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Hello! new member here, army vet and have a serious set of questions and need big help

THIS IS ABOUT TMC hello everybody, my name is john and i'm a new CDL holder, went through lakeland college cdl program and it was excellent.

i was in the army for 7 years as an 88M Motor Transport Operator, 2 deployments Iraq & Afghanistan.

flawless record, both civilian & military.

now here is where i beg for everyones attention for the story i am about to type out, trying to remain as professional as i can and explaining in full detail so that hopefully someone out there can help me. i am literally CRUSHED about all this and have never been so let down in my entire life. so here it is.

so, we all know the big amazing flatbed company called TMC right? the best of the best, strict, positive environment, amazing equipment and respect for drivers. back in februrary this year while i was still in the army stationed at fort bliss, texas, i had gotten ahold of them seeking information and telling them about myself which led to me filling out an application which got approved 2 days later. there i was called by Jon H. with recruiting who asked me all about my military time, job, and experience with vehicles i've driven. i told him i would be able to get him a copy of my dd-214 once i got out, get right into a school that they hire out of and get right with the show. throughout the months waiting to get out of the army, THEY,,,,,,, kept in touch with me, as i did with them. both Lisa & Jon, things were golden. i finally got out in mid october with an honorable discharge, came home to southern illinois and went right into CDL school and let TMC know, where i was told to send them a copy of my DOT physical long form, and my dd-214 which is a paper with basically my whole military record on it showing all of my time, 2 duty stations, deployments, awards, qualifications, everything. they already had a copy of my 348 which is a qualification list of all the vehicles i was licensed on.

now, on the 3rd week of school i call to double check with Lisa that she had gotten the documents they needed, she got them and minutes later Jon calls me, and tells me they have everything tied up and it looks great, and set me up for orientation on december 9th. cant even begin to explain to you all how excited i was.

next up, test day. passed it all, got my CDL in hand, and called jon, no answer. called lisa, no answer. tried calling later, no answer. so then i went through the recruiting dept and finally got ahold of jon, to only be told that somehow,,,,, they had said no, and that i was turned down. how can that happen if YOU had just told me a week ago im pre hired and set up for orientation on monday.. so i ask him what happened, he could not and would not give me any reason but this "" taking other applicants is all it says"

so from there, i ask for their HR dept number, gave them a call and ended up talking to the recruiting manager, i explained the whole situation to her, she pulled up my file and looked at EVERYTHING, said that there was no indicators or any reason as to how or why they would deny me because of my perfect record, my military time and experience as a truck driver, a 98% grade held through cdl school, and also the reputation i had with them since february. so she sent it back to the review board with some added notes to help get their attention and look things over in hopes to get them to see how beneficial it would be to hire me on.

i call back the next day, only to find out that i had been turned down AGAIN.

guys & gals, do you feel like i do now? is there ANYBODY that can help with this, i have tried everything. i have begged for someone to talk to up there that knows something, someone who can give me a definite answer as to why this happened, and someone i can talk to in high places to help get me through with them and in for orientation.

heres a final kicker or finishing touch to the whole story, while in class, a student there with me had asked where i was going to for a company, i told him TMC, he said he had never heard of them and i told him all about them, gave him my recruiters number, he called, filed out an application, got approved, (both lisa & jon know that i sent him their way) and this is the thanks i get. i gave them a driver who had no intention of driving for them or even knew who they were and after everything with them myself, they shut me down twice. AFTER saying i was good to go.

i will tell you about this fellow student that got hired on, unstable work history, no military time, no driving experience at all, and had an accident with the truck during training. they hired him.

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