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Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Raider Express Update Pt 2

One additional criteria I had was the ability to earn in excess of 70k during the first year. Why that number? Truthfully, in my past I've been blessed to earn much more, and wanted to do something different, while at the same time not wrecking my current financial picture. In other words, this figure was my minimum I felt I needed to come to this work. However, for others, this may represent a life changing opportunity with respect to compensation. If it is, there are many stories shared during the first week of how Raider did exactly that with many of the drivers. So cool to have a positive effect on people's lives.

Week 1: Day 1: From the previous experience write up, a little has changed. Day 1 is spent performing the medical first thing. It will take most of the day, and you will see some of your new classmates disappear as a result. Raider will only accept those who can pass immediately (though if unable, you just need to do whatever is required and can come back- sleep study, doctor note, etc. though it will NOT be in the same class) and that are granted a minimum period of 1 year (maximum is 2 years). You will see your class size diminish after the physical as people leave to resolve whatever was identified.

After this, you will start to cover questions in preparation to take the CDL test on Wednesday to obtain your CLP. Homework is to do the questions from a CDL prep app and take a screenshot of your score on question 239 of 240. Before assigning this, you may receive the speech of how this is training and not compensated, so while you are evaluating Raider, they are evaluating you. In other words, if you don't complete, you may be asked to leave immediately.

Day 2: Homework complete validation (we lost no one so yeah!). Continuation of CDL material review. It is quite lengthy. You will be given an app. To assist in grounding the knowledge for the combo, airbrakes tests, you are taken to a truck and given a demonstration. This is your first opportunity to touch/experience the equipment you will use. My first impression? This is a LOT smaller than I thought (was not an extended cab). This REALLY does help cement what you are learning in the app as now you have practical knowledge/experience to marry to the rote memorization you have been doing. In the afternoon, you will take a couple of quizzes to measure understanding. )1/2 of class temperature not taken, no active mask enforcement).

Day 3: There will be a study session in the morning, then another pre-test, and on to the actual tests. These are performed at Raider facility. The reason for Wednesday is that if you need to retest, there is time remaining in week to do so. Please note that while Raider has structured the ability to retest in the case of a failure, ultimately, if all tests are not completed with passing scores by Friday of the first week, you are asked to pursue on your own and come back.

Day 4: The day is spent lecturing on paper logs (for which you will now log class time to get into rhythm of doing) and on map reading. For map reading, you are given an origination and destination, then have to fill out a form that includes the relevant page numbers, nearby highways, general direction of route (NW, SE, etc.) and highways to use. Then you will determine the mileage of route. Several scenarios are given and all is reviewed in class. Time management is reinforced, as is the reminder to be on time back in class after breaks etc. as they are evaluating you the entire time. In our class, there were several needing to retest, so as of now, it is not known how many we will lose.

Day 5: I have no idea, as upon arrival, we were told to enjoy a long weekend as a result of the school performing a "deep cleaning to ensure student safety."

I'd love to thank all who have welcomed me to the community and for the help everyone has provided. This is a unique little piece of internet realestate we've come across in TruckingTruth. Hopefully, this is helpful to others eyeing RE as a possible first job. If there are specific questions, please let me know. If considering, please reach out to me for more information and I'll do my best to answer though may need to seek out the answer! :)


Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Updated Raider Express Training

Hi Everyone,

After seeking advice of where to go, I ended up going to Raider Express. I came to train with Raider because of their truly free CDL training. Why is it free? There are some caveats one may consider, but these are my thoughts. The program is really an internal training function for Raider Express to take people off the street and get their CDL quickly. Why is it free when others outsource to companies and have contracts? I think Raider is filling their own internal needs. Let's face it- from employer perspective, the riskiest employee is a new hire, and even more so an inexperienced new hire at that. Too often we forget that we are PART of a business, and that for US to be paid, the company must generate money in EXCESS of what we are being paid to remain in business.

