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Starting A Career In Trucking With DUI - My Story

well man i'm truly happy for u and talk the same language. but i didn't smarten up as quick as you. 15 yrs. ago i got a felony dui (3 in 5yrs) no excuses, was at a bad place in my life back then. haven't been drunk in 11 years and seldom have a beer now and then. been in rehab, did my time, aa meetings for years and no longer an issue for me at 60yo. what works for me, not promoting to others, is moderation (in all things) over abstinence. my recent (11 yrs trouble free) history and lifestyle backs my position. my problem, apparently, is steady work history. choosing to help a friend with mental health issues (now in permanent facility) for the past 5 years seems to count to nobody, except her, her family and me, in the trucking industry because i've been denied acceptance into 3 cdl sponserd trucking firms on the account of 'no verifyable work history'. i wouldn't change it (except the dui's) for anything. though it was very tough at times, i was doing service work, u should know what i mean, for humanity and selflessness. now i'm paying the price as far as the trucking industry goes but i have/believe in faith, hope and love! it takes a truck load of hope and faith but trust in the good in the world. hard lesson to learn starting with the dui's but am a better man for learning them, like you. best wishes for health, safety and success my friend with bill. keep up the good work. peace! george canalos

I joined Trucking Truth almost two years ago. Some of you might not know that I have a DUI. It happened over 5 years ago. I'm writing this thread to serve as a word of caution, inspiration, and encouragement.

I decided to seriously pursue trucking as a career. I had just gotten married. My wife was on board with the decision. Trucking's been a dream of mine since a boy. I started calling trucking companies. He never asked during that initial conversation if I had a DUI. I never thought I needed to tell him. It's not that I was being deceptive - they would've found out regardless. I really just had no clue what was required by most companies, i.e. how your driving and criminal record can affect your trucking career.

I realized my DUI had serious implications on a career in trucking. I found this out through a forum. I was devastated. He said I'd have to wait until I had 5 years removed. Specifically, 5 years removed from when I had my driving privileges reinstated - not the conviction date. Fast forward to this July 14th, 2014, and I'll have 5 years removed.

After I was aware of how my DUI would affect my trucking career, I still wanted to drive, but I had to wait. I looked at some other companies that only required 3 years removed. After contacting a local driving school, the director suggested that I wait for the 5 year mark in order to have more opportunity - in order to be more hire-able. He said if I found a company that only required 3 years removed from the DUI, he'd accept me into his school, but I had to get a letter of intent, or a pre-hire. You see, this man isn't concerned about just taking a student's money. It's to his benefit that his school maintains a reputation of having quality, hire-able drivers. That's why recruiters of major trucking companies take the time to come to his school in person, even though they only have a graduating class of 6 people per course. These companies know they're getting quality drivers.

I made the decision to just wait for 5 years. I just started posting again recently since I'm coming into that time frame of my 5 year mark. I'm actually going to that school that I mentioned above. I have more opportunity now that I waited. I've planned my schooling so that I'll graduate about a week before my 5 year mark.

People make mistakes. I'm writing this as a word of caution, inspiration, and encouragement. I'm a different person now Call it a moment of clarity, an awakening, maybe just growing up. I met my wife-to-be about a month after I drove drunk. I changed I've become a responsible adult, a better son, a better brother, a husband, a father, a man. My little girl has never seen me drink. By the grace of God she never will. one drink is too many - 20 is not enough. Only those that truly know will understand what I'm saying.

I'm thankful that I only had 1 DUI. My 10 year driving record is spotless besides my 1 DUI, and 1 minor traffic violation. Certain companies I'll never be able to work for But there are plenty of companies out there that will give you a second chance.

There is never any excuse to drive drunk. I'm fortunate I didn't kill somebody.

this thread serves as a warning and inspiration. I hope that somebody finds this helpful. I've taken responsibility, and I'm thankful for the grace that's been given to me.

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