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Start date with Roehl GYCDL program - Gary, IN terminal - 8/24/20

8-24-20 - Day 1 of training is in the books!

Checked in to the hotel yesterday afternoon (Best Western Inn in Hampton). Room is nice, no issues. Ice machine and laundry on this floor are out of order, but I can use the exercise taking the stairs ;).

My class consists of nine total students, with three instructors (Norm, Jim, and Kenny). All are very personable and sincere.

Today consisted mainly of paperwork (various Roehl disclosures & documents, W-4, I-9, etc.)

We also completed our physical capacity tests, which I had some concerns about. These proved unfounded. The tests consist of five separate exercises of five reps each (L & R knee bends, L & R arm swings above the shoulder, and crunches) on a machine which measures & dynamically adjusts resistance proportional to your input force. The harder you push, the harder the machine resists. You are encouraged to give your maximum effort. The instructors provide verbal coaching and feedback along the way. Among my class are every level of apparent physique, size, and musculature. Everyone passed without issue. I think that provided you have an average range of motion in these areas, there should be no problem. The test is summarized here.

Lunch was provided by the on-site cafeteria, where meals are cooked and/or prepared to order. Everyone agreed the food was good - I heard no complaints. Students are provided with a sign up sheet for each day of the week on Mondays to select from about 15 choices. There are also other choices available in the cafeteria, but students are responsible for any difference in cost above $10. One option today was Calamari & chips!

After lunch, we spent some time on the simulators, which are pretty darn cool. They use a mockup of a truck instrument panel, and are complete with all three control pedals, steering wheel, and shifter with splitter. The sims use a forward main screen approx. 48" across, with two side screens set at angles on your left & right to provide an immersive 180 degree view. The images are impressive and it's a lot of fun. The sim is designed to give you a feel for shifting, and yes, you can grind the gears. Ask me how I know. I have had some (long ago) experience in double clutching, so it was not too difficult for me. The only time I became flustered is when I would miss a downshift, and then try to grab higher or lower gears, rather than just revving a bit higher and trying again.

Following the simulator time was some basic info regarding legal issues pertaining to drivers (mainly involving alcohol & other drugs), and truck nomenclature.

It was stressed several times of the importance of having the Pre-Trip Inspection committed to memory by next Friday. We were given a copy to study with specific wording required for Indiana. The High Road Training program has given me a huge head start on this, and most of it is already familiar. Thanks again, Brett and everyone.

I'm very satisfied with Roehl so far, and eager to get back tomorrow!

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Start date with Roehl GYCDL program - Gary, IN terminal - 8/24/20

Thanks, PackRat.

I'll be at the Gary, Indiana terminal. It's about a hour and half north of me - I'm in Lafayette, IN.

Just got a new rear tire on my bike, and she's all set, so looking forward riding up there on Sunday.

Posted:  3 months, 1 week ago

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Start date with Roehl GYCDL program - Gary, IN terminal - 8/24/20

Hello everyone!

My start date with Roehl has been moved up a week to next Monday 8/24, so I'm posting this introductory note a bit sooner than I expected.

I was lucky enough to stumble on TT a few weeks ago, just after I had signed with Roehl. I studied the High Road CDL Training program, thanks to which I obtained my CLP with no trouble.

I know it's been said many times before, but I want to thank Brett for creating this site, as well as Old School, G-Town, Kearsey, Turtle, Errol V., and all the other moderators hereabouts. In a very short time I've been able to learn a great deal about the business, and the truth about what being a truck driver really means. I now feel I have a huge head start in knowing some common attitudes and pitfalls to avoid, and have had the benefit of learning from so many of you, without yet even having set foot in a truck. I've read just about every post, listened to every podcast, and tried to absorb just about everything I could scour off the site.

Like many before me, I'm both nervous and excited, but looking forward getting started.

I'll be joining Roehl's national flatbed fleet.

Will keep you all apprised of my progress.

Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the TT family.

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