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Hello all,

I am a SC man stepping into a new career field (as of June 2020). I'm looking forward to the adventures - the highs, the lows, the challenges. I'm entering into trucking to bring more revenue into my household. This is all for my girls! Looking forward to having great conversations with you all.

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Posted:  2 years, 7 months ago

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Does Having An APU/EPU Really Matter?

I am slightly surprised that this conversation took place without anyone considering the consequences of an emissions truck idling throughout the night daily. I recall one comment mentioning the issue of constant regens, but it was basically ignored.

Posted:  3 years, 4 months ago

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Coming To The End of My PSD Training with Prime

Hey Christine! I'm signing on this website after having been absent for quite some time! I'm now 6 months from the date of testing! Wow - how time passes on by! 'Slow and steady wins the race' is a phrase I repeat very often! You'll be fine. Take a deep breath and do what you know! Drive safe!

Travis Kinley

Posted:  3 years, 10 months ago

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Failed Ishihara Color Test NJ DOT Physical

If I were you, it seems worth it to try another exam. Do you have a family doctor who can help you with this? If not, I would try again. If you find a doctor who is able to "pass you" or assist you with it, I wouldn't see it being a problem every 2 years - so long as that doctor doesn't give up the ghost.

Good luck.

Posted:  3 years, 11 months ago

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Traning w/ Prime Inc.

Welp! Happy Wednesday, July 15th! Yesterday was Trifecta Tuesday and I lived up to the name! Therefore, I started telling everyone to call me Trifecta Travis! I went out there and just did my job! I put the frustrations and drama of the previous day behind me (which we won't go into) and just kept telling myself, "The past is gone, we are here in the present. Do your job and show what you know." Funniest thing was - I got a nearly perfect pre-trip, a perfect score on all backing maneuvers, but got 7 points off on the road test! LOL Simple things really. One or two of the points I wanted to contest, but hey - I passed! No need to ruin a relationship over semantics and minor points. After all, you've heard what they call medical docs who passed school with a C Average right? Yeah - they call call em docs! ;)

So now I'm off to Washington! Nothing like a 2K mile trip to start your required 50K! I'm honestly kind of hoping we continue the longer trips. Let's go ahead and knock this out. I'm excited about getting my own truck, becoming the King of my own castle again! I'm excited about taking that truck home and showing my girls, allowing my wife to decorate it a bit, then hitting the road and getting to work! I'm looking forward to more ups and downs, laughs and tears, highs and lows. This industry has already proven very challenging. I can see what people mean by it's a lifestyle, not merely a job - but I really think I'm called to this. It feels like I'm adopting this lifestyle better than most - I think I'm made for this. It's good stuff!

Well - I'm getting work done this morning. I rose 3 hours earlier than I was supposed to, so I'm reading, writing, and about to switch my phone line so Verizon can stop robbing me of what I work hard for!

I'll talk to you all soon! Until then, be save drivers!

Posted:  3 years, 11 months ago

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Traning w/ Prime Inc.

Thanks for the replies! Kearsey! It's nice to hear from you and great to have a positive voice in this industry & @ Prime. There is definitely enough negativity!

Great things are happening! Prime is a wonderful place to be! If you keep your head down and work, surely you can find success here, as well as many other places I imagine! I'm scheduled to take my test Tuesday and I'm very much ready! I would've taken it this afternoon if someone had called me and said they had an open slot! I've got every backing maneuver down wonderful, I can recite my pre-trip with very little mistakes, even without looking at the truck, and I'm driving just fine! I will DEFINITELY be watching for those auto fails and ensuring my mind is on the job at all times!

Sitting back in Campus Inn and it's nice to catch a quick break! Having the opportunity to sleep in a bed that is not moving at 60+ MPH. LOL! I was told I'd need to travel to my home state to complete a process to get my license. Hoping I'll be able to see my family, even for a short while, since I've got to travel that way anyways. I'll be speaking with my trainer tomorrow about that. Even if I've got to get a rental, it'd be great to surprise my family and love on everyone before I start the 50K.

