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Retired Electrical Engineer, Entrepreneur, Blue Water Sailer. Bored with retirement, moving into a Trucking career.

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Posted:  3 years ago

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Retired Engineer wants to get into OTR Trucking, but having no success.

Thanks, that's great info regarding endurance testing...

Posted:  3 years ago

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Retired Engineer wants to get into OTR Trucking, but having no success.

So felt it's time to update my journey. Turns out there were a couple of companies willing to look at my entire work life and not just the last three years to decide if I was a good worker. I actually put down everything I've done since 1965 into that Driver Pulse app before submitting to a few companies. So the problem with no documented work history the last three years disappeared (no thanks to Prime or Rohle :) )

I've got a slot set with Swift in Richmond in Aug.; and a backup set up with CREngland. As a vet, they're supposedly providing a scholarship to the training. All sounds good. Most of what I've gleaned off of this forum and others preparing me...hopefully. Since I have my CDL permit and all paperwork done, should be starting out with pre-trip (if the recruiter is to be trusted, but seems overworked and not always remembering our transactions) at class.

NH is weird in that I can't get Doubles/Triples or Hazmat endorsements (or take tests) until I actually have my CDL.

Thing is I'm torn between this opportunity to go company sponsored, or go with a paid CDL school such as CDS in Roanoke. I've got the tuition and room/board covered, so.... either is in VA.

I am a quick study so don't need the slower pace of paid school. In fact, they'll have me out in the same three wk period since I've done the classroom stuff. I can recite the pre-trip already (my pilot experiences helped here), so really there's just getting in the truck and doing it, and of course trip planning, which I can't really start until I know which path to take and which company to go with.

I'm very used to small confined spaces both with mates, and alone from my blue water sailing time. OTR has to be easier since there' s actually stores and humanity around if needed...

Any drivers out there want to weigh in here?

Does Swift do physical endurance testing (recruiter says no, but old forum stuff says yes)... That could sway my decision to go with paid schooling as there's no way I'd agree to some of the stuff you have to do for the very antiquated thinking of the Workwell Physical Assessment. I'm not young and stupid; I'm older and wiser, so use mechanical advantage rather than brute force to move heavy stuff.

Anyway, thanks to the team here for providing encouragement to keep moving ahead. It's been a very busy three weeks.

Posted:  3 years, 1 month ago

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Retired Engineer wants to get into OTR Trucking, but having no success.

Post 9/11 has been the death of me. I had an aviation business that died that day...nothing could fly for six months. I was on a sailboat in the Strait of Juan de Fuca straddling the US and Canada with a warship from each country flanking my every move for an entire day. Now almost twenty years later, it's biting me again...

I live a stone's throw from MA on the NH coast. Within the sweet spot of several hiring zones according to many trucking company websites. It doesn't matter though as I'd move wherever to make this work. I plan on pretty much living in the truck. I lived in Marin County CA for almost thirty years, west coast is a nice location...

'Old School', thank you for the sage advice as you have often given to this forum. Do I interact with company recruiters, begging for the chance, or someone with more decision making? On-line applications don't exactly offer a spot for this type of addendum.

'Susan', thanks for your input. Any suggestions for companies with "relaxed" work history requirements?

Funny, when I decided to retire, it never dawned on me to keep track of my whereabouts, timetables, and collecting references. Thought my logbook would be enough. I'll have to see if I can find some of those dolphins I ran with in the South Pacific for a letter or two.

Posted:  3 years, 1 month ago

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Retired Engineer wants to get into OTR Trucking, but having no success.

So, I've read up on all the thoughts, issues, problems, benefits, joys, evils, etc. of being a Trucker, and still I want in. Problem: four years ago, I parted from an evil employer, took half a year to look around, then gave up, retired early at 62 and went blue water sailing.

So I check in with all the companies looking to train, and all want a work history from the last three years. I have none. I can clear sail through a rough night squall, but apparently, not on the road in a truck.

I had a successful career as an electrical engineer, but as I got older, felt it wise to age proof better and got my accounting degree (and some work). But the reality is that no company really wants an "old guy" in their company whether in high tech, or accounting. I've always kept up with technology, social media, and the like, you know, just to stay relevant.

I thought perhaps I'd look more attractive to a hiring company if I got my DOT Card, CDL testing completed, Hazemat started, and TWIC. This isn't what they desire from me.... just the last three years in verifiable work history. So do I have to work some stupid job for three years to gain a current work history...???

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