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Father of 3 Young men...Ages 19 , 17 and 15 I enjoy hunting and fishing along with cooking out on my charcoal grill Getting back in the Driver seat after 5 plus years....gonna be a long road but I am willing to get it done !!!

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Posted:  8 months, 1 week ago

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Let the process begin!

Well after everything going great so far on the road and in the backing pad with my trainer, today was kind of a rough one. Even though I've got my pre trips streamlined, memorized and confident performing them out loud by myself or with another student, as soon as I try to do it in front of my trainer I get examiner anxiety and I stumble badly(not a new thing, have had public speaking issues all my life) Got a lot of good advice to implement from people here and from family and friends. Just need to turn this issue around and overcome it. I WILL SUCCEED!

Try to take a deep breath before you start in order to "relax" at bit. Also of people try to do different types of relaxing breathing exercises in order to "quell" the nerves. You got this !!!!

Posted:  8 months, 1 week ago

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Just getting started after 5 plus years of doing other jobs

Well, Ladies and Gents !!!

A quick update, I'm still sitting at my house in WV , I am waiting for Prime to contact me back because I have been approved to join their "family". I know at first Swift was where I wanted to go however , I considered it might be a bit wiser to go with a smaller company with high hopes of not just being a a number but rather a name. By the looks of things I will be heading to Springfield, MO because their other place in PA is fully loaded till March timeframe...The only thing that bothers me is the bus ride , I am hoping for good weather and no delays for the trip BUT.....mid -Feb weather, the chances are not in my favor too much but we will see soon enough. I have read a few post on Prime and the hustle during orientation, it would seem to me that they need to slow down instead of "cattle herding" people , idk...maybe they have a heck of a system in place that allows them to process people in this fashion. I just hope I don't get lost in the shuffle and I am able to keep up with the pace that will be in place.

I also was hearing something about a contract that Prime has the students sign that are in their CDL schooling ? is there anyone that would like to chime in on this ? I also heard that part of this contract is that if you dont fulfill your end then your not allowed to work in the same dedicated line (ie...Flatbed , tanker , or refrigerated lines) with any other company for "XX" amount of time. It that a BS statement or is that factual ?

Thanks for your time Drivers !!!

Posted:  10 months ago

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Just getting started after 5 plus years of doing other jobs

Welcome to the forum OldGrizzlyBear!

I trained with Swift at their Richmond Academy. I’ve been with them for almost 6 years now, running on a Dedicated Walmart grocery account with a North East Regional territory. No regrets about my decision. Happy to answer any questions about Swift.

The below link will help with the studying:

High Road CDL Training Program

Good luck and enjoy the holiday season!

Thanks and I will contact you either here or some other means because I want to make sure everything is spot on. Oh, btw, do you know anything about the mentor program and such ? I am hoping for a "spot on" mentor and not someone who just wants the extra money.

Posted:  10 months, 1 week ago

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Just getting started after 5 plus years of doing other jobs

Hello Big Truck Drivers !!!!

Well first off , a little history is needed from me , like the subject line states and you all can figure , I use to be a OTR Driver ( 2003 - 2005 ) Started out with Werner making 23 cents per mile then moved to JB Hunt making 28 cents per mile , a delivery driver for a window company (2005-2006) and a Delivery Driver for Lowes (2006 - 2013). After that I didnot reup my CDL when it was set to expire (stupid mistake) , so , by the state laws (West Virginia) , I have to retake the entire CDL test and of course get a physical. From 2013 till current , I became a licenced Electrician and I'm currently working as a cook. My biggest reason why I left the OTR world was the lack of hometime , my boys was 5 , 3 and 1 at the time , so , you can only imagine all that I missed and such. Now , my boys are 19 , 17 and 15 , so , things will be alot less "painful" because they will be more understanding.

I have been in contact with Swift and their recruiter Veronica, tbh , she is very straight forward and honest with me. It helps that I told her not to beat around the bush with me cause I ain't no "newbie" to this industry. She has me set up to do the Swift Academy in Columbus, Ohio sometime in January 2019 and out with a mentor there after. I'm looking to go back to OTR to start then maybe regional or dedicated.

Currently, I am at my home studying to take the written test , taking practice test after practice test in high hopes that I pass on the first try. From my understanding the industry has changed a bit over the years , some good and some bad , but , there still a driver shortage across the board.

I appreciate any feedback , thoughts , suggestions that you all might have.

Thanks and keep it between the lines driver !!!!

V/R, Mike

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