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Posted:  4 months, 2 weeks ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

Rick is right. The testing usually done for viruses is a search for antibodies. Normally. This one is a search for the virus itself. It has been long enough that those infected earlier would have the antibodies to fight it off. That is not happening.

Brett, brother . . . you are correct, the numbers don't match the craziness associated with this. Think of it this way . . . this is the flu but kills 20 times as many people. Therefore, right off the bat, it grabbed the attention of everyone. Then people started washing hands, social distancing, etc. Generally sound infection control type things. So that slowed it WAY down. The folks that found out how bad it is saved us. If we all ignored it (like we generally do the flu), this thing would be completely out of control, it would be a catastrophic meltdown of society. But we caught on to it early, educated the world, and took action. That has saved millions of lives. Even so, there are still hundreds of thousands that are getting it, even with all the forewarning.

Oldschool . . . I'm an old southern boy, raised more outside than inside. 20+ year Navy/Marine Corps vet. Been there, done that with medicine. Seen the ****tiness of the world. Might be where my doom and gloom comes from. BUT . . . My "safe space" is in the woods. The peace, the feeling of permanency, the overwhelming feeling of smallness. The lack of the damn doom and gloom 24/7 news cycle. The loss of service on my phone. The hilarity of 2 squirrels. Yep, THAT is home. I live on a farm now and the nearest town is 3000 people . . . WAY too many. Time to move. And I like my tin-foil hat, I think it looks stylish. I don't believe the news. I watch numbers. I compare history to where we are. We can't even compare this to the Great Depression. Happened too fast, too big, and the economy is very different now from where it was. We can't compare to weinmar republic, nor rome, nor to venezuela, nor to argentina. And no, not even to zimbabwe. The circumstances and the underlying economies and politics are completely different. Figuring this out will take a whole new paradigm. This has never happened in the history of the world. Transportation is so different, science is so different, economics is so different. Money is different. I'm gonna feed the cows in the morning, then head out. Catch some fish, build a crappy shelter to keep the rain off (i'm gonna cheat and take a tarp), drink me some corn whiskey, remember my ancestors, and just be. In the woods. I can't tell you the calming of the mind it brings, the clarity it forces on you, the humility that you feel. I just can't think too clear with like you said . . . the gloom and doom, the end of the world BS, the frenzy of hate of the (insert political party here). Time to rest the old brain housing group. Bring things down from max level frenzy of analysis.

Posted:  4 months, 2 weeks ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

4 day week last week, no work starting this week. I volunteered to let the other drivers who really need the money to get the loads. I got lots to do.

The coronavirus is the least of our problems.

One of China's biggest real estate companies, Evergrande, posted a 50% drop in profit. Now, apparently, 3/4 of the Chinese peoples money is in real estate. If that bubble pops . . . China is done. But what does that mean? Three options - Turn on the debt printing machines (again), collapse (best option), or start a war. It is quite possible that there might be a variance of all three. War stimulates economy, debt spending on war, and have a "soft" collapse. Slower and less catastrophic. Anything less than a V shaped recovery and I am betting Xi Xinping is a goner. However, there is the rest of the world. Notice how EVERYONE (every central bank/govt) is throwing money at their respective economies? The debt that is being created is staggering. So rest of the world options? Reset? Collapse? Slow burning depression? Modern monetary theory? I'm at a loss, we're so far down the rabbit hole that I thought we would never get to, my forecasting/anticipation of events to come is . . . .unbelievably lost. The fundamentals of any traded company mean nothing. Same for any national economy. Same for the global economy. 1+1 does NOT equal 2. Taking 1 from 1 does not equal zero either. The actual basics are so far gone that there is NO BASELINE.

Honestly, during this self imposed lay off, I think its time to head into the woods. Do some physical labor, cut some trees down that need it, make a lean to shelter, cook over an open fire, listen to the forest. Have some good ol 1 on 1 time with the Almighty. Time to clear my head. The world has gone off the rails. The virus is over. hydroxychloroquine and a zpack. Basic hygiene. On its way out now. Wreaked a lot of havoc during its time with us, but now its playing its swan song. And we're left holding the bag. Dealing with the results of it? THAT's a damn hard job.

Hope everything turns out awesome for everyone. Use that gov't money wisely.

