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Posted:  3 days, 16 hours ago

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Two Month's Experience Reflections

Congratulations on your new life! Don't think of your pay as low, think of it as a paid internship. You're still learning. The experience you're gaining and the skills you're sharpening RIGHT NOW are what will make it possible for you to earn much more later. My company starts road drivers out at 73 cpm AFTER they have at least two years of experience.

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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Getting Hired as a Gig Economy Worker

It will be an impediment to driving for Prime (they're picky), but I'm sure as long as you can document your work experience someone will hire you.

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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Diesel shortage especially out east

A thread on the exact same subject was deleted from a different trucking forum for, "being too political".

As long as the people responsible for the problem:

A) Deny they're causing the problem.

B) Choose to focus on imaginary problems instead of real ones.

C) Act surprised when the crises they have caused negatively affect the population.

D) All of the above.

This won't be getting better any time soon.

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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Trucking is a boom or bust business - there is never an even match between the number of trucks on the road and the demand for trucks to haul freight. By most accounts a major recession is creeping up by the end of the year. Freight volumes and rates are already falling. They will continue to fall until volumes creep up again (think late 2024) or enough trucks have left the road to leave only enough to meet demand. The folks who paid top dollar for a truck and bought it on credit will be the first to go. You will pay more for a three year old used truck today than it cost when it was NEW three years ago!

Right now you should focus on saving money. As others have pointed out - it's not cheap to drive a truck. Breakdowns cost money. If your truck sits idle because of a breakdown, an accident or a lack of loads you still need to make the truck payment and pay for the insurance. Many have gone broke jumping into truck ownership because they didn't have enough of a financial cushion to weather the storms. How much is enough? About $100,000. That's not for a down payment - that's money you have in the bank AFTER you have bought the truck. One breakdown can easily cost you > $10,000. What if the shop you take it to botches the job and you have to take it to another shop? Same bill. Yeah, you may be able to sue the first shop for not fixing your truck properly but that can take years and cost thousands in legal fees. What if you're in an accident? Even if the other driver was drunk it can take months to get a check from their insurance company, meanwhile your truck isn't legal to drive until it's repaired.

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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Opinions on Trans-tech Charlotte

There's only two things you need to worry about when considering a school:

1) How much does it cost? Compare it to other schools in your area. It should be about the same as the others. $6,000 or more is an automatic, "NO".

2) What's the graduation rate? How many students who pay for the class actually succeed in obtaining a CDL? The national average is around 80%, but I've seen some schools in the Portland area that are closer to 40%. Schools that have two rates are an automatic, "NO". Something like, "65% of our students earn a CDL with our basic class, but 90% do with additional training". "Additional training" means additional time and additional fees. It's a way for the school to advertise a lower class cost but still make the additional fees. I've known students who paid $2,500 for, "additional training" because they couldn't pass their DMV test. I've known students who needed more drive time to pass their test who had to pay $800/day for it.

Posted:  1 month ago

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Scared sh*tless

I no longer slam on my brakes in emergency mode when some four wheeler wants to "prove a point", "teach a lesson", or whatever stupid maneuver such as those they decide upon. These idiots do so at their own risk of life in front of my vehicle.

While I understand the sentiment, making those kind of statements on a public forum is a good way to have, "The Hammer" force you into selling all your possessions and half your organs to pay off the inevitable lawsuit that would result.

Posted:  1 month ago

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Plane Crash Covington Georgia

What a difference a day makes. The authorities have just about wrapped this one up. According to this article the NTSB will be releasing a preliminary report in TWO WEEKS! That's quick - they often take a year or more. Spoiler alert - it was my last guess in my previous post.

From the article:

(The crash) "happened as a pilot was practicing "touch and go" landings."

The NTSB said it was a training flight, and that the owner was learning from a flight instructor.

They said the twin engine plane was doing "touch and go" landings at Covington Municipal Airport

"According to witnesses, they believe the plane was having trouble gaining altitude. They could hear that there was engine trouble," Covington Police Captain Ken Malcom said on Thursday, describing the incident as seen by nearby witnesses. "Suddenly the plane veered to the right and immediately came straight down and crashed into the lot behind us.

Posted:  1 month ago

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Plane Crash Covington Georgia

Any news about this? why did the plane crash?

A full NTSB investigation could take a year or more to find out for sure. A Cessna doesn't usually have black boxes on board. If the pilot had time to declare an emergency that would be the best clue. Declaring a flight emergency notifies the air traffic controller that you're in trouble and lets you cut to the front of the line for making a landing. It's a big deal and there are FAA reports involved so many pilots hesitate and try to bail themselves out first. I know a pilot who lost an engine and didn't declare an emergency. He crashed! There's a lot more paperwork involved in a crash than in declaring an emergency.

