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Posted:  4 days, 21 hours ago

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Schneider CDL Apprenticeship Program

Hey guys! Glad the diary has been helpful! Things are going much better now. The Target account is great. And yes Target still wants you to put the trailer at the same door where the current trailer sits :( They do pay an extra $15.00 each load which I guess helps with all the extra unhooking and hooking.

Target has also bought 50-100+ new trailers as they are sitting at the DC. This will be nice as the current trailers have seen better days. Landing gear is always a pain to lower/raise.

Luckily all their stores have been a breeze in regards to backing. Have all been straight line backing thus far.

Pulling in around $1,100 a week now working six days and home nightly. I’ve even completed the whole run in eight hours. As long as I-81 is clear it’s a breeze through.

Posted:  4 weeks ago

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Schneider CDL Apprenticeship Program

Yeah, don’t give up already, before you even get started. The first month of your very first year will definitely be the most difficult and stressful. If you truly want to make this work you must put in your time, get the needed experience, and log miles.good-luck.gif

Thanks guys for the advice. I have used the resources available on this site and they’ve been very helpful. Schneider is working with me and moving me to a retail store account where I’ll just drop and hook and get to be home nightly and it pays more!

Posted:  4 weeks, 1 day ago

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Schneider CDL Apprenticeship Program

First week out by myself is down. Didn’t go very well though as I already had a preventable accident. Cut a turn too sharp setting for a straight line back and wasn’t watching the tandems and my trailer brushed up against another trailer that caused it to move into another trailer because the trailers were so close. A little bit of damage to the front frame of a Swift trailer that looks like it has already been patched multiple times already. Schneider was very understanding and of course didn’t fire me. I have to do a day of safety training though due to it.

Its been a very stressful week. Going to give it another week before deciding to pull the plug and go back to an office job.

The account I was trained on is totally opposite the account I have been assigned to. I went from a retail store account to a paper roll manufacturer account. Have had to move tandems multiple times this week and also worry about having too heavy a load whereas with the retail account that was never a problem.

The receivers aren’t at all friendly and seem like their annoyed you're bothering them. Parking safely and off the side of the road (Schneider’s strict policy) is a real pain. Sleeping hasn’t been a problem.

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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Schneider CDL Apprenticeship Program

Got issued a 2016 Cascadia. The truck was supposed to be ready for pickup yesterday and they sent me 500 miles away to get it today and it’s still out of service due to the a/c compressor AND hasn’t even been detailed yet although I was told it was in cleaning yesterday.

They are sending me and others from my class all around the eastern seaboard to get our tractors. We feel like they are probably giving us ones from people who have quit and turned their tractor in.

Now I’m stranded with no extra clothes and hoping it is resolved tomorrow so I can go home for the weekend. Schneider is putting me up in a hotel tonight so I guess that’s nice of them.

Not a great way to start my first few days out of training and being on my own.

Posted:  1 month, 2 weeks ago

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Schneider CDL Apprenticeship Program

Final Week

Welp got back to NC from being out training with the training engineer. Training went very well. We then traveled to Schneider’s Indiana OC since the NC OC CDL lot was still in the process of being completed and inspected by the state. Pretty much every day of this week is spent practicing mastering the maneuvers/pretrip required on the CDL road skills test. We had to do the straight line back, offset back and parallel park. The first two days we really only got to back twice because there were almost 30 of us practicing with two trucks. But on Tuesday most of them left after they passed their exam. Then we had more one on one time. Then Thursday came along and this was our first go at the test. I wasn’t prepared and blanked out on the pretrip and failed. Nervousness I guess. That sucked but I studied all that night and took it again the next day and passed!

Now in the process of getting home. Will be picking up my CDL license at the DMV hopefully on Tuesday or Wednesday and I will most likely get my first load the following week.

This website helped a lot. I enjoyed reading the many diaries from the many different options in schools/company sponsored programs. Glad I made the choice to go with Schneider. If you have any questions just PM me.

Posted:  1 month, 3 weeks ago

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Schneider CDL Apprenticeship Program

(Week 3)

This is my first week out of two with my training engineer. Keep in mind if you already have your CDL you will spend one week with a training engineer when coming to Schneider. I met my training engineer on Sunday and we started driving immediately Sunday afternoon. Other students in my class traveled to other places around the Southeast to get to their training engineers. Mine was about 50 miles away. My training engineer was home nightly which meant I got the truck to myself at night which was nice.

First couple days I still had trouble connecting glad hands and getting the landing gear to go up or down. Backing into actual docks rather than the training yard is a vastly different experience as well but getting better at it. I think my landing gear learning issue is just caused by crappy trailers the big red circle has. Sleeping in the truck has been no trouble at all and has been rather comfortable. A lot of the Schneider trucks still do NOT have APUs or an inverter/fridge. Schneider says this is changing though with the rollout of the 2019 and 2020 Cascadia’s.