Posted:  4 months, 3 weeks ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

Interesting stuff! I agree with the greatest opportunity of our lifetimes . . . though it may take it a while to get there. I remember in 2000, Xerox got down to .25 a share. I was scared and didn't buy. . . . should have. Before this current crisis, it was at like $18 a share. Would have made a MINT!

2-3 quarters of downturn. Hmmm. Yes, but . . . once the downturn is fixed via stimulus, what happens? A slow recovery? Maintenance of the status quo at that level? Once things get so bad, they just sit there and suck. After the downturn ends, can America start moving towards a better quality of life or will the downturn quarters be so bad that we will have to suffer thru depression type finances? I tend to agree with you but . . . I am very worried what the quality of life will be like once we bottom. I'd hate to see my 75 yr old parents be forced to work for food (not really, I'll feed them, but you see my point).

I am in total disagreement that the last downturn prepared us for this. All we did was paper over the issues with stimulus. Nothing was fixed. The everything bubble that we are currently in came from the 2008 housing crisis.

The only thing we can count on right now is that family will be the only ones you can trust, the stimulus will hurt the long term, debt will compound, and the pain will continue for a while, at the very least.

I truly hope everyone has food in their belly, know where their family is, and has faith. This too shall be survived.

Posted:  4 months, 3 weeks ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

The way this helps drivers is to make sure that they know where their 401k's are headed.

It helps to have a broad base of knowledge regarding current events so we aren't caught off guard.

Knowing if there is a strong chance at a global recession/depression, making sure your job is secure, looking for other sources of income, making employment moves before other drivers.

These things all help drivers.

It appears that I offended some by my comment regarding needing to be dumb and uneducated to drive a truck. Offering my own personal experience wasn't enough. So to clear the air . . . I sincerely apologize if it came across that I was calling truck drivers dumb. That is not my belief nor is it what see in the real world.

Posted:  4 months, 3 weeks ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

Debt Jubilee quote from 2016:

Global gdp: I was off by a bit. It's a 322%, not 350%.

Russian Troop Deployment:

Modern Monetary Theory:

China EMP threat:

Germany and EU stimulus:

If you want more references, just let me know.

I don't BS these things. They are the result of analysis, fact, and critical thinking. I was prepared for this current crisis in January. I watched it unfold since December. I also watched MERS unfold while I was in the middle east. I spent over 20 years watching institutional medicine in action. Inpatient facilities, prison populations, Naval vessels, Marine operating bases, etc.

I also watched things fall apart in 2006-2009, wasn't fast enough to react, lost my house. Watched friends lose millions in 1999-2000. Lost my job with this one.

So I've learned some hard lessons. Some I'm not proud of. Some I should have seen coming. Now I keep a hard eye out and don't discount anything without at least a modicum of research.

Lots of people laugh at my "crazy conspiracy theories." For example, just look at the beginning of this thread.

It is not beyond the realm of possibilities that a single currency is coming. This currency would be managed by a central bank.

Posted:  4 months, 3 weeks ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

Don't get defensive. I myself own a couple of businesses and also have my degree in health sciences with a focus on public health education. And I drive a truck.

We all come from different backgrounds. And someone with a focus on finance should have some definite insight into the current state of financial affairs affecting the global marketplace.

No need to get defensive, I wasn't putting anyone down. I'm just waiting for an expert to offer up insight.

Posted:  4 months, 3 weeks ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

Really? A CPA with a Masters? But you are driving a truck . . . guess we all come from different backgrounds, I suppose.

Instead of stooping to your level, let me explain further.

The "old testament reference" literally came from the Bank Of International Settlements. I actually read the article myself and had to look it up as well. That is not "my soapbox" or my "nutjob. . . . theory." It came from a recognized bank/source.

Modern Monetary Theory is not some made up term. It's an actual thing. The theory is not sound in my book, but that's just my opinion. LOTS of people think it is sound business and MANY people think we are already operating within its bounds (which is quite possible).

The numbers I listed are real. The global debt to gdp is approximately 350%. China's debt to gdp is 300%. Japan's is 250%. I didn't even get into numbers include unfunded liabilities. These are just current numbers. The unfunded liabilities crush these numbers.

The US is literally pushing trillions of dollars into various markets. $5 trillion in liquidity for the repo market by the end of the month. 1 trillion stimulus package. Another 2 trillion in stimulus being discussed. The EU just passed their stimulus package which is 750 billion euros. Germany just announced their stimulus package of 500 billion. These are ALL verifiable numbers.

