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Posted:  15 hours, 29 minutes ago

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What has trucking given back to you?

This thread slipped by me unnoticed, or I would have responded sooner.

Trucking has given me the ability to travel. My wife and I both love to explore, and experience unplanned adventures. There's definitely plenty of that in this field.

It also gives me the ability to visit family much more often. You see, I'm from Jax, FL originally. My parents, sisters, and family all still live there in the area. Myself I went to NY for a couple of weeks when I was 19. There I met my wife. 29 yrs later I'm still with her, and still in NY lol. An unplanned adventure indeed!

Anyhoo, trucking lets me and the wife visit the folks in FL at least every couple months, or whenever I'm in the area. That alone has given me far more than I could have hoped for.

My wife and I are looking into trucking for similar reasons. Our families are from different parts of the country and if we go OTR, we hope to be able to squeeze in some more regular visits rather than once or twice a year.

Posted:  1 day, 14 hours ago

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IFTA Decal?

What about removing it like this?

Posted:  2 days, 6 hours ago

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Trainer using drugs

I remember someone in here claiming their trainer was blowing lines of coke off of a hooker's belly. I just thought I had a bad trainer.

I agree. Those hooker hiring, coke snorting trainers definitely sound like they would be superior.


Posted:  3 days, 4 hours ago

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Anything you've been pulled over for while doing the speed limit?


What happens when they find you driving while wearing a shirt like this?



They escourt you to the nearest bowling alley.

Sold! Where do I sign up!

Posted:  3 days, 17 hours ago

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Duffle bag came in

What kind of winter clothing do you find that you realistically need while on the road?

Posted:  3 days, 17 hours ago

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New per diem laws and affect on lease vs compny

The limited reading I have done on per diem has made my head spin ever single time. Was there an annual limit to the $63 per diem, ie a maximum annual dollar amount or number of days one could claim? I am neither an accountant nor lawyer, but If I understand correctly, the new standard deduction would reduce tax liability for the equivalent of about 190 days per year whereas drivers could have claimed $63 for every day they were on the road previously. Drivers are certainly out more than 190 day per year, aren't they? My quick napkin math using Prime home time and vacation numbers would suggest that a drivers (taking 1 day off per 7 out, plus 14 days yearly vacation) would be on the road around 308 days per year.

308 * $63 = $19,404

Compare that to the $12,000 standard deduction now. Doesn't this mean that a number of drivers could be facing a tax bill to make up the difference if they receive over $12,000 "per diem" annually?

Drivers can no longer deduct per diem payouts, but companies can can? I would assume the companies then still do it to reduce their tax burden. Can't say I would blame them. Just trying to understand the extra complication on the pay stub and on tax day.

Posted:  3 days, 18 hours ago

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Anything you've been pulled over for while doing the speed limit?

Got pulled over in Illinois for having on a blaze orange Tshirt that perfectly matched my blaze orange seat belt.

What happens when they find you driving while wearing a shirt like this?


Posted:  3 days, 18 hours ago

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Duffle bag came in

Working for a nudist friendly trucking company? Could the world handle such truckers? What have I missed in my time outside the US?

Posted:  5 days, 5 hours ago

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Married Team OTR in Lightweight Truck?

Pam at success leasing (who handles all truck assignments, lease and company drivers) said

"sure a husband and wife can team in a LW if they can stabd thise close quarters"

Cool! That's great to know! Thanks for calling them for us!


Posted:  5 days, 6 hours ago

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Married Team OTR in Lightweight Truck?

Thanks everyone for the replies so far.

 keep in mind, Miss Myoshis was an international and even she did not want the cascadia LW because of less room. Prime is no longer buying internationals.

Understood. I think if I had the choice between a smaller or larger lightweight in order to get the same CPM bonus, I would take the larger one too. But if not, no biggie as long as everything else works out.

My wife and I both fit on the twin mattress in my condo, although it's admittedly kinda tight. We make it work.

