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Working full time in Kansas City area. Starting classes with Johnson County Community college in February 2019. Part-time program that lasts 8 weeks.

Passed the written for General, Combo and Air Brake 1/4/2019

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Posted:  5 months, 1 week ago

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CDL school - Kansas City area - JCCC

Friday March 15th A little late on the update... The class has been a lot of fun.

Because we had missed a few weekend days due to snow and ice, they set up special sessions for a few of us. Last week, I had both Tuesday and Thursday afternoon one on one with a truck and an instructor.

Tuesday was 3 hours of practice and Thursday was a mock test. Went through a full pretrip, all the backing maneuvers and a road test.

Mock test went well and they scheduled the real test for this past Monday.

Had more one on one time last weekend.

Passed the test on Monday.

CDL-A in hand.

We've had recruiters at almost every class. Schneider. JB Hunt. Dot Foods. Crete. And others.

It's interesting to hear how each one thinks their system and compensation is better than everyone else.

Posted:  6 months ago

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CDL school - Kansas City area - JCCC

Monday Feb 18, 2019 Hey everyone. I started at a CDL school here in the Kansas City area and wanted to share my experiences. I don't see any other posts related to this school and it does seem to use a different approach than others so maybe this will be of some interest.

They have a dedicated class structure but I'm taking the part time version while I work full time. This class meets for 6 to 8 weeks, two week night evenings for classroom and two half weekend days for driving. E.g. Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6:00 to 8:30 and then a half day both Saturday and Sunday. It uses the JJ Keller text for reference.

I'm not impressed by the depth of information in that book but it does provide some structure for the class. There is also online JJ Keller lessons that get assigned which have quizzes we have to pass. The online lessons are pretty good with animations, videos, pictures, e.t.c.

The CDL permit (with combo and air brakes) is a prereq as is a DOT physical, drug test and a background check. That helps the level of dedication of the people that show up. They've already committed time and money to get there and they should be employable.

We're starting week three but we're behind because of snow and ice storms. We have missed one class and one weekend day.

So far, the classes are reviewing the CDL material, pretrip and general techniques. Great discussions with the instructor. All the information available here is certainly a big help in getting ahead of the class.

Plus, we have had two recruiters visit to give us their pitch. A local flatbed company and Swift (Edwardsville).

Since we missed a class, that's only three class sessions so far plus the online lessons. The first weekend session was hands on pretrip. The other two (half days) have been backing with two students per truck per instructor.

Straight line, no problem. I seem to be equally bad in both directions for offset and parallel. I can get it in but it takes extra pullups. I've never been in a truck before but I feel OK after just two sessions. Tried the 90 yesterday for the first time. Did OK on my first attempt and then it fell apart. On my last attempt, I just pulled way up outside the boundary just to get it in the box to have some closure for the day.

I've got pretrip pretty well down and I'm comfortable with test situations. We'll start mock tests in the next week or so. They want to see good progress on backing and solid pretrip before we go out on the road. Target is usually week 4. They'll pair up people of similar skills. Some guys (all guys) in the class have driven before. Some are nervous and lost. My goal is to not be the last one on the road 😁

Safe travels... Travis

Posted:  6 months, 1 week ago

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Rainy - CPAP question

We think you may have a sleeping disorder. Here, sleep with this machine on your face so we can be sure you have a sleeping disorder!!

Posted:  6 months, 1 week ago

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DOT "tricks" should be aware of?

I see the two confused all the time in discussions. Even in training material.

Can you explain the rationale behind the kingpin rules? Is it just to ensure maneuverability?

Bridge law will never apply to a 53’ trailer.

Posted:  6 months, 3 weeks ago

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Youtube trucker videos

There are several popular YouTubers that show trucking in a positive perspective.

These all seem to be professionals getting the job done.

JBG Travels Long Haul Larry Trucker Josh Trucker Ray (Life on the road with Yeshua) Big Rig Travels Super Trucker Dan Dale Clay Indiana Jack (is still posting but now works in the office)

Posted:  7 months, 2 weeks ago

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GPS issues

I'm confused. Your first post was around 7 hours ago as I write this. That would be around 10:30am central time.

