be drivers give me any advice? So far i need a paid CDL program & that location is no issue; although i'd rather not learn completely across the country to train. I'd also prefer being on the road a while;days,weeks. Im 34, single & prefer it, no family at home, ive always loved driving & seeing new places, im very content alone & live alone. Also..i do have a cat who i love dearly like a would be GREAT to find a company allow 1 pet;esp if i get the long durations on the road. Thats pretty much it..hopefully not too picky? I really just need a chance here, but i also want to be trained well so i can operate at maximim potential safely! Im big on safety! Thank you☺

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