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Posted:  1 year, 4 months ago

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Tnt phase week 1 at prime... Ready to get on my own!

Thanks for the reply. I'm hanging in there taking it a day at a time. Does anyone know if the trainers are supposed to pay for showers?

Posted:  1 year, 4 months ago

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Tnt phase week 1 at prime... Ready to get on my own!

Thanks a lot i can be too thin skinned and need to work on that. Thanks for the links they're helpful. You make some good points about his perspective. I'll put on my big boy pants and toughen up. Thanks for the reply

Posted:  1 year, 4 months ago

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Tnt phase week 1 at prime... Ready to get on my own!

Hey really extremely glad I found this forum. I've read through a few posts and they've been helpful. I started at Prime beginning of September. Worked really hard and asked a lot of questions. That first week was crazy. Hardly any sleep on day one and a lot of waiting but I made it through that.

I made friends got my permit and ended up in the training class. I asked questions and was enthusiastic. A trainer asked me to do psd with me and also the tnt.

I'm definitely not a fan of this guy. He isn't the worst but man I'm just tired of it. We got along great the first couple of days and at some point we got into different debates and it seemed like he wanted to fight me on like every subject like a controlling thing like he always wants convince me he's right about things lol.

He also seemed very instructional. Like correcting me about a lot of stuff and hes kins of afraid acting but I'm new so I get it. At some point he acted like annoyed with my questions. I ask him what turn to make and he says" I already told you a couple miles ago" and I tell him "I dont remember if you have a problem with me asking let me see the gps otherwise tell me" and he totally lost it.

He blew a fuse and screamed at me. He screms the exit I'm supposes to turn at as we drive by it and I tell him to not talk to me like that and just calm down. And he does and it just gets weirdly silent for the rest of the ride.

Later,another night, he says he wants me to go over my pretrip with him while he's driving. So I'm going over it and when i get to the air pressure I say "...between 120- 140 psi or governor cutoff. And by the way it is 140 on my sheet not 125 like you said." He starts getting upset asking what I mean. I explain to him that he told me before it was 125 but my sheet said 140 and he loses his mind again. Totally blows up. "125 ! I would never say that. Are you serious? Maybe I would believe 130 but not 125. Do you think I'm an idiot!?" All in a super aggressive screaming tone. And he's being really aggressive in his questioning and asking me if that's what I'm saying and so i finally just say "ya I'm not going to protect your feelings you said 125. It's not a big deal. I don't think you're an idiot I just figured you made a mistake and was letting you know. "

Anyway that threw a monkey wrench in our relationship. He had me go back to the pad to practice for a couple days.

I definitely dont like his style of teaching which is basically yelling but want to make it work. So he is manipulative and basically wants to make it clwar hes the boss and i dont know what I'm doing and need to be more teachable. Which all of these things are possibly true.

So after he basicallly makes it clear that i shouldn't question him next day he asks if I'm ready to take cdl test nextday. I will be on 5 hours or less sleep mind you and I dont feel i can say no. So hes like i need to maje sure you're in. Lol i just say ya like what choice do i have? Anyway next day comes and i pass first two sections and turns out he has a faulty air hose so I can't rake road test until thats fixed.

He gets it fixed and after 2 hours I get ashot atroad test and fail. Oh well. Passed it next day.

NowI'm out on the road with this guy. He goes back on his word about things a lot and has all excuses. When i first started it was explained to me that I would work 3-3 ans he would worj the other 3-3. Now we get stuck at shipper and less than a week in its no longer the case. Now 5-5 but that's trucking I'm told. Seriously considering calling fm or someone to get paired with someone else. Not sure though also think maybe I should just tough it out. Any opinions?

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