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PLEASE help drug test question...

RE: Rick I understand your response/comment. However, lets state the facts here, if only to end so many myths regarding the DOT 5 panel drug test, consequences of failure, and a companies right(s) to hire/terminate due to drug screen results. You stated that to hire is always at the companies discretion, albeit this is true, the way you worded that response contains a misleading message. Starting off with some facts that are easily obtainable via a quick web search and through the DOT's website

#1: Benzodiazepines (Xanax) is not tested for, period. It is absolutely illegal for a truck driver to be consuming this substance while operating a tractor/trailer (and even w a valid prescription getting a company to be ok w/ one of their drivers under the influence of Xanax while driving is a long shot at best) #2: Kratom: again not tested for in the DOT 5 panel screen

take a few minutes and educate yourself as to what is and is not tested for in the DOT 5 panel screening. Please be advised that there is as well a massive list of over the counter substances which are not allowed to be consumed while operating a tractor/trailer. *In my experience the only time those substances would be tested for is in the event of a major accident where a life is taken and/or serious bodily harm has occurred. *This scenario is outside the scope of this post.

#3: Here is the list of ALL drugs tested for per Jan 1 2018 DOT regulations/5 panel drug screen: Marijuana (THC) Cocaine Amphetamines Amphetamine Methamphetamine MDMA MDA Opioids: Codeine Morphine 6-AM (heroin) Hydrocodone Hydromorphone Oxycodone Oxymorphone Phencyclidine (PCP)

Just to end the confusion once and for all & to spread the facts as opposed to myth lets start with the easiest scenario with regard to the standard (DOT) 5 panel drug screen and a companies "above and beyond" approach.

Lets say the company that the applicant is applying for goes beyond the req'd DOT 5 panel drug test (as shown above), lets say they include a hair follicle test along with the 5 panel urine screen. This is what will happen if one is illegally taking, for example, Xanax. You WILL pass your DOT req'd 5 panel drug screen, however, your hair sample will detect Xanax. This info then gets passed onto the company. The company, seeing the hair follicle results, elects not to hire you.

Now, for the myth busting stuff.... that company, by law, can ONLY state you failed a company POLICY. Period, that is as far as it goes. The company cannot state to any other/future companies who may be inquiring through a secondary application/background check that the applicant failed a drug test (as long as said applicant passed the req'd DOT 5 panel drug screen, yet failed the hair follicle). That company is legally allowed to state that applicant ONLY failed a company policy. If they did state any other reasons (with regard to a positive result of the hair follicle test), they could and would be held liable under law for giving up personal & medical information without consent (and this type of consent, ie giving out personal medical records, is a totally different thing as opposed to giving consent to a background investigation by a prospective employer). Any company thats goes beyond the DOT 5 panel drug screen in their hiring protocol, and said applicant passes the 5 panel but fails above and beyond the federal req (the DOT 5 panel) CANNOT LEGALLY state you failed the DOT drug screen requirements. Hope this settles this once and for all. Lets stay safe, lets stay honest. Stay off drugs when your driving.

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