My wife and children have been doing great with this transition, as well as myself. I'm sure my bride has some tough days that she's not telling me about, and she tells me the girls can get a little emotional sometimes, but she's being a solid rock for them. I'm constantly encouraging her to grab babysitters and get out of the house - she has a tendency to work herself until she blows. She's going to be fine though. It's great to have a great spouse! ;)

@Sofia R., Glad you'll be coming soon! If you're able to, and this applies to any new person, the absolute BEST advice I can give is the following: if you can obtain a truck and trailer of any sort at all, haul it around for a month straight and everywhere you go. Haul to the store, to the barber shop, accept the challenges of finding parking and backing. I truly think the quickness of me catching on to the driving portion is because I spent years hauling horses from my property to parks and trails and things - and I always had to back into my spot at the house. If you spend A LOT of hours hauling, backing, and parking your trailer - it's really going to set you up well!

Love you drivers! Testing on Tuesday and I can't wait! Does anyone smell a Trifecta in the air??? =]]]

Posted:  3 years, 11 months ago

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Traning w/ Prime Inc.

Now we're rolling!

I upgraded! I'm out of orientation and into PSD! By the grace of God, my best friend "happened" to meet a guy who trains at Prime. Then, almost 2 years later, here I am with a trainer! My trainer emailed me a copy of the Pre-trip info 4 weeks before I arrived, so I have been drilling the info since I received it. WOW! That made a HUGE difference (If you're thinking about coming to Prime, SPECIFICALLY IN SPRINGFIELD, you would be VERY wise to reach out to me so I can email you info. It's the exact same info I was given in class today). I was clearly the most prepared trainee today at the Plaza. Because I'm so prepared for the Pre-trip, I can place more focus on learning to drive.

What a great day! I was able to get with my trainer and drive a bit. First we bob tailed around the practice pad, then around Springfield a little. We stopped by Wal Mart to grab a few things, then drove more. We grabbed a trailer and practiced a few of the exercises for my license. Because I've hauled horses the past 3 years, he was quite impressed with my starting point! Man I'm so glad. If you're thinking about coming to Prime and don't have this experience, try to gain access to any trailer and start hauling it everywhere. Back everywhere. It's going to make a BIG difference. While the vehicle is different, the concept is the exact same.

Tomorrow we will drive a little more and wait for maintenance to have a chance to work on his truck. Once his truck gets some maintenance done, I'm going to pick up my first load! I'm grateful to have been able to secure a trainer in advance. I'm grateful to have been able to practice my pre-trip in advance. And last, but certainly not least, I'm grateful to be here. Which leads me to my last point.

There are two types of people in this world. There are negative folks and positive folks. I've never met anyone in between. If you're planning on coming here, you would be wise to surround yourself with the positive folks. Do NOT find yourself caught up in complaining about the fact that they're making you do the same amount of miles even though you're walking in with a Class B license. Do NOT find yourself complaining because your personality type doesn't match well with the instructor of a class. I am VERY grateful to be here! I said it yesterday, I said it today, and I intend to say it tomorrow! I intend to say it on my worst days AND my best days! Anybody can dance in the sunshine, but it takes a certain person to know how to dance in the rain! If you plan to reach your potential, you'd be wise to learn how to dance in the rain!

What a great day! I can't wait until tomorrow!

Posted:  3 years, 11 months ago

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Traning w/ Prime Inc.

End of Day 1

It's Monday evening at 11:01 PM! Because of COVID-19, classes are staggered and my first appointment is at 9:00 AM, so I've got time to finish these CBT's, write a short entry, and get some shut eye. I'm more than willing to answer questions about orientation, the COVID differences, & etc. But let's be honest - isn't there enough of that on YouTube? I'd rather keep this to an actual diary. Here are a few takeaways from today.