It was last month that Russia moved its troops into place. China made their threat within the last week, discussing using a laser weapon of some type to cause it. FACTS.

The Fed's first stimulus was a .5% rate cut. It was greeted with a 900+ down day on the market the next day. So he literally repeats the same action with bigger numbers. That does NOT make sense. Because, why would you do the same thing when the last time you tried it, it failed miserably? But that's exactly what he did. And it failed again, terribly.

The move to a single currency would be a logical move if this current global recession moves to a prolonged depression. I don't agree with it and would fight like hell against it, but it would be a logical move. Would solve a LOT of problems.

So, Mr. CPA with a Masters in Finance, how do you dispute the above facts? Say they didn't happen? And if you are so educated and knowledgeable, what is your opinion on the future of global finance? It would be interesting to hear.

Posted:  4 months, 3 weeks ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

Headed to Maryland and Virginia on Sunday. Then right back to MO.

End game is global monetary reset. Use of Modern Monetary Theory. MMT. So much money is being pumped into the worldwide system right now, it can't be absorbed. The US alone has pumped in almost $8 trillion. Repo market, small business help, cash money to every person . . .

EU just pumped $750 billion. The hits just keep on coming . . . Germany, 1/2 trillion in . . .

Debt jubilee on the other side of this crisis. Single currency for the globe. Single centralized bank. All money flows from and to a single institution. Talk about taking control . . .

EMP from China being threatened towards US Naval vessels in South China Sea. Russia has moved up 90k troops, 1100 tanks to Ukraine border right now.

To stop this, single world entity. No more enemies, no more monetary constraints, no more problems. One world gov't will be set up. This IS coming right at us, right now.

This plan will stop war, it'll stop recessions, it'll stop the coronavirus, it'll stop poverty, hunger, etc. All it will cost is everything.

God, I hope I'm wrong.

Posted:  4 months, 3 weeks ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

Brett, I agree that this situation doesn't warrant burning the yard for a weed. But that is my point. I think they are trying to orchestrate a financial crisis to undo what they have done over the last 30+ years. The world cannot recover from 350% debt to gdp. Then up pops this virus which gives them perfect cover to manipulate it into something else. That's why I think the Fed is using the absolute worst timing for stimulus announcements possible (notice after the first terrible response to rate cuts, he did the exact same thing again but with bigger numbers). His purpose is to make things worse. Same with the worlds various central banks. No one is coordinating, everyone is making things more chaotic. At best, it is incompetence (which actually might be the case). At worst, there will be a reset of the debts of the world. The BIS (Bank of International Settlements) that I mentioned before has said that the only solution to the mountains of debt the world has taken on is a "debt jubilee." Once they head down that road, its easy to envision a single currency for the globe. "To prevent this from happening again" will be their justification, more than likely. Then the social engineering can get really crazy. Microchips (like the swedish are currently doing), cashless society (like India is doing, Singapore too, hell even UK is doing it to a lesser degree). Mark my words, they are going to work to make this worse before it gets better. Too good of an opportunity to let pass to further their financial agenda.

Posted:  4 months, 3 weeks ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

Just came in off the road. We ship food to restaurants, grocery, institutional, etc. Loads are not down, not up, staying pretty steady. So far. I expect changes next week. I'm retired and disabled, so I can survive without this job. The economy is getting CRUSHED. We won't come out of this for a long while. Derivatives are coming into play again (big issue from 2008). Oil war is ugly. Minor bank runs by the rich (in the Hamptons and NYC). Preview of events to come? Dollar soaring. Market tanking. Fastest ever, even worse than before the great depression. Yields falling badly. FAR below record lows. Guess when you yank the worlds economy to a halt, things happen. I expect hedge fund failures this week and next, bank failures the following week. Multiple country's recessions will roll into a global depression. Financial hit will be worse than the actual virus. A LOT worse. I can't express how much worse. For you financial types, there is a $12 trillion margin call happening RIGHT NOW. Plant your garden now. Find a way. You WILL need it. I have planned for this. Have cash for the transition of the economy. As hyperinflation starts occuring, I'm switching to junk silver (old money that actually had silver in it.). Inflation will occur when there is tons of money floating around (i.e. Remember, think global stimulus money) and the desired goods/services are minimal. THEN people spend increasing amounts to get the few things. Food will be hoarded, that's happening now. There will be less and less available as the summer/fall advances. In the near future, watch for bank runs, hedge fund failures, bank bankruptcies due to a TON of business failures related to the economy coming to a screeching halt due to the virus. The problem is the rest of the world is in WAY worse shape than we are. The global economy has stopped. The global economy already is in recession. The $350 trillion in global debt (which was pretty unmanageable anyway) will become an anchor around the neck of the economy.

