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Posted:  11 hours ago

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Reset or recap?

I'm not telling anyone they should run recaps or resets. Just looking at the math of the situation here:


11x62mph =682 miles per day.


Your math is way off, and the compared distance between the two ways of running is going to much closer in the real world. You'd be lucky to get even 600 miles everyday running your full 11 hours.

Being lucky is not the point here. The point is which method of managing the clock will get you more miles on average. You would be equally lucky to get 477 miles every day running 8.75 hours. These are theoretical examples. We leave out the largely irrelevant minutia so as to make the example easier to understand. As far as the claim that Turtle's math is way off... It's really not.

Traffic, terrain, weather, shippers and cons, and timing and mileage of the runs themselves are all limiting factors.

But these are not limiting factors if you run recaps?

Three or four consecutive days of 525-600 miles will often mean using almost all of your 14 hour clock, unless your company somehow has loads that are 600 and whatever miles on a daily basis that all pick up and deliver perfectly with your ten hour resets.

Why do the loads have to pick up and deliver so perfectly?

The advantage to doing 34 hour resets and just running your clock to the max for six consecutive days is you don't have to worry as much about on duty time eating into your drive time. Running recaps, on duty time can end up costing you the drive time you need to get to a destination that day. So you're off duty a lot more running recaps, if you want to turn miles and earn that is.

This is true by the same token that it's inefficient to take multiple breaks throughout a driver's driving hours. We will leave the actual time stopped out of the equation, but when the driver makes more stops, looks for a place to park, gets back on the highway, etc. he spends less time driving the maximum allowable speed as a percentage of his driving hours, and thus doesn't turn as many miles. Running recaps means more stops as a percentage of driving time. 8 stops per 70 hours versus 5 or 6/70. Just this point can add up to a monthly phone bill or a decent dinner somewhere. Some people might want the extra money and run resets, some people might want the extra time off every day and run recaps. That's up to them.

I have run mainly recaps since going solo on February 20th, 2019. I just hit 120,020 miles on January 28th, 2020. My fellow classmates running weekly with resets are 10000-30000 miles behind me. I'll post my paychecks and miles to date within the next week for people to get an idea of your first year. This is with roehl but other companies should be similar.

I don't think this is likely to be an apples to apples comparison. Those other drivers could have driven fewer miles for any number of reasons. Boiling it down only to recaps vs resets isn't likely to be accurate.

Another advantage to running recaps in my opinion is you expose yourself to more load availability. You're available while the guy doing a 34 misses out. Also, you're staying in dispatches mind because you're running more often through more shifts and they know you need miles and are willing to run.

But he is available during some of those 15.25 hours that you must be off duty. Say he finishes delivering at hour 9 on his 11-hour driving clock and another load is available nearby. You are already out of hours for the day. Who is going to get the load?

Posted:  1 day, 9 hours ago

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Reset or recap?

Believe it or not, you actually sit more on recaps when you add up the hours. Some time ago, I wrote something that explains in detail the differences between the two methods. I'll dig that up in a little while when I have more time.

I would be very interested in reading more on this. From my textbook understanding of HOS, the most time driving per week would be achieved by doing only split sleeper berth and taking 34 hour resets. (This eliminates the 30 minute break requirement as the break is subsumed by the 2 hour break in the split sleeper provision.) Of course, each real-life driving situation will dictate how a driver should manage his hours, but in a laboratory setting under perfect conditions, this would be the way.

Posted:  2 days, 6 hours ago

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Views From the Office Window (Post Yours Please!)

Why is it taking so long for them to respond?

Posted:  2 days, 22 hours ago

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Pre-Trip Inspection Bonus Points

If you're a trainer, have the trainee "pump up the airbags" on the trailer. This is accomplished by repeatedly pulling the pin release lever out. 50 to 75 times is usually enough.

Another one is to check out the serial numbers on the individual fuses each morning on the pre trip.

Now we know why there is a driver shortage!

Posted:  3 days, 8 hours ago

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Pre-Trip Inspection Bonus Points


Must check the permit book for FL sailboat fuel transportation permit.


You might appreciate this video:

Naive Trooper Sailboat Fuel

Pop-quizzed the peanut gallery. Got this response:


Sailboat fuel is pressurized air, isn't it? You have to have placards for that?!


She is already registered on this forum but hasn't posted anything yet. I suspect a day of reckoning is headed my way.

Posted:  3 days, 20 hours ago

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Pre-Trip Inspection Bonus Points

I’ve been wanting to ask the community here about parts of the truck that could get a person a bonus score on the pre-trip inspection exam. These would be parts that don’t normally get mentioned during an average exam but might be worth sharing here. As someone considering running in a married team, and out of respect for all parties involved in the aforementioned married team, I won’t say who identified these parts of the truck while studying and practicing for the PTI, but I will share them all the same – for posterity, of course.

- wheel hub fuel plate

- air brake fluid

- trailer drives

Blinker fluid goes without saying and results in no bonus, but something like the lug nut fuse definitely would result in a bonus. What are some unusual parts of the truck that you have seen pointed out?

Posted:  4 days, 1 hour ago

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HRTP - That's Not What She Said

Page twelve was a while ago but I still can't believe I didn't notice that back then.

Posted:  4 days, 2 hours ago

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Ghosting Your Company

If you keep ghosting these companies then I wouldn't be surprised if the trucking industry decides you aren't for them. Ghosting is really unprofessional behavior. In fact if you try going back to working in an office, you might have troubles landing a job there too, should they decide to check your employment history.

Posted:  4 days, 5 hours ago

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HRTP - That's Not What She Said

I've been diligently working through the HRTP in order, page by page. What did I miss here? What's going on?


