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Posted:  3 years, 5 months ago

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Bad time for new driving school graduate ??

It's nice to see I'm starting to get some responses.

First I want to answer Old School's question:

When I asked specific questions about the percentages of the freight, the guy first claimed that it all ended up being cpm, and that the money was there ( he actually repeated " the money's there " about 5 times during that part of our conversation ).

When I asked about minimum physical requirements for tarping, he again changed the subject and told me to go look on the website of the company he leases from, where there was no indication that I'd get any of my questions

I'm not Mr Super Trucker fresh out of school. I have so far found that some companies have a greater expectation of one's physical ability than others. I'm 51 years old , 6'1 and about 215, give or take my bad diet of the last couple

I don't want to waste any company's time, but I felt through most of the conversation that he wasn't concerned with wasting mine.

I know my own limitations, and want to know for sure that I can meet my first employer's expectations.

I spent 3 years as a yard dog for Amazon , and a big part of that time was also spent interacting with OTR drivers. I treated them with the kind of respect I would hope to get from a stranger, and in some cases I had to really lay on the charm because from early on in the job, I was trying to treat them as MY customer.

Posted:  3 years, 5 months ago

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Bad time for new driving school graduate ??


Thank you.

Have you heard of such a thing as ‘disqualification due to lack of employment’ that I mentioned about my license itself ??

I can’t imagine accredited vocational schools would even take a chance on offering CDL training .

Posted:  3 years, 5 months ago

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Bad time for new driving school graduate ??

Hello to any and all who see or respond to me—

I graduated a month ago.

Haven’t had too many responses to all the applications I filled out.

But I did have a call from someone that just smacked of looking to take advantage of a brand new driver.

I’ve also been declined by a prospective employer because I was terminated from my last job, and that I was welcome to apply once I’d been employed ANYWHERE for at least one year.

As a 51-year old rookie , am I more unappealing just based on age ??

I have one particular company saying they’re on a hiring freeze, which under current circumstances sounds like a genuine issue, with the virus epidemic maybe not even halfway in ....

I had a recruiter claim that if I’m not employed within a year, that my license actually downgrades. He actually said I would have to go to driving school again.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can speak to even just one of my concerns.

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