Global reset anyone?

Here it comes. It's completely obvious to me. The Fed's horrific mangling of rate cuts and stimulus? As bad as if they had chosen it specifically to cause panic and failure. Stimulus? You mean the forced inflation, if not hyperinflation?

The un-coordinated movements of the central banks? Like they chose to let each one try, then fail, to stimulate individual economies VS actually working in coordination to get this giant engine of an economy moving again? All while they print MASSIVE amounts of "their" money into each's economy?

Mark my words, the only thing coming from this is a single world currency. The disjointed, chaotic, unintelligible movements are FAR more coordinated than we realize. Second, there will be a debt JUBILEE! The way has already been paved by the Bank of International Settlements. With this jubilee and a new currency, all will flow well, debt will be managed, inflation will be brought under control, goods and services will become much more available.

And the one that controls the currency will be the BOSS. Type of gov't? Amount of debt? Living standards? Military size? All will be according to the new Boss. Hope its us.

Just a little conspiracy theorizing for you folks. Hope this doesn't come true. Looks very plausible in light of all that is happening.

Best of luck, keep the ammo clean, keep your powder dry, live off grid, and BE FREE.

Posted:  5 months ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

I do remember Y2K. That was much hype, little delivery, no proof. Scary unknown kinda thing. Went away in about 10 minutes once the clocks rolled over and nothing happened. lol.

I know that right now, Covid-19 seems small and unimportant in the larger scheme.

I'm a vet. I know all about the 22 a day. I work actively to help lower that number. It's a travesty. 800-273-8255 Veteran Crisis Line. Always open, always available. Please pass it on to your Vet friends.

I love the isolation of trucking. I got to do my first week of night driving this week. Holy smokes, I have died and gone to heaven. I got to reassure my family tonight that in 2500+ miles last week, I saw 4 people for more than 10 seconds. They think I'm weird when I say "I love this!"

I also have a degree in public health. I also spent 20 yrs active duty in some real **** hole countries preventing outbreaks of flu, foot rot, common colds, MERS, malaria, anthrax, yellow fever, Mediterranean fever, gonorrhea, syphilis, the clap, etc among my Marines and Sailors.

I'll tell you this and you can take it to the bank . . . things ARE going to get worse before they get better.

This week saw a tripling of the number infected outside of china. This. Week.

On the financial front, trucking stocks are getting crushed along with everyone else. Down an average of 25%. Heartland, KnightSwift, Schnider, Werner, etc. The Dow Jones was down 2300 just today. Hope everyone has moved their 401k's into govt bonds. Only makes about .5% a month but that's better than the alternative. Financially, Covid-19 is a stone cold killer.

I hope you are all right and this turns out to be. . . uneventful. Science, economics . . . they are telling a different story.

Stay frosty, my friends. It might be a bumpy ride. Or not. Maybe this will all go away. Please God . . . make it go away. People are suffering a lot in real life. I'd love to see this end. I hope it doesn't effect anyone here.

Posted:  5 months ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

Well, it appears things have changed over the week. Let's recap for a minute:

WHO labeled it a pandemic NBA season postponed NCAA March Madness is now fan-less Travel from Europe banned Part of residential New York quarantined Over 118k infected Over 4000 dead Italy quarantined (that's 60 million people) China still partially quarantined (been 7 weeks now) Washington state businesses pushing for people to work from home schools closing And she's just getting warmed up . . .

Might be a good time to ponder what the next step will be. 2 million+ truckers traveling from coast to coast continuously. Might be a risk.

Whatever, though. If you guys don't think its gonna happen, I'll go back and put on my tinfoil hat and watch the news.

Posted:  5 months, 1 week ago

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What does a quarantine due to coronavirus mean for truckers?

I new to trucking and am looking to older or more experienced truckers . . .