As a team couple you will mostly be on different sleep schedules, so that shouldn't be a concern except during resets or other situations like Rainy said.

I'd be mostly concerned with the lack of storage space.

My wife and I are similar. We took the mattress measurements that Daniel B gave in his thread and compared them to our current double mattress bed. Daniel's lightweight mattress is wider, but slightly shorter than one of our mattresses. It would be cozy, but we could likely make it work. We do like each other after all.

yeah, i was thinking about having TWO peoples stuff at the end of the bunk with 2 people in it. seriously as a woman i have a ton of crap. the whole top.bunk is full right now hahahha

My wife is a bit of a freak of nature. What woman has fewer than half the shoes her man does? Maybe I’m the freak rofl. I consider myself to be pretty minimalistic, but my wife often chooses to get by on even less than I do. Aside from the extra person and their clothing and extra food, what else would need to be doubled up in the truck?

We don't have or want a TV or gaming console. We haven't used a microwave in over ten years, though I can see the benefit of having one if living on a truck. Crock Pot and electric frying pan seem to be a pretty good way to go. A couple of small tablets during mutual downtime for internet browsing and reading. That's pretty much how we are already are when we get home from work.

I’m 5’ 7” & it’s a tight fit even for me. Haven’t tried to do the hanging storage space like Miss Myoshi did in her LW.

Hanging/vertical storage is the way to go. I suspect a lot of space could be utilized over the foot of the bed. We do a lot of that in the place we are living now. You should see what IKEA is like on the weekend. It’s nuts.

I don’t know if it’ll be legal to remove the passenger seat for fridge & microwave space due to seatbelt laws. If one partner is driving, the other won’t have a way to strap in. One can’t lay under that net but for extended period of time.

This is the money question. How does this work when there are more than two people on any truck? I see people talking about it. Teams going out with their trainer. The off-duty driver can’t be in the passenger seat for more than two hours without being required to be on duty not driving. The off-duty team driver is chilling in sleeper berth making YouTube videos. What are the actual laws on this point?

Posted:  6 days, 3 hours ago

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Married Team OTR in Lightweight Truck?

I’ve been reading about lightweight trucks and that Prime is one of the main companies that utilizes them. Does anyone know which other companies run lightweights? Do they have similar incentive programs to Prime’s, where the drivers get a CPM bonus for driving a smaller tractor?

I have also read Miss Miyoshi’s Lightweight Truck thread along with a few others here. My wife and I share her interest in tiny houses and making do in small spaces. However, there seems to be a general opinion that the lightweights just don’t have an acceptable amount of space for team drivers – married team drivers in this case. I would like to know more about this because so far I have only seen opinion but no objective, regulatory, or company policy reasons why not. Is there more to it that I am missing? An example from what I’ve read is that teams driving for Prime are automatically provided a condo. But is it possible to request a lightweight if the team is willing to have reduced cabin space in exchange for the lightweight CPM bonus? Are there any teams here that have given lightweights a try? Based on Daniel B’s thread from a few years ago, lightweights are equipped for the possibility of team driving if the sleeper berth safety net is any indication. What about team driving without the passenger seat in order to make room for a fridge?

I have some videos of European trucks, one is with a Czech team driving. There isn’t much to translate in the video, but in the comments there are people talking about how much space they have, how massive their fridge/cooler is, and a little bit about how the team is messy.

The second video is more in-depth. Does anyone here know about Iwona Blecharczyk? She is driving in Canada now, but she used to drive in the EU. She had documented her experience along the way similarly to other YouTube trucking channels. Her videos are in Polish with English subtitles. She raves about how much space she has in this truck review. Compare that to Randee Lewis' video where he talks about how limited the space is in his new Freightliner Cascadia. The Cascadia looks so much bigger compared to the Mercedes!