Your last post was 3 hours ago. That would be 2:30pm central time.

So, between 10:30 and 2:30, you were able to return the Garmin, get a full refund and buy a new Rand McNally?

I know it's too late now but there is a user setting to select whether you want to use Foursquare or not.

On the other hand, a factory reset should not have removed the maps. Maybe there was something seriously wrong with that unit.

Glad you got something going!!

Posted:  7 months, 3 weeks ago

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Reached my first goal

The subject line fits for me as well. First step complete. Passed the general, combo and air brake written this morning. Learner's permit in hand.

Thanks Bret and TT. The materials, study guide and practice tests made it pretty easy.

Starting classes with Johnson County Community college program in February. They have classrooms and a training area near the mutli-modal yards south of Kansas City. They have dedicated classes but I'm doing it part time - class work two nights a week and drive training on the weekends for about 8 weeks. I have a full time job and live near there so it will work out very nicely.

A learner's permit, DOT physical, drug test and background check are prerequisites. I don't see too much about them on the internet but they have a good reputation in this area. I'm not very good at keeping up a diary but I'll try to post information and my experience as it goes along.

Bret and all the moderators, Thanks again!!!

Posted:  9 months, 1 week ago

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Swift speeding the trucks up!!

Of course you're correct. I have no experience as a commercial trucker.

For what it's worth, I thought I was agreeing with you although I'm sure you don't really need or want my support. I know you don't want my opinion.

My mistake, I did assume that Brett was the author. Here is the reference to the 15-minute savings I referred to. I'm not a trucker (yet) but I took this to mean that an extra 15 minutes a day is worth thinking about.

CDL Training Materials => High Road Training Program => Making The Most Of Your Available Hours - Page 108

Combine Tasks
Combining tasks is an excellent way to save on time. In fact, there's one trick which could save you 15 minutes or more every day? Wouldn't that be beneficial? Heck, 15 minutes saved over the course of 7 days is an extra 1hr and 45 minutes.
Perform your fueling and pre-trip inspection at the same time.

And, from Brett's response to my post,

Look at how you spend your time for an entire week and tell me you couldn't save yourself time on pretty much every load you haul. Linehaul guys tend to get on the gas and stay there the entire run with only their 30 minute break. Almost no one else does that, because no one is consistently on that tight of a schedule, even when hauling JIT (Just In Time) freight.

I'm certainly not a linehaul guy but doesn't that seems to support the idea that an extra 3 mph under the right conditions would be an advantage for some operations. Small advantage, no doubt. But on the order of a 15 minutes advantage for the day - for the right driver under the right conditions. I'm just combining concepts, here.

I poorly referred to trucks not accelerating. I only meant that being able to go a little faster seemed like it would have other benefits even if it wasn't used to travel more miles in a driving day. I now understand that there are no such situations.

My apologies for sticking my neck out. Lesson learned. I'm going to count that as my first lesson on my path to becoming a driver.

Posted:  9 months, 1 week ago

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Swift speeding the trucks up!!


You'll never convince me that driving 3 mph faster is that great of a thing.

Experienced drivers-

Thanks for being the rhyme of reason.

There are clearly drivers, loads and conditions where driving a faster speed is acceptable and will provide an edge. Will some push it too far? You bet. Stopping everyone because of a few is probably the right thing to do. But it would provide an advantage.

Brett coaches us to be efficient with on duty time by combining fueling with pre-trip. His conclusion is that the extra 15 minutes per day will add up and create noticeable improvement in time management.

An extra 3 mph for 5 hours in a driving day is an extra 15 minutes of driving time. Can it always be done safely by all drivers will all loads under all conditions? No. Accident statistics support your claim that speed is a bad thing.

Slow speed is also not always a good thing. If you can't accelerate to avoid a conflict, you have no chhoice but to slow down. You're already below the speed limit and slowing down further will cause bunching and accident potential behind you.

But all that is a different arguement than will it create an advantage.

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