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I joined this profession after 28 years in another profession. Knew it was getting time to retire, and started a skills assessment. What did I do daily that I could do when I grew up? Well, sarcasm and profanity aren't really marketable skills in the private sector, but DRIVING? That I did pretty much all day, every day. Didn't hurt that I had a brother doing this for over a decade that said "Hey, you could always drive a truck. I mean, if I can do it... "

Worked about a year and a half doing OTR regional, home every weekend for 32 hours (add in one hour each way to terminal). Learned. A lot. Missed my family. A lot. Got paid by the mile, NOT a lot. Ended up finding a gig with a company that hired me for local driving, home every day, paid by the hour, tractor and trailer shop on site for prompt and effective repairs. Jumped at the chance and haven't looked back. After two years of local work, I climbed back into a sleeper, and am running OTR Regional Midwest pulling intermodal and dry van loads. Happy as a clam again.

I do dabble a bit in training drivers that come over to our company, as a polisher / finisher for folks that need some extra one on one training time to get them fully smoothed out and ready for solo.

The outfit I work for is G&D Integrated, based in Morton, IL with terminals in Joliet, Morton, Champaign, Decatur, and Montgomery, Illinois, with additional footprints in Georgia, Indiana, and South Carolina. No job or outfit is perfect, but I've been with these folks for long enough to know it's where I will finish out my career, as they're a good outfit.

After about 8 years in the driver seat, I was forced to retire from driving. Three titanium spacers where disks used to rest and a sensitivity to vertical vibration resulting in gradually increasing nerve pain in the left arm resulted in my Neurosurgeon telling me I should find something else to do, as the vibration was going to hasten the degeneration of the other disks in my cervical spine. Paralyzed / lack of control of the arms vs. doing what I really like to do? I opted to give Mrs. Curmudgeon her due - and not intentionally cause injury to myself so that I could keep driving.

We moved out of Illinois to Arizona, and are happy living in the country.

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Posted:  5 days, 4 hours ago

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What Does Everyone Think of Millis Transfer?

Old School has it right.

The folks on here will give you their impressions, but only YOU will be able to make that determination, and only after giving it a solid 6 months to learn at least some of the ropes.

Millis' equipment looks pretty sharp, and their drivers aren't aggressive like some outfits.

If you are coming in from another career and haven't driven before, you just need to jump into the water and swim. You will know after 6 months or so (if you give 110% effort and dump any YouTube fired preconceptions) whether driving is for you, and whether Millis is where you should stay past one year.

And lest it not be said elsewhere, Paid CDL Training Programs Apply For Paid CDL Training

are great resources.

Good luck

Posted:  2 weeks, 5 days ago

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Smoked weed 5 months ago can I get cdl

I pulled the trigger on paying for a hair follicle test in advance of the start of my orientation. Too much riding on going into orientation

Kenneth, if you don't mind my asking,what was the freight on the self pay follicle test?

And kudos to you for being willing to commit your own resources to ensuring your success in your new career, and being willing to go into it 100%. Too many people these days (in my very opinionated opinion) expect everything to be handed to them, to have no skin in any game that involves an employer. Your dedication before hand bodes well for your continued success in this profession.

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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Are CB radios actually useful in 2023?

Cobra 29 Classic will suit you well. Find a radio shop to tune it, and get a decent antenna. You don't need to Electromagnetic Pulse anyone (although some of the schtuff I've heard over the years has made me wish I could), but tuning and a good antenna will increase the quality of your signal l, how clear your transmissikns are, and how far out you can be heard.

Ya, I've got a handle. Sharps50-90. Occasionally someone gets the reference. Billy Dixon, Esquire was the other option...

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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Previous employer reported to DAC

Did you communicate that you didn't want to continue on, or did you just leave/not show up?

I think the lack of answer might give some clue. "I chose not to continue my training..." could mean he told the trainer who did nothing with the info. By the fact that this was a post and ghost, I suspect otherwise.

I don't care what the job is (even slinging pizza), always write a letter and offer 2 weeks, making it clear you are resigning your position. Keep that, and present it as proof to other outfits.

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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Driver caught with weed in truck

Hi, Justin. Welcome to TT. Another consideration for you to explore as the holder of the authorities or management of the company would be going to court and defend the driver. The law enforcement agency will have to get lab tests done on the suspected cannabis to confirm presence of the to convict on possession of cannabis, if a local or state charge. IF they do not have crime lab testing done to confirm, that may result in acquittal, allowing you to contest the SAFER hit that was generated. Don't enter into a plea deal until your corporate hired defense (yes, criminal law, not contract law) attorney has seen discovery on the lab results and case report.