Information is incomplete and contradictory at this point. I found an eyewitness account:

“Suddenly the plane veered to the right, and immediately came straight down and crashed into the lot behind us,” Malcom said.

The pilot wasn't able to control the airplane. This could be because there was a problem with the flight controls or the pilot was experiencing a medical emergency. Flight controls should be thoroughly gone over in the pre-flight inspection. Just like a pre-trip inspection not everyone does it and not everyone who does it does it correctly.

Some reports are saying it was a multi-engine plane. If the right engine went out the left engine would produce enough thrust to force the plane into a hard right turn but a pilot with a multi-engine rating should know how to correct for that. Searchers have located two bodies so far. It could be a student who was working on their multi-engine rating and their instructor. The student could have panicked and put the airplane in a state their instructor couldn't recover from.

Way too early to say for sure at this point.

Posted:  1 month ago

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Plane Crash Covington Georgia

Looks like a Cessna 182 Skylane with a suspicious flight path. Six tractor trailers were damaged in the impact. Way too early to guess what caused the accident. May Stuart Hamilton R.I.P.

Posted:  1 month ago

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Weird / Interesting Truck Stops...

Jubitz in Portland, OR. All the amenities you'd expect from a five start truck stop and a lot more:

Hotel (Portlander Inn)

Movie theater

Ice cream parlor

Barber shop

Ponderosa Lounge and Grill (live bands)

Self-Service Dog Wash

Showers & Jacuzzis

Postal Place (Shipping and mailbox rental)


Walking distance to WalMart!

Posted:  1 month ago

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Fair starting wage with no experience for cesspool pump trailer driver

Alluding to 'Patches?' Or John Ludwig? Or Presence? LoLoL...

Matt Foley

$25 is only one number, there are others you should consider before taking a driving job.

40 - How many hours are their drivers averaging in a week? At 40 you'd only be averaging $1,000/week while you'd be around $1,500/week at 60.

1.5 - Federal law exempts most driving jobs from having to pay overtime but some employers pay it anyway. The overtime rules vary by employer (overtime after 8, overtime after 11, overtime after 40, overtime after 50). With a 60 hour week and overtime after 40 that same job would pay $1,750/week or $91K/yr - not bad for a rookie.

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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New cdl federal requirement

I was working on getting my physical first.

It took you FOUR MONTHS to get a DOT physical? I thought Concentra's wait times were terrible but you've got them beat.

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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Appreciate any info. Need to know what I can do.

What can I do?

Three issues: wanting proof you hit the trailer, the training bill and finding employment. You could ask them nicely to show you what they have but you have already tried that and it didn't get you anywhere. File for unemployment. The carrier will have to prove that you were let go for cause or pay your unemployment benefits. Laws vary by state, but generally you will get a chance to see what evidence they submit and respond.

The bill and what rights you have to pay or dispute it will be in the contract - the one you signed before you started training there. If you're going to put your signature on a legal document you should ALWAYS keep a copy for future reference. It's as simple as taking a few pictures with your phone. Without being able to see the contract there's no way we can speculate on what your rights are.

As others have already stated - apply, apply, apply and answer honestly. Take ownership and admit what happened. There are several second chance companies out there who hire drivers with less than perfect driving histories. Some may even reimburse your tuition. Western Express and Dutch Maid come to mind. You can also try small, local companies who advertise on Craigslist. Many of them don't even use DAC reports.

Posted:  1 month, 2 weeks ago

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1 Year Anniversary - Michael's Dedicated Marten Job

To each their own. About 10 years ago the FMCSA announced that they were considering implementing sleep apnea requirements to the DOT physical. Ultimately, they decided that it was too problematic to implement universal standards. Unfortunately, some companies decided to implement their own sleep apnea standards. Most abandoned these standards after the FMCSA decided not to implement a sleep apnea standard. Sadly, Marten has their standards to this day.

As part of their hiring process you will be asked to go to a clinic and do some simple exercises (ie lift a milk crate filled with weights up to a shelf about shoulder level). At some point the evaluator will measure your neck diameter with a tape. If your neck is 17" or greater you will be flagged. What does that mean? You will be given a release to sign authorizing a sleep clinic in Mondrovi, WI to have access to all of your medical records. You will be given a sleep apnea self-assessment questionnaire to fill out. After working for Marten for ~6 weeks you will be given a bus ticket to go to Mondrovi Wisconsin for a mandatory sleep study. Your choices are go to Mondrovi or be terminated based solely on the size of your neck. Note: Marten's headquarters are in Mondrovi, WI. There, you will be diagnosed with sleep apnea. Whether you have sleep apnea or not is beside the point. At a minimum you will be diagnosed with mild sleep apnea and required to use a CPAP machine. Many drivers have reported being diagnosed with mild sleep apnea in Mondrovi only to find their personal physician or a local sleep center said they did not have sleep apnea.

