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Lease operator/owner operator

I have spent the last 20 years in the management side of the tech industry and as I have been unable to find work in that capacity in recent months, I have been seriously considering OTR as a career change. I am married, have a teenage son at home, and have in recent years been working

I am actually in the process of getting my CDL school approved through WIA, and have been doing some research. In order to come out ahead on this I need to start making decent money -- fast. I am sure there are some flaws in my plan, but I need to get into a decent sized truck ASAP. Notice a theme here? smile.gif

So my plan is this: - Have the Fed pay for my school (no cash outta pocket, and no commitment to a carrier) [+/- 30 days] - Hook up with CRST, aiming for a flatbed trainer out of the Malone division. [+/- 30 days] - Spend the next 4 mos on a 20/10 team for more running experience. [+/- 120 days] - Refi the house and pull out the $50k or so in equity to purchase a truck. - Find a decent 140" sleeper for under $100k used, and put down $20k, holding $10k for start up costs, and another $10k for a repair/maintenance account, and $10 for misc expenses. - and this is where I am hitting a roadblock...

It sounds right to me, but I know I am missing a bunch. I know the sleeper will take a bit more in fuel, but I am hoping my skill at budget cooking, and having a shower on the truck will allow me some wiggle room. I need to be operating in the black, and be able to take the wife and son periodically for about 2 years, then when my son graduates and goes off to college, the wife wants to get her license and go out with me full time.

Ok, so if I can impose upon all of those experienced O/O's out there, please enlighten me... what am I missing? Did I get any of this right? Does it even make sense? Help! Thanks for any advice you can offer.

BTW, a couple side notes... I really have wanted to be a trucker since I was five. I met my wife more than 20 years ago on the CB. She and I have collaborated on this dream for more than a decade, and it is something we wanted to do, just didnt plan on it this early. We are both in our early 40's.


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