IF it is cbd without the active thc component, as so many cbd advocates claim, the pot charge SHOULD go away.

(Not sure if FMCSA prohibits cbd directly, doubt it but haven't dived that deeply into the statutory rabbit hole. I spent 28 years reading, interpreting and applying statutes in my first career, kinda gave up on the deep diving)

Your individual CSA score (if you are a driver and not simply a manager) will not be impacted ‐ individual choices have individual CSA score applications. The company might have issues, but your individual score will stay clean. If you leave the company your score will still be a safe and happy 0.

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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Talking Shop: The Just Talking Thread

This probably should be its own thread, as I look at that lengthy response.

Typos? Ya, at least one: multilateral should read "multiple plate"

As far as adjusting the load to get it legal, that's a whole other can of worms. The Clinton, IA nestle plant was quite adept at loading a 40' intermodal box super heavy in the front, but legal gross weight. I once had ~37 - 38k on my drives, and they wouldn't accept my assertions that it was over. I had to haul it to the cat at the KwikTrip for a certified weigh before they rebalanced.

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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Talking Shop: The Just Talking Thread

Depends on which scale is nearby. Actual scale use is pretty easy if using CAT scales. Pull slowly onto the scale plated, position your steers on the forward plate, the drive axle tandems on the second plate, and the trailer tandems on the long rear plate. Those "full draft" scales will print out each of the three weights. Easy peasy. Always pull onto a scale centered left to right, and slowly (5mph or idle roll) to prevent locking or binding the plates or damaging the mech. Releasing brakes allows for natural settling of the scale and accurate weigh (see notes below on sloped approached to shorter scales).

If it is an unattended single draft or double draft (long enoug to weigh a three axle dumper in one shot, but not a full 18 wheeler) scale common with many ag locations you need a notebook Crayolas and a calculator. Pull forward slowly so JUST the steer axle is on, release brakes (or if slope approach ramp use trailer brakes to hold your spot) and let the scale settle, write down the weight displayed. Move up slowly until the steers are off and the drives only are on write down that weight. Do the same for the trailer tandems. That gives you three weights, add them together for your gross weight.

I used to pick up soy for export on a single plate full draft, had to do multiple calcs. First weigh steers (write it down) , then weigh steers and drives (write it down). Subtract the steers from the steers & drive tandems to get just the drive weight. Then pull fully forward so just the entire unit is on the single plate, write down your gross. Then pull forward to clear your drive tandems, leaving just trailer tandems on the plate, and write that down. I always tool photos of the numbers to show anyone that thought I was over. And I always confirmed at a multilateral full draft (commercial certified or CAT) scale asap.

I used the CAT scale app, made everything easy to accomplish when using a cat scale. No waiting in line inside to get tickets, they send the scale ticket to your phone.

Hope this helps.

Posted:  4 weeks ago

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Turning in my truck and going on FMLA

Wishing you a complete and rapid recovery, BK. The Beloved is working her way to having one, possibly both done. Steve, thanks for the pain med guidance, will keep that in mind when the time comes.

Posted:  4 weeks, 1 day ago

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Well, what's in the news today, "Back In The Saddle, Again!" or "I'm Baaack!" edition?

The latest: carrier apu a/c stops blowing cold air. I can idle the keep.cold, but have 14 hours before the drop, so took the $48 CDL special at railroad pass here in Henerson, NV. Clean room, dated property, but better than the alternative. AND i got a shower. And slept in a bed that wasnt vibrating. They give 20% off meals to CDL holders in the restaurant as well.

This will finish day four of the cycle, picking up in LV and heading back thru the Joshua Trees to phoenix area.

So far, impressions positive. The spine has not fired up, nor has the inflammatory arthritis. Blessings there.

The outfit is focused on ontime metrics, and if you stay focused it works out.

Posted:  4 weeks, 1 day ago

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Smoked weed 5 months ago can I get cdl

Maybe I am the lone voice here. Prolly am, goes with the hamdle I guess. Seems figuring out how long after and what steps someone should go to to pass a drug screen for weed is a new direction, but information I'd never bad to share. 1) Errol, yep, we'll all be forgiven, but quite possibly NOT by the earthly hiring authorities. 2)The Curmudgeon says the same thing to prospective drivers as he did to aspiring cop candidates (met a lot). Quit smoking weed at LEAST a year before you want to get your cdl, two is better (shows a seriousness about the stressful career your undertaking). Don't drink to blackout for at least four years (ever is better). Don't try coke, meth (unless it has otrexate on the end), heroin, pcp, etc etc etc. I know this sounds old-timerish Yep. But follow those suggestions and the road thru the background won't present as many potholes.

YAMMD and likely does.

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