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That is a true MEMORIAL DAY gift to ME!



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Posted:  1 year, 3 months ago

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That's a good question! I never even thought about that! AFTER I PASS THIS TIME (A COUPLE DAYS FRIN NOW), I will have to give the school a call to find out. Tx for the tip!

I'm glad you're not giving up. The school won't give you additional time or attempts to pass? The school I attended (160 driving academy in Moline ill.) Gave students 3 tries to pass before kicking them out. In my area there are some companies called something like "1 day CDL". They will give you about 6 hours of instruction and then allow you to use their equipment to test. I believe they're about $300 though.

Although you didnt pass your test will you still receive your 160 certificate from the school? Without that certificate it will be difficult landing a job.

Posted:  1 year, 3 months ago

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That is an awesome story, and what makes it even better is that it's a TRUE story!

God bless your friend & you for having shared it.. "Keep the rubber side down", and be safe out there!

I, also, will never give up!


A good trucker buddy of mine started into the life of trucking about the same time as I did. This trucker buddy has had a learning disability his whole life. Special ed his whole life. His cdl instructors told him he might not be cut out for trucking but he never gave up. He failed the written exam 3 times. He failed the driver exam 3 times. He passed on the 4th try. He got his first job and in his first week solo he hit something. Nothing major and on private property. He was fired. Within a week he found another job and hasn’t hit anything since. Now almost 3 years later he is a very successful driver. Hes about to start driving local for 28 dollars an hours and be home daily. I’ve had way more incidents on the road than my learning disabled buddy. I passed the class room with like a 98% then I passed all the road stuff first try. Then I went out and started looking for something to hit. Don’t give up man. It’s no harder than driving a car it just takes way longer to master. I’m still not 100% there but I can see how eventually I will be the master over this machine.

Posted:  1 year, 4 months ago

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I'm out of cdl classes, but didn't pass the alley docking.

I found another place to test. so that is what I'm trying to do now. There wasn't a category to match my situation.

But, great advice from you.

I will NEVER give up.

Tx again!

HDX10 said: "I am stuck alley docking. When just practicing, I can do the maneuver. When the examiner comes. I always can not "get it in there".

HDX10: I'm confused by your description of your backing problem. When you mention examiner, do you mean you have already been tested and failed?

Your alley docking issue is extremely common and schools know this. Ask for additional instruction, if possible. But understand that you are not alone. When I was in CDL school, I passed my state test on the first try. But in reality, I really sucked at backing. Then I went to the Schneider Training Academy and had some great teachers, I improved. But guess what? When I went solo, I still sucked at backing.

So I get out on the road and I get some chances to practice backing, on my own time at big distribution centers. No pressure whatsoever! It was fantastic! I could get set up, measure distances and reference points and refine my technique. There were no doubt Yard Drivers who observed me and thought I was a total nut case, but I didn't care. Now I'm a fairly competent backer upper. It just takes time and repetition, but you'll get it. Just don't get discouraged. Keep learning, never stop learning.

Posted:  1 year, 4 months ago

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Tx for your help!

You have a time limit to do this but it is plenty of time. I've been driving for 10 months. One thing I've learned especially in the last several months is take your time. When you try to back quickly you screw up. I had kind of an epiphany the last few weeks. Amazing how when I took my time I put it in the hole. When you feel rushed you screw up. Just watch the back of the trailer. If you are taking your time the trailer won't get too much out of whack before you correct it. God bless and I hope you pass

Posted:  1 year, 4 months ago

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I am stuck alley docking. When just practicing, I can do the maneuver. When the examiner comes. I always can not "get it in there".

I am trying to test in 1 week.



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