Ended up driving over 2800 miles myself this week. Got a lot of time in running Black Mountain, Mars Hill, Sams Gap and Fancy Gap. Time flew by. I’m in a hotel until Monday since my training engineer took an extra day off for the holiday weekend. Happy about that.

I have another week of training with my TE and then my final week will be preparing for my CDL road skills test on Thursday and Friday!

Posted:  2 months ago

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Schneider CDL Apprenticeship Program

Thanks for this Steve. I'm going to be starting orientation in Phoenix next week and I find this very informative.

I already have my CDL (but no experience), so I believe my schedule would be different to yours. Apparently my schedule is two weeks at the OC, and then a week on the road with my TE.

Hey! Best of luck! The guy who runs the training program in Charlotte just came from Phoenix. Apparently they are starting up a new flatbed division!

Posted:  2 months ago

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Schneider CDL Apprenticeship Program

Day 9 & Day 10 (Week 2)

Been a busy past couple of days. Still pretty much the same routine. Did more practice on the yard followed by more classroom instruction. On Thursday day 9 we went over the workflow system where we accept assignments and such. We did all the training for this on the Qualcomm training devices they have but you will actually do workflow on the tablets.

Friday was graduation day! We started out doing more backing in the yard. We then had dinner and then went to class for our graduation party. We then went over how workflow works on the tablet. The tablets are pretty nice. We then went to the on site truck service center to pick up our own tablets! Hours of service is coming to the tablets for everyone by June or July so no more Qualcomm.

Got all of my training engineers information and he actually called me on Friday to introduce himself etc. Will be meeting up with him on Sunday afternoon. He advised we will be running hard. He works the Target account. Schneider requires students to do at least 80% of the driving during this time. Some people have yet to hear from theirs. He is home nightly and I will get to sleep in the truck by myself during the night. He has a day off on Friday so they are putting me up on a hotel.

It appears most people’s training engineers were within 100 miles but two classmates engineers were 400 miles away and they have to take rental cars to meet their training engineer. Schneider is putting them in a hotel for a night though. I lucked out and mine is about 35 miles away from the OC. He has a day off this week on Friday so I am staying in a hotel for the weekend.

All in all it’s been a good first two weeks. Now I have two weeks on the road with my training engineer and then one week preparing and taking my CDL road test.

Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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Schneider CDL Apprenticeship Program

Day 7 (Week 2)

Started at 2:00 PM again. Did more PreTrip practice along with air brake test and driving in more rural areas.

Day 8 (Week 2)

Today we started at 10:00am as we had a safety meeting. There was confusion of what we were supposed to be doing after this meeting since no one was giving us guidance and some of got scolded that we were not where we were supposed to be. That was kind of annoying because there is no itenary and no one was directing us. Then we are finally told where we should be as if we’ve done something wrong once again. Not too happy about this.

We watched multiple videos of scenarios that caused drivers to wreck their trucks. We then went over ways on how to avoid that. Then we watched a video on how Schneider is union free and then had an operations lady come in and go over the PerDiem. The union free message is a bit much but whatever. There are plenty of trucking companies out there to choose from if you’re not happy where you’re at!

We then spent the rest of the day doing our 45 and 90 degree backing and then had class the rest of the day that focused on the electronic logs.

Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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Schneider CDL Apprenticeship Program

Day 6 (Week 2)

Today we started at 10:00 am went and coupled up and did the pretrip and then we drove all day. Our road instructor advised us she would be evaluating us today. Appears we both did fine. Was able to drive in the rain today which was heavy at times so that gave us some good experience.

Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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Schneider CDL Apprenticeship Program

Day 5 (end of 1st week)

Started at 2:00 PM and spent about an hour on the pre trip. We then worked on coupling/de. Then we went out with our road instructor and took turns driving. A couple road instructors called out today and so my partner and I got to go out with the head honcho which was cool!

Then we came back to the OC and had dinner. I am hoping the dinner menu is different next week! We then started classroom instruction and worked on CBT’a and then trip planning. We received the 2019 Rand McNally maps at no cost as well. We then finished up and submitted our paper logs through Transflo to Green Bay, WI.

Overall it was a great first week and feel much more comfortable with what trucking driving is going to entail. Also very happy with Schneider and the way they are running the program. Only complaint is food could be better. It’s standard school cafeteria fare lol.

We have the weekend off as Schneider does not train on the weekends. Planning to go to the Charlotte Motor Speedway where they are having the Pennzoil Auto Fair. Looking forward to that. Then hopefully next weekend going to book Saturday night down in Myrtle Beach.

Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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Schneider CDL Apprenticeship Program

Day 4

Pretty much the same as the previous two days. Started with our road instructors. Today we practiced straight line backing along with 45 degree backing. Also spent a significant amount of time on the pretrip and working on getting that down. Feeling much more comfortable with it now. After doing the outside stuff we had dinner and then started classroom training. Tonight we went over the Qualcomm electronic logs. Apparently though Schneider is rolling out electronic tablet logs (to replace Qualcomm) to about 200 trucks as a trial now and then by July will roll it out to everyone else. Apparently there is an issue that needs more testing with being able to synchronize up the tablets to the truck wirelesssly.

