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29 years otr. Got my first truck last year that was under a million miles, was totally lost with all the new electric stuff. Have just learned enough to get on this thing using the phone. Found it on the Google. I can you tube but still not computer literate enough to be employable in the industry anymore. I started with Wingate Taylor maid at Albany ga in the spring of 89 then Burlington took over. In the winter of 90 91 they took my choffers and made me go to truck driving school for a cdl. I've been home for Christmas 9 times thanksgiving 10 or so times, vacation 6 times. Was in a wreck in 93, clipped a mirrow in 2000, got a speeding ticket in calli 28 in a 25 in 99,a parking ticket the same year , I hit three deer. Im5th generation driver, and the last one . I'm to young to retire at 53 yo ,but held on to the old way to long. All the drivers I've associated with are all dead and gone now. Not sure I have a place in the industry. It's all changed so much since I rode with pawpaw, standing there holding onto his belt in his 58 kw . Don't know if I know how to live away from a truck though. I'm a widower twice, all my natural babies are dead ,have grown step kids that have their families and buisy. Have a girlfriend for the first time in over 6 years. The electric books have done me in. The last time I messed with anything computer packman and astroids was new. Ive never used a remote controle, never had time for that mess. Pop had two rules to trucking When your tired park it, when your rested run miles When you drive m you have to work on m sometimes, if you work on m you have to drive m sometimes. These days I never feel rested. They took away my hour nap I've always taken at some point through the day. I've called 150 plus companies. I've learned enough to start doing the electric applications, I think. Most offer to send me to truck driving school and let me work it off. It's been a long time since I've worked for one of those big outfits. The last one was comtrans, I was on the yard when they walked the boss out in handcuffs. Have you ever made a drive axle gasket out of discarded beer case Have you ever replaced the desentigrated springs in the splitter switch with ball point pen springs Have you ever replaced the hub glass with a McDonald's drink cup lid Have you ever totally rewired a totally shorted out trailer with 50 ft extention cords Have you ever hung a hammock under the trailer because your truck don't have a.c.. it gets hot in Phoenix Have you ever nursed a truck home with battery cables hooked between the refer and truck because the alt is out on the truck. Iv never had a truck that I didn't have to work on at some point to finish a run. I think I could deal with the new electric stuff if the truck stops started making real food again. And what's with all the plastic in these new trucks. I haven't worked since hurricane florance. Worked out my notice to go to a local job that didn't exist after the hurricane. There's nothing left between the last five joints at my tail spinebut nervs. Do I truck or not. What do I do if I dont.

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Electric book

The ELD. I've never owned or messed with a computer. Can't get on with a company now . They said it was like my phone when they put it in the truck. I had got a touch screen phone just a few months earlier, and hadn't figured it out yet. I'm just learning enough to do d this and work it some. The recruiters I talk to keep telling me I'll have to go to truck driving school again almost 30 years trucking. I've never operated a remote controle. All I've done is run the road. I know little to nothing about all this new electric stuff. Most of my savings is gone ,and I can't get on a truck and go to work.

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Electric book

Where and how can I get electric book training. I havent worked for a major company since the early 90 s. All the companies want me to do electric applications and books. I'm slowly learning this thing. Out of work almost a year now , all I know is trucking. I've contacted couple hundred companies, most want to send me to truck driving school . That's what happened when they took my choffers and made me go to school to get CDL. I thaught I was going to jail in the spring of 2018, during a DOT inspection,because I didn't know what an icon was. I've been at my 70 hrs 52 weeks a year solid for the last decade and verry close to that for the two decades before. Feel like I'm in jail now, don't know how to deal with the world out of a truck. Have to find a way back in .

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