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Career changing from IT to trucking in July 2020.

Former high school and college football coach.

Just going to go in a different direction.....pun intended.

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Posted:  11 months, 2 weeks ago

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Career changing from IT to Trucking - need advice for MVR issues...maybe

You'd best get those tickets resolved BEFORE you obtain your CDL. From what I read when I was dealing with a licensing issue it is illegal at the federal level to change a CDL drivers traffic offense to a non moving violation. Rob D has posted in other places here about his experiences dealing with traffic court in Missouri so hopefully he can chime in when he has time. I'm not sure if a pre-CDL ticket counts, but as a CDL holder if you get 2 speeding tickets over 15 mph (RECKLESS DRIVING) in a 3 year period you will be disqualified from driving for a minimum of 60 days.

You will hear quite a few companies tell you no even if you get 2 of them knocked down, just keep applying. We've had a few members here that had trouble getting hired at their first company and went on to have a very successful career. You can save time and use this link to Apply For Truck Driving Jobs after the matters are resolved. I can almost guarantee nobody will hire you with 3 tickets that severe so recent. Fill out one application and it'll send you information to numerous different companies. All it takes is one yes. Good luck.

I appreciate your help. They are non-CDL but I get what you are saying. I will wait and see how this plead change with one and the attorney with the other works out before I take my scores (will test on 7/24) to the DMV.

You are right too. I was going off what I hear about Swift. I am in NO spot to be overly picky and the fact of the matter is too Rob is that even if the lawyer cannot get the oldest off and I can get this last one pleaded off, if I can get a shot with someone, they will drop in 3 years. It is nothing, then THEN I can be more picky.

I appreciate your feedback. Means a lot.

Posted:  11 months, 2 weeks ago

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Career changing from IT to Trucking - need advice for MVR issues...maybe

Hello all. So, this is my first post, but I am not going to go on a ramble, but.....I do know there are a lot of veteran drivers and recruiters on here that might be able to help out. So here is the Cliff's Notes version...

Was a high school teacher/football coach for 13 years, college for 2. Got burned out with the teaching and career changed in 2012 to IT. When COVID hit, I lost my job here in KC as the company I work for in a specific industry went straight to zero revenue. Problem I have is that my market is now flooded with Computer Science guys that companies can get at my cost. So 25-27 an hour vs 40 an hour. Suddenly, I am down the bench some.

With that being uncle has done hauling his whole life down south. Trucking is nothing that is foreign to me, so this is not going to be something I am just getting into because of and think it is easy. I know it is far from easy, but that is part of the want to do it. It is honest.

So to my point.

I applied for a grant, and I am going to start week two tomorrow in CDL school. I noticed my MVR.

I have been squeaky clean my whole life until March 2019. Since then I have 3, yes 3 speeding tickets for 20 over (3/19) 16 over (6/19) and 19 over (3/20) over. Please, do not lecture me about safety, how I should not consider this industry, etc. Save it, Please. I know it was dumb. There are some circumstances on two of them that led me to speed that still does not justify, so I won't even get into it.

So three tickets. I have hired an attorney to get one removed (20 over in March 2019) and it should be off 2-3 weeks. Also, I paid the one from 3/2020, but contacted the local out in central Missouri this past weel. I have asked to have my guilty plea withdrawn and why. The clerk lady was very nice and said usually is not an issue. At that point (should be this week) they will withdraw my guilty plea, I can then get with the prosecutor there and negotiate it to a non-moving violation, pay the probable higher fine. So....if all goes the end of July I should have this down to the one 16 MPH on my MVR.

Here is my question.....

Assuming the worst case....those do not come off. What companies will hire with speeding tickets? I know there are some that are loose with some things like felonies, etc...but I am just looking for some direction on who to look at.

I have heard PAM, Swift (which I refuse to go there), Schneider, Western Express, and a couple of others hire in my case.

Can some of you point me in the right direction?

Look....this is a lesson learned on this. I just need to know if this is a gigantic waste of time. I mean, I am going to complete the CDL course and get my CDL...would be dumb not to...but I really don't want to wait 21 months to start driving after my 3/2019 drops if the lawyer cannot get it dropped, then have to do a refresher.

Thank you all so much for your time and help. I really appreciate it a ton! Happy 4th weekend! Everyone stay safe!

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