I would have to admit that the European trucks would probably test even my limits regarding cramped space and long-term OTR team driving. My wife looked at them and said, “Yeah, if we drove in the EU, those trucks would be no problem for me!” Bless her heart! The American LW trucks look like they have acres more living space in comparison. They look doable for someone like me and my wife.

Having spent the past decade in Europe, we have gotten used to living in a 390 sq. ft. apartment that would be considered tiny compared to US living standards. Moving into a truck really doesn’t look like it would be much of a stretch. Looking back at American sizes and portions of all types, they seem positively luxurious.

I realize that I am just kicking tires at this point because we are nowhere near signing up with any company yet, and that we may not even receive an offer from any of our first choices for companies. But since I haven’t found much discussion regarding team driving these lightweights anywhere on the internet, I thought I would see what might come of posting the question here. I guess we could chalk it up to doing a bit of research well in advance.

Posted:  6 days, 12 hours ago

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So, stupid question time, are houseplants allowed in the trucks?

Now you guys got me thinking about what to do with my plants. I don't think I can take them back to the states with me. I have a couple bonsai trees that probably wouldn't fare well across the ocean or on the road.

What are you going to do for your plant in the extreme temperatures throughout the year when you might be away from the truck?

Wow, that’s awesome Michael! Great looking plant. The only issue I see is situating it in your truck so that the soil doesn’t spill out when you’re traveling over potholes and bumpy roads. That green is really going to spruce up your cab.

Make a hanging basket with bungee cords and shock absorbers. good-luck.gif

Posted:  6 days, 16 hours ago

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New driver looking for highest pay

I am a new cdl graduate. I am willing to relocate anywhere in the country. Dont care much about home time. No family. Dont mind team driving. I am simply looking for the best paying companies. Any suggestions?

I am nowhere near the point of applying yet, but for a CDL graduate looking for team driving, have you looked into US Xpress? It looks like they hire from just about anywhere. Their CPM and bonuses look pretty good if you are serious about staying on the road. It looks like you can max out at 82 CPM if you get the safety bonus as well as stay out for more than 45 days. I know Brett has driven for them. Perhaps there is also someone here who has more recent team driving experience with them.

Posted:  6 days, 16 hours ago

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VA apprenticeship

THEN tell me where my attitude was ****ty.

See below:

hadjis that don't barely speak English do it

So when are you going to tell us what you really think about them?


See nowadays if you mention any of that it's a huge strike against you. Majority of employers think your going to go postal or something look that.

You've been going postal already throughout the majority of this thread. You've been shooting off angry, aggressive posts left and right, one right after another.

You can't even keep yourself stable and grounded when dealing with people in text format. TEXT! Who's going to want to deal with you in actual person form?!

I am well aware of the importance of being polite and professional when dealing with people, especially when applying for a job.

Then why aren't you doing it here? I wonder how many HR people are here that have read this thread and not commented. I wonder how many of them are from companies that you have tried to get hired at. I seem to recall that there are a few at least.

I mean I used to have to talk people out of their cars.

But you are absolutely failing at getting them to help you here or to keep from ghosting on you elsewhere.

Posted:  1 week ago

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VA apprenticeship

Josh, here are a few more things to consider that stuck out while reading this thread.

Might as well delete this thread, delete my account and block me, definitely won't be back to take advice from you

I left sent a message to then on Facebook asking for another recruiter to contact me, and was blocked from their Facebook page.

Well, why ever could that be?

I treat everyone with respect until they give me a reason not too. It's just pretty crappy when I put 110% into something and don't get the same in return. 

When a person is going to a company looking for a job they have to realize that the company is effectively their customer and the potential employee is the business offering services for sale. How many times has anyone here seen a customer treating a proprietor like absolute dirt? How many times do the proprietors let it roll off their back with a smile on their face and then continue to provide their services to a person anyone else would toss out of their home? Josh, you have to treat them with respect and like they are your best friend EVEN THOUGH they give you reason, perhaps multiple reasons not to. That is the nature of being the one offering services. Of course there are limits, but in your case it looks like you might want to reevaluate and adjust those limits to allow for more success in your endeavors.

