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Posted:  4 years, 2 months ago

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Swift Transportation

It’s good to hear you worked for Swift for that amount of time with no complaints. I’m going to be going there myself. I’m both excited and nervous. Guess that’s normal. Any advice is welcome.

thank you

Swift is a very solid choice despite what most reviews online would say. We have a few members here that have driven with swift for an extended period of time. Make sure you keep us updated as your progress through training! good-luck.gif

Hey, Joe. How did you come to consider Swift? Just curious.

I got started with Swift myself. Drove with them for three years, absolutely no complaints. Last week I listened to a Swift recruiter, and I feel they are an even better deal now than when I took their Academy.

I think the new trucks are getting built-in refrigerators and APUs now days. I worked with three DMs in my time there. All are great people. Here's the best advice, and it will work nearly everywhere: do the job, stay on time, don't turn down too many loads, and you get all the dispatch miles you can handle. That's what I did at Swift.

BTW for the last year or so I've been teaching in a CDL school. If I ever went back on the road, I'll call Swift.

Posted:  4 years, 3 months ago

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Can a bad knee disqualify you from becoming a professional truck driver


I am new here and will be hopefully going to trucking school soon. Seeing these has me wondering, my knee was damaged in a car accident 10 years ago so I have limited motion. I do everything I used to, infact am currently a package/loader handler at UPS. Still I have that limp. Will this be an issue?

I don't think a knee replacement can disqualify you but from what I've read on other threads regarding medical questions, companies will require a certain amount of recovery time after your doctor had declared you fit for duty.

Good luck and welcome to the coolest trucking website on the net.

Posted:  4 years, 3 months ago

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Hi Dreamer, I’m new to this myself. I’ll be going to swift academy for my classes and then 4 weeks out with a mentor once I pass the test. The 4 weeks with the mentor on the road is paid and right after that they send you out with your own truck. They have places around the country. I live in NYC and will goto classes in Indiana. Check out their web site. Also there is another called Roehl Trucking. The reason I went with Swift is because they’re closer to NY. They tell me we can bring a rider with us as long as they are over 12 years of age and don’t have their own CDL. Hope this helps. Good luck!

I am wanting to get my CDL but have a lot of questions and concerns. I am 39 and a mother of 2 16 year olds and a 19 year that is handicapped and have not worked for over 11 years. I got my business license 4 years ago and I manage my daughters home health.(timesheets, hiring and firing, all the paperwork except for payroll). But dont make any money from it. My husband has agreed to stay at home with the kids since his health wont allow him to do this right now himself. I know I want to go with a company that trains and will give me a job right off the back. So I guess my question and concerns are this. 1. Which company is the best to go with as far as best training but fastest in and out of schooling? 2. Which has the best benefits over all? 3. Would it be possible to take my handicap daughter with me after I go solo? I have wanted to drive a truck since I was 16 and I know I can do the job and I have a lot of support and engorgement but I am nervous about leaving my kids. Any and all help and information is welcomed and appreciated.

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