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Posted:  8 months, 1 week ago

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A Trucker's Wife is Baffled HELP

I can not thank you ALL enough I understand how not getting enough information can limit answers, My husband and I have been together for 24 years We have been married 4 years I have a 26 year old son who has Autism and needs 24/7 care,Which I give him and my Husband helps when he is home.( My Husband has been the only Father my son has known He was 2 when we got together and my son's biological father has had nothing to do with him) We had to wait to marry due to my son's medical expenses, Rainy D I totally get how I may have sounded like a jealous wife but, as far as trusting my Husband to be faithful I think every Truckers wife feels it time from time, But Cheating isn't something I worry about. We both have talked and Cheating goes both ways The husband being on the road or the wife (or Husband) at home. I Choose to trust my Husband and if once in awhile I feel alone and I let my mind wonder I call him and tell him and by the time We are done talking the feeling is gone and He does the same calling me it's part of being apart. My husband doesn't lease a Truck He uses one of theirs, Another thing Rainy D brought up was Truckers that just get by.....This hit me hard and after reading everyone's comments and the fact that He says he doesn't remember his password on his paychex site where his Pay stub and Settlement would be well It got me to realize maybe he has things he doesn't want me to see, I also wonder as some of you mentioned maybe He isn't pushing for miles and just takes enough to get by with as much down time as possible. He has a good driving record and has 6 years in. I'm financially good on my own, I'm not totally dependent on his check but, I honestly felt he was not making enough to be gone all the time. Maybe this is to much for him at home with taking care of our son 24/7 I just know that this Forum has been the best thing and I hope to continue posting is their a section just for Truckers wives? I don't know the ins and outs of OTR Truck Drivers My husband got his Hazmat because he is looking at a job I believe its CST out of Indianapolis He would be driving to Chicago every night It is a dedicated route so he would go in at a certain time run to Chicago and then come home. all my questions have led to more questions but those have to be between us. Thank You so much for taking the time you all did I just needed some advice from real Truck Drivers and I cant express how much each of your comments helped me This site Truckingtruth is absolutely the BEST sometimes we all need a little truth and rather it's what you want to hear or not It's nice to know there is a place that is 100% put it on the table and keep it 100% REAL.........Be Safe out there!

Posted:  8 months, 1 week ago

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A Trucker's Wife is Baffled HELP

Trucker's or Trucker's wives ANYBODY HELP!! I'm Totally dumb founded and clueless to a few thing. Friends and Family are telling me that somethings not right, So I decided to try and find out on my own and saw Truckingtruth and decided to take a chance that someone can and would be willing to help me understand what is going on, is it normal or is something shady going on? so here goes....... My Husband has been a OTR Truck Driver for 6 years he just got his hazmat endorsement this Month. He has been working for Chaser out of Anderson Indiana, We pay $157.00 a week for Insurance so that comes out right off the top each week. He is gone for up to 3 weeks maybe 4 weeks at a time out on the road and when he is home it is only for 2 or 3 days then back on the road First Question: His checks have been as low as $303.00 a week and as high of $900.00 but mainly they are always around $600.00 (unless he comes home then the $300.00 pops up that next week) He tells me He has No say in where they send him or how many miles he is given, He says he can only drive 14 hours per day (I hope i'm saying that right) He makes 52 cents a mile so am I missing something? Everyone I talk to says he should be bringing really good money home for being gone weeks at a time any advice? or could someone explain why he is only bringing around $600.00 home each week is that Normal for a Trucker who is over the road? Question #2 ... My Husband just went to pick up a load last week they wanted him to get it a day early because it was so close to the hurricane so He get's it takes it to where it is to be unloaded and he said They didn't unload until Monday so he had to sit there Friday,Saturday and Sunday I asked him if he got paid for that because thats 3 days and He said No He said Truckers get stuck like that all the time. He said you cant leave the load. I just can't see Truck Drivers out there busting their butts and having to sit somewhere for 3 days not making a dime and not being mad because they have lost 3 days of miles I'm really trying to understand all this It seems He could get a job where he would be home every night and make as much or more than he does now. Chaser deposits his check in our checking so He can't be hiding it, It just seems like so little for him to be gone all the time there is honestly tons of questions but I will post these two for now ...Be safe

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