You say that you have a thick skin. From the looks of things, it's not thick enough. Consider what people are saying here. From the limited time I've been reading here, they aren't going to blow smoke up your butt. (Would your really want them to?) It would be really great if you took that to heart so that you can eventually succeed.

Your first words from this thread were right:

So maybe it's me

Posted:  1 week ago

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VA apprenticeship

You couldn't be more wrong! Please tell me where I copped an attitude with a recruiter? So did you miss the part where I said that you would be appalled at how the recruiter talked to me?

Might as well delete this thread, delete my account and block me, definitely won't be back to take advice from you, someone who couldn't even do 20 years behind the wheel and now wants everyone to think they know it all after 15 years.. you are a joke.

I didn't ask for your opinion, get off his ****.

A good leader practices what they preach to set an example.. But that seems to elude you as well.

Is this what not copping an attitude looks like? Your case weakens with every subsequent post. Even more so when your posts start showing up in a incontinent, string-like fashion. They keep showing up while I have been writing this post!

Did you talk to a few bad recruiters? Maybe. Though if one looks your quotes above, there would be doubts that you really didn't cop any attitude with any of them. So now even if you were to provide the audio of your conversations with recruiters proving you were telling the truth, the way you have responded no longer inspires anyone to go out of their way to help you. That doesn't bode well for any career, let alone a trucking career.

Are there bad truckers out there, aka terminal rats? Yes there are. Do they reflect poorly on the companies they drive for? Yep. Does that mean the companies are terrible companies? Not necessarily.

Are there grouchy baggers, cashiers, or greeters working for Walmart, Kroger, etc? Probably. Are those terrible companies? Come now.

I am not a trucker and have never been a trucker. I may become a trucker someday, which is why I am here noticing your so-called not copping an attitude. But none of that is really all that important. The fact of the matter is this: a lot of what is said and given as advice on this site also applies to practically every other field and organization on the planet. Every organization has its go-getters and all-stars as well as their terminal rat equivalents. This is just the 80/20 rule, aka the Pareto Principle. Your original post elicited a bit of concern for your situation... and also a small red flag. "Did this guy have a legitimate problem? Or is he going to be a super trucker?" Your subsequent posts included a bit more vitriol each time and clarified the situation immensely to everyone else around.

I have more intestinal fortitude In my left nostril than you have in your whole body.

Given your posts afterwards, it doesn't look like it. Consider what everyone here is saying to you and try again from another angle. If you can turn your perspective around a bit and be a bit more diplomatic, you might get a more favorable outcome.

I'm just supposed to let people disrespect me?

If you have so much intestinal fortitude in your left nostril, then yes, you are. Then charm them such that they chuckle, turn their behavior around, and you get the job done and get back on the road.

Posted:  1 week, 4 days ago

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Motion sickness and training

How did sailors overcome motion sickness way back when? Didn't they tough it out until they got over it?

Posted:  1 week, 5 days ago

View Topic:

61 years young

Statistics have shown that two of the safest groups of drivers are females and the slightly older ones.

This is good news. According to The Missus I am a slightly older one, and according to me she is female. Gonna put that on our trucking resumé.

Posted:  2 weeks ago

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Pro's Of Companies With Lots Of Terminals?


Terminal rats are everywhere. I only go to a terminal if I need my truck serviced or I have no other convenient choice for parking.


Lol...what are "Terminal rats"?

The Road Home Podcast - Episode 10: Terminal Rats Are Derailing Trucking Careers

Posted:  2 weeks ago

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Available truck parking

OP you took your 30 in the McDonald's ball pit and snapped a picture of your McTruck on the way in, didn't you?

When there is truck parking in a place like this, are the property owners usually amenable to taking a 10 hour break? I assume this would be after asking the manager if it's ok.

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