What does a quarantine mean for us? Will we still be able to travel in and out of zones? I'm assuming it will depend on your load. For example a load of food would be allowed to pass a quarantine checkpoint whereas a load of radios would be turned around?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I'd hate to get stuck inside a quarantine zone 500 miles from home.

In China, they had truckers bring food up to a checkpoint, they would unload and reload into smaller distribution trucks. Initial truck would turn around and go to get reloaded. The distribution truck drivers were in full hazmat suits and made the actual deliveries into the q zone.

Wonder if Italy is going to follow that model as well and . . . .eventually . . . if we will also here in the States.

Thanks for your time and thoughts.


Posted:  7 months ago

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Reassigned to older truck


I hear you. If this was a mom and pop shop, no doubt there would be that need to keep the trainer running to keep the doors open. That ain't the case here. 160 or so new trucks coming into the company per year, minimum. 1200+ drivers. And to be honest, the DID promise me a truck. The one I'm in. I totally expect and would demand loyalty from ANY company (as long as no wrongdoing) as a multiyear employee vs a 6 month chump. I'm realistic.

Just seems that making a new employee take a step back due to no fault of their own in order to benefit themselves while offering nothing to the new guy is a . . . well, it's bad business in my opinion.

I'm over it, gonna take my lumps as a new-bie, will move on when the time is right. Now ain't it. I'll make money for the company, for myself, and hopefully, for the customer.

Posted:  7 months ago

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Reassigned to older truck

Thanks, Turtle.

As angry as I am, I hate to admit it but I tend to agree with your view.

I won't be in line for a new truck for years, though.

I'm getting a lot of benefits from this company and don't want to burn the bridge. Or bite the hand that feeds me.

At the same time, I think it shows poor business decisions, a lack of loyalty, and short term vision. Those things bother me for the long term vision of my employment with them. Gotta admit . . . HUGE hit to be taken without any promise of "returning the favor" or "will keep an eye out for something good for you."

I've had to deliver hard decisions to good people. I have ALWAYS guaranteed them top priority for anything good that comes across my desk. And have delivered on that promise too. Not getting any kind of consideration such as that tends to make me reconsider my position with the company. Not going to do anything rash but will not be a long term player for them. Gonna pay my dues and when I reevaluate my career, I can guarantee that this will weigh HEAVILY on my future decisions.

Thanks for the sanity check, though. Much appreciated.

Posted:  7 months ago

View Topic:

Reassigned to older truck

Just curious how everyone here would handle this situation.

New CDL driver (6 months). Training completed with new company. Things cruising along great . . . Get assigned a new-ish truck, good routes, good communication, good money, no problems, no disciplinary anything. Then . . . .

Out of the blue, get a call that new company trainers need a truck with a bunk in it. So they are taking mine. And I get reassigned to a 6 yr old truck.

Further info . . . the older trucks almost never meet the minimum requirements for the MPG bonus. Which basically means I am out $3-400 per month. Which is just adding insult to injury.

Should I: Call my manager for explanation? Quit? Take it and keep trucking? Take it and ensure that management is aware of my displeasure and reasons behind it? Other ideas?

I'm not a whiner. I'm a solid employee. I don't feel its right for a company to punish good employees for their benefit. I believe in win-wins. This is definitely not that.

Thanks for your thoughts and insights.

Posted:  9 months ago

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Trucker CPA for taxes in Springfield, MO

Anyone have any suggestions? I looked at Abacus but . . .

My tax rate just went from 12% up to 22%. Great that I'm making more money but ****ty that the gov't is getting so much.

Thanks in advance.

Posted:  11 months, 1 week ago

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Murphy's Law for truckers.

Do they only test for one random maneuver where you tested?

Nah, straightline back, off set back, and then either parallel or alley dock.

Posted:  11 months, 2 weeks ago

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Christian truck drivers

Not true. I see signs of God everyday all around me.

One of the best quotes I have seen. Thank you for that.

Posted:  11 months, 2 weeks ago

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What happened to trucking in the crash.


Best objective description of the crash that I have heard in a while. I really appreciate the (mostly) leaving of politics out of it. The economy these days is either really great or really bad. Both sides have an argument.

China has massive debt. The rest of the world has massive debt. Comparatively, we have some debt. We'll see how it ends up. Your application of the supply/demand need is perfect in pointing to refrigerated loads. People gotta eat.

Thanks for your post. Best of luck for all. Hope the economy booms for everyone.

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