As a result, the initial wages during "training" are LOW. I think this productivity gain is used by the company to provide training (tax break), minimize employee cost (low wages), get productive work completed (fulfilling customer needs) and creates a pipeline. The first week you will receive NOTHING. Do you typically get paid while in school? I didn't, so think this is completely reasonable. The first week is used to filter trainees to see who will be left. Training is then compensated, for 1000.00 overall. Upon completion of facility training, you will then go out on the road with another trainer for a total of 28 days. For this, you will be compensated at 0.15/mile. This is the tradeoff for free vs contract...While 0.15 seems low, you are eligible to be paid for all the team miles, as well eligible bonus, etc. I think this is very fair overall.

If one leaves early, you do not get your license. If you obtain your CDL, and then jump to another company without notice or under other circumstances, then you may not have any documented experience so will have to repeat a training program at another company. If Raider learns your intent IS to go somewhere else, you won't complete training and get your CDL here.

For myself, this company met the requirements I sought- getting the CDL, with no contract, and decent wages after training is complete- it minimized my financial risk and is truly a win-win for both parties. The only item I was misled in concerns the limiting of class size due to the pandemic. Our class started with ~40 people. That does not indicate ANY limiting as a result. To limit exposure, temperature is taken, and masks are required- though that starts to roll from enforcement VERY quickly. Protect yourself and don't rely on others to police mask use, etc. It is a personal responsibility to maintain health. Do so and don't be an idiot...

If you are coming from out of town, then you will be staying at the La Quinta near the school. Word of caution- some of the "guests" you may not ordinarily choose to associate with, and not far away at another hotel chain, it was raided late last year in a prostitution "sting". My experience with the motel is that it is nice and safe, though I did have to move rooms due to noise. As mentioned previously, if possible, AVOID the connecting rooms as the hotel tends to put families in them (as a Raider, you will ONLY get a room with two double beds). The provided breakfast is nothing to be excited about. It consisted of bags of a cake, and water or juice.

More to come...ran into limit!

Posted:  3 months, 1 week ago

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CRST or Raider Express?

CRST school in Colorado will be at Careers World Wide, in Keenesburg. Both CRST and Steven's Transport utilize this private school, and it was mainly military vets attending when I was there.

If you use your GI Bill benefits to attend, you will not be under a contract at CRST because you are paying for the school.

This is how I started OTR. I only stayed at CRST for four months because the team driving model was not for me.

Hey all, I think I'm definitely leaning towards Raider. I used the GI Bill a long time ago- getting a degree in economics that I never used!


Posted:  3 months, 2 weeks ago

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CRST or Raider Express?

Hi, In speaking with the recruiter, the location was Colorado- I forgot where specifically. When it comes to picking a company, I realize there are a bunch of factors playing into what is good/bad company as well as individual preference. My preference is to run solo though I do think in the beginning my complete lack of experience would definitely benefit from the Team environment.

I tend towards Raider if for no other reason, than lack of contract. I guess I am just shy of contracts ever since the Army! :)

Posted:  3 months, 2 weeks ago

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CRST or Raider Express?

Hi Everyone, Lurker turning public. I'm an older ex-wireless guy who can't find a job in tech anymore due to getting old and whatever, so have been looking at alternatives. I'm a flight instructor as well- though we all know what Covid19 has done to aviation, so on to Trucking!!

Here's the connumdrum: Was looking to start with Raider Express 8/3. Everything I've read says they are a good place to get wet in this industry and are treated well. Alternatively, I have CRST telling me they can get me started next week in their training program.

If possible, can I get some real world advice to make an informed decision? I threw this together (by no means complete, or possibly even accurate): CRST Pro Free training, but with contract Expected ~50k annual year 1 Med/Dental 401k with 3% match >1year Food allowance (training)

Raider Pro Free training, but with contract Expected ~50k annual year 1 Med/Dental 401k with 3% match >1year Food allowance (training)

CRST Con Faster truck Contract Team 1st year Poor training accommodation

Raider Con Slow truck No contract No team Single room at La Quinta No food allowance (training)

What I don't know is what happens day to day AFTER training...

Thanks to everyone in advance! I truly appreciate all input.

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