1. Everyone is not here for the same reason I am here. Respect that. We had a guy late to class today. Instructor had to call his cell phone to, what I presume, wake him up and inform him he's late. He got a public reprimand that lasted 3-5 min about why Prime expects timeliness, and we moved on. I spoke with a hand full of others as well who seemed to complain, be more interested in convo about COVID than getting CBT's done. Everyone is not here for the same reason I am. I'm here to provide for my family. I am here to inject more revenue into my household. I am here because my girls depend on me. I encourage anyone considering this lifestyle, TRULY analyze your motives. If you're here to hang out - I encourage you to stay home. Not because you're not good enough - but because I don't think you'll walk away having a good experience. There are many things worth more than money.

2. Staying out of your emotions while on the phone is not always a bad thing - sometimes your family needs it. My daughter had a rough night last night. Crying and needing her mother. It happened once while I was on the phone. I could see in her eyes that she needed me to be a rock. She needed to be assured via daddy's body language that indeed everything was alright, that daddy is having a good time, and that he can't wait to get back home. Sure - it didn't make her life better, but it's a lot better if the pilot comes over the intercom CALMLY explaining the turbulence, rather than crying about it.

3. If you do not succeed at Prime - it is NOT because you were starved! GOODNESS! I haven't eaten this good in quite some time! I sure am gonna miss the food when my trainer comes to pick me up! He says he should be here tomorrow night or Wednesday AM! The staff and drivers here really have taken on the culture of Prime - we are a family! That is such a great thing!

4. Prime has a scholar program. You can receive 50% off (or your spouse & dependents) if you attend Bethel University. As a graduate student, this is very attractive. Also attractive for my wife. I strongly encourage you to seek out ALL perks for the company you're applying to. Life is more than just money!

I love you all! Talk with you soon!

Posted:  3 years, 12 months ago

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Traning w/ Prime Inc.

Turtle & Old School - Thank you both SO much for your replies. They are more timely than you can understand - but I know you both sound like you understand exactly how encouraging it is for someone to reach back out to you! Old School - You're talking to someone who just liquidated horses, trailers and everything! I'm ready to ride this bull my friend!

Posted:  3 years, 12 months ago

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Traning w/ Prime Inc.

Thanks for the replies you all! Here we go. Getting close. This entry may have a little bit of emotions in it. It's my last push before I shut them off and get to work.

1. Pre-Trip Plan! - It is 1:35 AM on Friday morning. Later today, my bride is going to pick up some last minute items for my bag. I'm going to get everything squared away and go over everything in my head. Later, I will pick up a rental and take my bride out to eat. Then we will come home and put our kids to bed. Saturday AM, I'm waking up at approx 4:30 AM, drinking a little coffee, and I'm gone. I've got approx a 9 hour drive through GA, Ala., & Miss., before arriving in TN. I've got a bnb in Memphis, and then I'll finish the journey to Springfield on Sun. AM. If you're asking, Why doesn't this guy go through TN from SC to get to Springfield, MO? During the day, my Maps App always puts the southern route quicker - sometimes by an hour or so. I think I'm just going to trust it.

2. I've got to have a talk with my 5 year old before she goes to bed and tell her that I won't be here when she wakes up. I love this girl with my entire being. I would give my life for her, and I intend to give my life for her every day for the rest of my life - including in Springfield. But she's 5 - she doesn't understand that concept. She's going to hurt. I've seen it in her eyes all week. She tries to cover it, but I'm daddy. Her "card making" for me has increased 200-300%. When she gives them to me - I see it in her eyes. God, bless this sweet girl. She deserves nothing but the best. I'm trying. I'm doing all I can. I always will. I'm her daddy - I'm the first one she fell in love with. Now I feel like the first one that's teaching her to cover pain. I'm the first one teaching her that sometimes you gotta push those emotions down and press on. I hate that. I know what I'm doing is good for my family, but this is tough. Just expressing here.