Then we got our fuel cards. We were told how we can use our weekly advance of $60.00 if we needed it which comes directly from the fuel card. Of course if we choose to use the advance the $60.00 does come out of our following weeks paycheck.

Finished around 11pm and headed back to the hotel.

Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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Schneider CDL Apprenticeship Program


Great start to training. I have read a lot of blogs here and I think yours is the first that has training starting at 2pm and lasting until 11pm...interesting. Make me wonder if they do that to keep your schedules different. Just a thought. Also, they have approved boots for you to buy there...pretty cool. Well keep on having a good time, and enjoy training.


Thanks Chris! Yep they give us Rocky boots and charge us $35.00 for them and then we get a new pair FREE each year on our anniversary. Pretty cool deal. And it appears they have two training classes going on hence the reason for the later start. I love sleeping in so it works out great! Also get to do night driving.

Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Schneider CDL Apprenticeship Program

Day 3

Started at 2:00 PM. Filled out our logbooks and went out to the truck to do our pre trip for the day. Then we went and attached the trailer and the two of us went out on the road for the first time taking turns driving. Did multiple intersection turns and two buttonhook turns. Very helpful and never ran up on the curb!

Then we got back filled out our logbooks had dinner and moved back into the classroom. Did computer based training all night.

Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Schneider CDL Apprenticeship Program

Day 2

Started at 2:00 PM and lasted until 11PM. First thing we did was go out to the tractor trailer as a group and the on site physical therapist showed us how to properly seat ourselves in the tractor trailer. Each of us had to use three points of contact getting up on the truck and she also showed us the best way to sit based on our body composition etc. Very helpful.

Next we went with our road trainer (two of us) to the truck. Went over the entire pretrip. Then she had us bobtail around the OC twice each. Then we went and coupled up the tractor to the trailer. We then got to drive a tractor and trailer both for the first time. We did two straight line backing each. It was nerve wracking at fast but then the nerves calmed down. Tomorrow we go out on the road to drive which is only our third day Inc the job!

Then we returned back to the OC and had dinner and then night class. Watched a bunch of videos and also went over information about Schneider’s SMART driving system. They have it down pretty good I must say. They really do take safety seriously. Gotta wear those safety vests when on the yard.

Finished at 11:15 PM and headed back to the hotel.

They are having us do paper logs every day. Wow those are a pain in the butt. As of right now that’s the hardest part of training so far. Had to write VOID on one log already because I messed it up so bad lol.

Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Schneider CDL Apprenticeship Program

So a little bit about me. I have a college degree in public relations. Have been doing mostly call center type work since graduating most recently handling liability auto claims for top five insurer.

Trucking has always intrigued me. I love to drive and never get bored of it and I drive a lot.

I initially was going to go with Maverick but Schneider came through. Schneider does require you to have your CDL permit before training starts. Also make sure it doesn’t expire the same month. Two people in our class had their CDL permit expiring at the end of the month.

I read all the reviews out there and Schneider was the best program that paid you even while getting your CDL along with it only being a five week program and on week six you are on your own.


Weeks 1 & 2 - Classroom Instruction and on the job driving.

Weeks 3 & 4 - Go our with our training engineer where we will be doing 80% of the driving.

Week 5 - CDL road skills test preparation and final preparation to be turned over to operations.

You have Saturday and Sundays off. I’m planning to creep down to Myrtle Beach one weekend ;)

You spend two weeks total with a training engineer. They reimburse you for your meals if you keep your receipts during that time. They will also provide transportation if you are required to meet your training engineer away from where you currently live. We are actually going to start driving the truck tomorrow (Day 2) primarily around the operations center and roads close to it I am told. It is two to a truck during training which is a great ratio.

Arrived at hotel on Sunday evening. Ended up not having a roommate for now. Newly remodeled Extended Stay. Score! Got all unpacked and settled in.

Day 1

Class started at 9:30am and ended at 7:45am. Immediately went and did the DOT physical. Then we started on a boatload of paperwork and I9s. For busy work we completed a 35 question quiz on FMCSA regulations. After that we had a ergonomics and physical therapy meeting about ways to stay comfortable in the truck along with them having PT’s on site to help with any problems. Then we had to take a 10 question test and could only miss three or you were sent home. The test was super easy. It was just FMCSA regulations and then the questions reflecting the certain regulation you were going over. It was a breeze.

Then lunch. Schneider provides breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was pretty good. Then we came back and started going over the learning portal including esigning some documents. Then we started going over how to make turns with a properly which included Schneider produced videos of trucks making well executed turns with explanation. We then started on how to properly fill out a paper log which we will do every day of class.

Next we got our work boots which are Rocky boots and will cost $35.00 and they take it out of your check over three pay periods. They also provide a safety vest at no cost which is required to be worn on site.

Then after that we had dinner and took the shuttle back to the hotel. Class starts at 1:00 PM tomorrow and will be hands on driving in the truck and classroom instruction.

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