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Hello all, I've been driving for sometime now (2013-current); took sometime off and have been back out on the road for three years. I've worked for small companies and big companies, drove stick and automatic, drove local, regional, and otr. I've never been a owner operator or leased a truck. When it comes to world out here I've had both good and bad experiences; also know a few things I hope to make life a little easier. I'm looking forward to learning more and reading about others experiences. Enjoy the good times, Patti

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Not strong enough?

Hi Kelly, There are some amazing lady driver's I've seen and others I've spoken with; older ladies and very small ladies out here. So, don't worry you got this. First, if you don't have one already pick up a pull bar; as suggested. Second, not all 5th wheels are the same. Some have a notch. Take a look at your fifth wheel. Is there a notch where you need to lift up the handle over it before pulling. If so when pulling with your handle turn the handle to the right lift and pull forward and out. Third, sometimes you may need to push your truck back a bit for the release to work. Forth, spray (PB blaster) the hell out of the moving part on the landing gear and grease the leg of the landing gear. PB Blaster is not water based unlike DW40. Landing gear is always a pain in the spring and winter if not taken care of.

Tips: Never set your trailer breaks in the winter, they will lock up and you will be out there with a hammer. When sliding tandoms, look at your pins when they don't go in all the way. Chances are the slide is tight on one side of the pin. Move the truck a little with the trailer brakes still set; you'll hear the pins pop in. Moving the truck backwards puts more weight forward. You likely know some of this stuff already or heard it and forgot, there is a lot going on sometimes and pressure is on to hurry. Take your time and think about what other people are telling you to do. I've gotten into some real jams trusting other driver and workers at companies "helping out". There is good money out here, so keep your record clean. If you can't do something, stick to your guns. Stay safe and look around, even durring the day. Hope thos helps out

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