3. It's so hard leaving home. Knowing you won't be here to protect your family if anything was to happen. I've got three girls - my bride and two daughters. If anything happened to them - if it was someones fault - I fear the man I would become. God, bless my home - protect my family.

4. I gotta get out of these emotions. My wife reminded me that I told her, getting bogged down in emotions is like being in the mud w/o 4WD engaged. You gotta set those emotions aside sometimes and push forward. This was my last bask in my emotions. I needed this time. Thanks for reading. It's time to get to work. I've been running through my pre-trip over and over. I've already got my trainer for PSD & TNT. He sent me a pre-trip guide. Most of it is self-explanatory for folks who have worked on cars, even a little. Just think about the function of the part - and consider what you'd check to ensure proper operation. I guess it helps that I've obtained a CDL before to drive school buses and I've got a little experiences driving and maintaining fire trucks. I'm ready to get in the truck and get going. It's time to get to work.

Thank you for this time. I'll check in either on Sat or Sun night. Maybe Monday, I know I'll have a lot to say then.

Posted:  4 years ago

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Traning w/ Prime Inc.

After peeking into this topical forum, I noticed there weren't too many recent posts, and there are even less from those who have went through Prime Inc. I've been searching for people to talk to who I can relate with - so i thought, why not start my own story?

I'll attempt to document and describe everything as much as possible - especially with the new changes with COVID-19.

1. I am 8 days and 11 hours out from jumping in my rental car and heading to Missouri. Prime is no longer accepting trainees by bus or airplane as a result of COVID-19. Fortunately, they agree to reimburse your expenses once you've obtained your CDL license and are an official employee. I've scheduled to pick my rental up on Friday and pack it in that evening to prepare to start my trip at approx 5:30 AM on Saturday AM. I'm traveling from SC - a 14.5 hour drive. I purchased a cheap Air BNB in Memphis Tenn. to get a good bit of the trip over with on the first day, and I will continue the rest on Sunday AM. I was instructed that I can arrive on Sunday to secure my room at Campus Inn and be ready to rock and roll on Monday AM.

2. Not sure if this is a COVID-19 change or an efficiency change, but you are now instructed to secure your CDL permit in your home state prior to arrival. They will also order your DOT physical and drug test appointments. If you're like me, you'll need to take your physical prior to obtaining your permit. If your state requires this, DO NOT wait for Prime to order your DOT physical. Pay for it, keep your receipt, and turn it in for a reimbursement on a later date. If you're wondering, the permit test is not difficult - all you have to do is read! Read the assigned sections for the relevant endorsements and you'll be fine. If you try to skip or you are not actively reading, you should expect to fail. Be sure to skip every question you are unsure about. It will return at the end of the test. The test resumes until you've reached the required number correct or until you have gotten one more question than the minimum amount allotted to miss. This means - you do not necessarily have to take every question - you only need to get the minimum amount needed to pass. Do not neglect the skip button! Read, relax, and use the skip button.

3. I'm going to miss my family. I cried heavily with my oldest girl the other day (5 years old). She wanted to know why do people need more money when they are growing? Why do you need a new job? I can see in her eyes this trucking is consuming her. I'm worried about the safety of my girls (2 daughters and my bride). We don't live in a bad neighborhood, I think it is just instinctive as a husband and father. We need this for our future though. One day my girls will understand I made the sacrifice for them. The tears will be worth it. I explained to her, "Baby, sometimes you have to do really hard things in order to get something really good. That's what daddy is doing."

That's all for now. Indeed, I feel a little better venting on this forum. Not too many people to talk to about this - folks don't understand - Pastor turned Trucker. Again, I'm 8 days out. I may check back in the day prior to leaving, but I won't spill my anxiety over forum. Just ready to rock and roll. Ready to get into a new rhythm. Ready to cry the tears, dry it up, and do my job. I'm ready to make money and come back home for a couple days.

Hope to talk to you all soon.

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