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Do any of you go geocaching?

That Pokemon craze was nuts. The amount of money that the developer made from that app was serious money. When my daughter was younger she was in a park helping a couple of senior citizens figure it out. It was hilarious watching them use that iPad to try and catch whatever.

I did a few geocaches. Used the GPS on my iPhone to locate the box. I would love to see that done with maps and coordinates. Kids today are lost if the GPS goes out. When I was in the US Army, we did a form of geocaching. They didn't call it that, and they didn't give us a choice in it. We were sent out with a map, compass, and watch, with instructions to find what was at certain coordinates. Oh, those happy days. The last coordinates at the map reading course at Ft Dix was the AAFES Specialty House. (Think fast food restaurant / beer establishment)

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Southern Dad Joins the Fray

Who is Southern Dad? I am a guy who has spent a couple decades working my way up the corporate ladder in an evolving industry, print media. Okay, you say dying, I say evolving. Death is a form of evolution, right? There are some days that I feel like I worked myself up to the Executive Officer position on the RMS Titanic, after that little scratch. The good thing about being in my fifties is that I am in a better position for a career change.

Why would I want to become a mid-life trucker? I love management. Working schedules, building plans, getting things done, that is a passion of mine. I spend 3 hours commuting a day. That's 15 hours a week behind the wheel of my hybrid trying to get the maximum fuel economy, that I am not being paid to drive. Ever had that question, what do I want to do when I grow up? Mine is, what comes after management? I see the financials, I know that through consolidations, mergers, or possibly sale of the company, my position will need to be eliminated.

I landed at TruckingTruth because, like every other thing in my life, I manage change. I do research. I make decisions. I build a plan. Then I execute the plan. I downloaded CDL Genie and I am easily scoring passing grades on the General Knowledge and Tanker tests. By the time I take the CDL permit test, I'll be scoring 100% in all of them.

Unlike most people, I am not driven by getting the most money. Home time is a big consideration for me. I am married and I have kids in college and high school. I may go with someone like Swift Transportation, knowing that I will have limited home time to get that first year OTR under my belt. I had considered getting my CDL by taking training at a truck driving school in Conyers, GA. After research here, I do see the points about why it is better to get trained through Prime, Swift, CR England, or some other company sponsored program. It makes sense.

My father-in-law has the ultimate truck driving job that I would love to have. I know that he didn't just walk into it, he's a lifelong truck driver. His job is a milk run. No, quite literally, he hauls the milk. He makes four or five tanker runs every week, never has to sleep in the sleeper because he's home same day on his runs. The company has just over a dozen trucks. He could probably get me on there if I had my CDL but I know that it is not a good idea to go spend three weeks in a truck driving school then hook up to a food grade tanker with no bulkheads or baffles. But eventually, that is something that I would like to do. Be home every day or at least every weekend.

I look forward to reading the stories and contributing here on the forum. I will continue to learn. I would also like to learn podcasting, blogging, and YouTube. I just think of the things that would be tax write-offs, if I was producing content.

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