Marten will generously pay for your Greyhound ticket to and from the sleep center in Mondrovi, you hotel stay, your, "sleep study" and your CPAP machine BUT if you choose to leave their employment within 5 years for any reason the amounts paid (about $10K) become immediately due and payable.

Posted:  1 month, 2 weeks ago

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Truck Leasing Task Force

Good initiative, poor judgement. Consenting adults enter into these legal agreements every day, despite countless warnings here and elsewhere that misery and negative paychecks are their only outcome. The companies who lease get an employee who pays for their own maintenance, repairs and insurance while they skim off the top from every load dispatched. The poor drivers who enter into these agreements want to be owner operators without the financial and legal hurdles involved with just going under their own authority.

While I'm curious what a government approved lease might look like I doubt that it will actually remove any of the obstacles the government and the ATA have been putting in place since the 80's for independent truckers. Pete isn't a, "slash the red tape and let the free markets work their magic" kind of guy. I would be shocked if his efforts didn't create at least one new department within DOT, SEC or the DOJ. I have a hard time picturing a government approved solution that would make becoming a L/O a good idea.

Posted:  1 month, 2 weeks ago

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Side swipe a car

That's a serious preventable. You could have easily killed the other driver. Your carrier (or their insurance company) will probably have to replace their car. Depending on your carrier and your history with them you'll likely be fired. If they trained you and you're new you might get off with re-training. It's very difficult to recover your driving career with a serious preventable like that. If you're fired and you still want to drive you may have to go 1099. If you're not fired you'll want to cling to your current carrier for at least 3 years to have a shot with another company.

Posted:  1 month, 2 weeks ago

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Where to find trucks drivers?

Curious. Most drivers complain that south Florida is outside of the hiring area of the major carriers. There you are in Miami no less with no takers. Hmmm. Could you post a link to one of your ads? Maybe the mice don't like the cheese you're offering.

The best way to make sure you have drivers is TO TAKE CARE OF THE ONES YOU HAVE NOW. No only will you have to replace fewer drivers, the drivers you have now will talk to other drivers. I was lucky to get the job I have now. Most of the time they're not hiring. You basically have to wait for someone to retire for an opening then hope you have more experience and a better driving record than all the friends and family members of the existing drivers who apply.

Plenty of, "opportunities" to make < $1,000/wk. local or < $1,500/wk. Regional/OTR. One OTR outfit is advertising 34 hr. resets at home and slip-seating for about $1,200/wk. They're having a hard time finding drivers also. Funny thing, they use a different name in their ads than the one on their trucks.

Posted:  1 month, 3 weeks ago

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Concerned newbie


Some Intermodal drivers with Schneider drive regionally not locally. That's what I'll be doing. And I'm not referring to a day cab. I'm talking about a cab with a sleeper only. No space for seating, counter top or refrigerator. Why I called it a short cab. Maybe it's referred to as a coffin sleeper as another poster mentioned.


Learn something new every day. So, you're regional intermodal in a coffin sleeper. I've seen coffin sleepers on O/O rigs, just never on a major fleet truck before.

You don't want to depend on truck stop food 100%, but it's also difficult to plan, pack and prepare weeks worth of meals in advance. For me it's about having options and never running out of food. I stock up on oatmeal, paper bowls and plastic spoons. You can count out the bowls, spoons and oatmeal packets in advance and store them in gallon plastic ziplock bags so there's nothing to pack off the truck when you turn it in for home time. Only requires a coffee mug to make oatmeal. Take the mug into the truck stop and fill it with hot water (there's usually a tap on the coffee machines). Take your water back to the truck, dump the oatmeal into the paper bowl and add hot water. Breakfast! You can get oatmeal prepackaged with blueberries, cinnamon, or whatever you're into.

Stock up on healthy snacks at your local grocery store where they are cheap and plentiful so you won't be tempted to buy more expensive and less healthy alternatives at the truck stops. Unsalted nuts, jerky, dehydrated fruit or whatever you're into.

I knew a driver who used a large Dometic freezer in his truck. He stored it on the floorboards between the driver and passenger seats. He kept frozen dinners and various things he could microwave in it. I thought it was odd at the time because his route only required him to be on the road 2 days a week. He was happy with it though.

Posted:  1 month, 3 weeks ago

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Concerned newbie

I think he's talking about a day cab. Sleeper berths (and all the creature comforts within) are reserved for drivers who don't get to go home every night. A lucky few day cab drivers have their employers spring for hotel rooms if they don't get to go home. That little RV in the back adds to the cost of the truck and subtracts from the mpg of the truck so companies don't usually spring for sleeper berths for local, home daily jobs.

Intermodal drivers generally go home every night and get weekends off. Intermodal is limited to within 150 miles of the port/railhead. How about a nutritious breakfast in the privacy of your own home before you leave for work in the morning and a brown bag lunch?

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