Your "Other Half" In a Truck Driving Career

by Karen
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This story is based on my life, my emotions and my experience. I know there are "other halves" out there that will be able to relate. Being a first time truck driver's wife, at times when my husband leaves on a trip, I've experienced almost every emotion there is from elation to loneliness, sadness to worry. And I'm here to let all of the first-time spouses and significant others of over the road drivers know that you're not alone.

No wonder there's such a high "singles" rate regarding OTR jobs. I didn't realize what love, trust, strength and devotion it took, until now, to keep a relationship strong. What a test! I've been through 3 marriages - the first two ended in divorce due to addictions and lack of trust and respect. But the third time's a charm! I couldn't have picked a more wonderful person if I wanted to, one that God placed in my life….it just so happens that he chose truck driving as a career (LOL). In my last marriage, addiction kept my "ex" away from home so I got used to being alone. What the missing key was for us was the trust and respect we needed to have for each other. Without that, it fell apart.

My husband, now, is my perfect mate. We have that respect and trust - a love beyond belief (I don't just love him - I'm in love with his whole being). And it wasn't until I started traveling with him that it made it so very hard to have him absent for a few weeks at a time. It's so easy for me to slip back into the "old life" behavior and thinking, with all the emotions that go along with it, due to not having "my man" around. Having to be independent within a relationship and not losing one's self is a very hard thing to do. Being a truck drivers "other half" is a challenge in itself. We're alone, within ourselves, and having to handle "life on life's terms". Without the immediate help from the one that's driving for a living, life again becomes a challenge.

I realize, from what my hubby has shared with me, that being a long distance partner for him is just as hard. Not being able to be here when he thinks he should be, to help with the "little things" that need attention. He's been through one marriage before ours, while being a driver, and after 20 years it ended because of "the lack of……" (You fill in the blank…any reason will do).

I want to stress that what's keeping our relationship so strong is #1 - communication. Then, what follows that is trust, respect, and devotion. These are very strong recommendations for any relationship, no matter what circumstances life throws your way. Job or no job - it doesn't matter what you do for a living. Kids or no kids, no matter how many, if any. Owning your home, renting it, or homeless - doesn't matter. I know from experience and observations, as well as my own soul searching, that these are common factors that bond two people for a healthy relationship.

Truck driving is stressful in itself, and my part in helping my hubby to alleviate some of the stress and worry in his life is to be able to communicate life's situations, letting him know that he doesn't have to suffer through the worry of not being here to handle it all. Again, let me say - communication, trust, respect and devotion. These are the same qualities that I've noticed many drivers I've come to know have for their jobs, and each of them "give their all" for it.

So with that, My Blessings to all who have "other halves" in this strenuous career, whether you're the driver, or the one at home. My prayers are with you.

God bless……..stay safe!!!!

Sincerely, Karen Smith

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