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Pirate-6 was my mission call sign in the Marines, (K/3/6), during the opening phases of Desert Shield.

Since then, I've learned a lot about myself, and the universe. I've had many "past lives", from Warrior to student, to healer, to teacher. But I remain always the student....never a "Master".

To this point, I have completed my CDL testing, (successfully, thank you very much), and obtained my Tanker endorsment. My Hazmat endorement is only waiting on the TSA clearance.

Although my CDL class was unremarkable, I gladly share my experience with students in my school. The level of Performance Psychology involved in the testing phase... and I'll assume in the training phases.. cannot be overlooked. I've seen my brother students taken out by the same demons that possesed me. To them, and to you, I say


You will die. And you'll go back home, sit at your kitchen table 45 minutes later and say "OH...F&^%ng yeah... I could have done that and that and ...yadda". But you let the tester... you let the trainer.. you let the externals into your head, and it just freaking snowballed, didn't it? I hate that shit.

Look, everything here.. Pre-trip.. backing.. 90 turns... downnshifting.. it is ALL a LEARNABLE skill. You don't have to Micheal Jordan to shoot a free throw. Do what you gotta do to make it to that next level.

There is a metric ton of info here... and your'e smart enough to make it to this level. Use this.

All I have to say. Peace out.

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Posted:  10 months, 2 weeks ago

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.... -40 in WY or MT

Wait, WHAT???? That's....that's a THING??? Oy gevalt....

(logs into Tenstreet, searches "Local driving jobs, MIAMI".)

Posted:  10 months, 3 weeks ago

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Brag Thread!!!!

2.) I met a very special guy six months ago... and we just solidified our relationship.... so I got a new boyfriend... a former Marine, Truckin boyfriend in a turtle slow Prime truck lol

Well, geez... I'm a former Marine. K/3/6. AND starting Prime 11/18. Wish I'da known I might have had a shot :( (LOL Kudos. Mazel Tov!)

Hey...mine is that I landed a sweet gig at Prime, Inc. Right now, that's a lot.

Posted:  10 months, 3 weeks ago

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Off to Prime 11/18...

Just hung up with my recruiter in Utah...and my updated avatar pretty accurately descibes the mental state atm, (the third cup of coffee didn't help, either). Heading to Pittston, which oddly enough is just up the road a-piece on 81, (ok.... 3 and a half hours up the road, but still...).

After being on this site for a few days, the choices came down to Prime and Roehl; since Prime said "yes" first that'll be where I go. Even split untill that point tbh.

And sadly, the only thing going through my head at the moment is Talyor Swift;

We're happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way It's miserable and magical, oh yeah Tonight's the night, when we forget about the heartbreaks It's time Uh-oh I don't know about you But I'm feeling twenty-two

This caffeines' gotta wear off sometime...

Posted:  10 months, 3 weeks ago

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OH YEAH OH MY WORD!! This was Honestly Beyond what I Thought Would Be Possible but this has just blown my mind........

Congratulations, Victor! The Universe certainly does provide to those who ask.

Looks like you're dang near me. Maybe I'll see ya out there sometime!

(And give thanks that you didn't need to go to Amazon. Wasn't the WORST gig I've ever had... mostly decent people, wasn't minimum wage, REALLY good benefit package. But it was a JOB, not a CAREER.)

Take that ball and run with it!

Posted:  10 months, 4 weeks ago

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Hate to be late to the party.. especially as an FNG... but I have some experience with Big A. I've been unloading in-bound at an FC in VA for the past year...ending in an uncharacteristically explosive demise...but I digress...

To date, (11/4/2019), Amazon subcontracts it's deliveries out, drops and live loads, with a number of sub-contractors, among them J.B Hunt, Schneider, and Old Dominion, among others. Although Amazon has it's own trailer fleet (Cir 2015), there have recently been sightings of Amazon tractors with readily identifiable Amazon markings making deliveries to major FC locations. Amazon has not indicated that it is developing it's own fleet, however, as the company has invested heavily in in it's transportation sector to compete with the loss of both UPS and Fed-Ex contract losses, it would appear reasonable that Amazon would attempt to offset those losses, in addition to establishing a transportation fleet to support it's "next day" delivery campaign. To date, no official statement has been given.

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