Posted:  5 days, 1 hour ago

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Y'all, Pray For Me

You will endure and hopefully come out the other end with entertaining lessons to share with us all. Are you really sure you want prayers?

Posted:  5 days, 10 hours ago

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New phone app hopes to alleviate shipper waits

Looks like it has a lot of potential. Hopefully it takes off.

Posted:  5 days, 21 hours ago

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New truck driver, Help please! Given ticket for non-compliance and violation

He has been stopped for going past a weigh station which he did not see due to it being on the opposite side of highway and “obscured from vision” and his Qualcomm did not alert him to it coming up.

First question is, is he responsible for stopping at a station that is set for a particular direction of traveling? And if so, if he didn’t see it due to it being obscured nor was alerted about it, what can he do?

(For anyone who is familiar, this is at the Goldendale weigh station in Washington state.)

He must have been going southbound on US 97. Here is the sign. It doesn't look obscured and you can see the left turn lane not too much further on. From what I understand from a recent thread, if there is a weigh station then you pull your commercial vehicle in unless you are instructed not to, i.e. the station is closed or PrePass waves you through.

There was one sign he saw when he first got back on the highway and it didn’t say “where” or how far ahead the stop was. He kept looking and did not see the entrance for it.

He saw the sign, but didn't see the weigh station and so kept on driving? Or was this after he was pulled into the station? If that is the case, then how could he not know where the entrance was?

Posted:  6 days, 22 hours ago

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Can a company driver be forced to pay for fuel?

It sounds to me like a company that may be on the verge of folding up. I could be wrong but that is just my feeling.

This was my thought as well. I wouldn't be surprised if the company was oscillating the number 0, financially speaking. How long does it take to get reimbursed for fueling their truck? Do they pay your paychecks on time every pay period? How long could you afford to work for them if they end up unable to provide you with your paycheck for one pay period? Based on the info you've provided, I would rate the likelihood of a missed paycheck in the near future as high.

Posted:  1 week, 5 days ago

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Pneumatic Tandem Pin Retractors

Thanks, Dan. If I followed you correctly, then what you describe is what I thought was happening. From an engineering and safety perspective wouldn't it be a better design of the tandem locking pins to push out automatically in the event of a loss of air pressure?

Posted:  2 weeks, 3 days ago

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Heard You Guys are Placing Bets?

Over two hours since this was posted and no other replies? Everybody must be very busy driving today!

Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

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Pneumatic Tandem Pin Retractors

I'm curious about the mechanics behind the tandem pin retractors in this video - specifically the air-powered type. At the time stamp, the pins are retracted and he goes into the cab to show a shortcut on extending the pins to lock the slides.

In the cab he pushes and pulls the tractor protection valve a few times. He seems to indicate that supplying air to the trailer will push the pins out. Isn't that the opposite of how it should be? Wouldn't needing air to push the pins out be a more dangerous design if the trailer were to lose air pressure? The pins could retract with the loss of air pressure, the tandem spring breaks would engage and that could rip the tandems off the end of the trailer.

Or does it work the opposite way where the pins operate on a similar safety principle as the spring breaks? I.e. without air pressure the default position of the pins would be for them to be pushed out?

Posted:  1 month ago

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Know anything about Forward Air? (RE: CDL-B gig)

Didn't you just get onboard with Veriha a few months ago? Did that not work out?

Posted:  2 months ago

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Download Link for Trucker Path

Use your App Store.

That was the first thing I tried. It wasn't showing up.

Errol, thanks for the link. I clicked on it and got the message that it's not available in my country. It appears that I have to change my Google play country, and Google only allows a person to do that once per year. Unfortunately I'm gonna have to wait for now.

Thanks for the help.

Posted:  2 months ago

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Download Link for Trucker Path

I'm visiting the US and wanted to download the Trucker Path app. I don't see it in when searching Google app store. Does anyone have a link to it? I remember that someone posted a link to it here and I tried searching here but did not immediately come up with anything.


Posted:  3 months ago

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Schneider donates trucks; Congress considers women-driver-friendly bill

Focusing on changing the behavior of a specific demographic is by definition discriminatory.

The board would be given the task to remove “the barriers that get in the way of women pursuing and retaining careers in trucking is key,” one of the co-sponsors said in a news release.

What, pray tell, might such barriers be? Which trucking company is looking at applications and saying, "Oh... You're a woman. Sorry! Can't hire you! We really, REALLY, REALLY don't want women driving for us!" Any of the megacarriers? No? Could we find a small trucking company engaging in discriminatory behaviors against women? Maybe? Aren't there already laws on the books prohibiting that?

What percentage of the truck driving workforce being female is going to be enough? How is that quota going to be made to happen? What percentage of women choose to pursue a career in trucking vs women who are not accepted into the driver's seat? How does that compare to the numbers for men? Are women going to be forced to go into trucking to improve the numbers and give certain people more of the feelgoods? No? What is the alternative? Put an upper limit or a hiring freeze on the number of the over-represented demographic from entering the trucking industry? Who would that affect? How would that improve the driver shortage?

Women are the minority in trucking, but, at 165.92 million women to 159.41 million men in the US in 2017, not the minority of the overall population. If we are talking about a boosting a minority in a particular industry then is it not also fair to take a look at the demographics of something like the NBA and who the minority of players are there? Should there be a bill passed to remove the barriers to more Asian NBA players? Hispanic NBA players? White NBA players?

How does the "Promoting White Men in Professional Basketball Act" sound? How do the white men here respond to the thought of such legislation in their favor being passed into federal law? Is it discriminatory?

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