Randy's Truck Driving School - Day 8

by rbradyjohnsen

O.k. fellas, please, please, please...if you tell your wife you're gonna call her back, you need to call her back! My husband never did that last night. So I couldn't sleep, my stomach was in a knot and I spent my day imagining all kinds of bad scenarios (maybe I do need meds). I was even too tense to cry...what's up with that? Toward the end of the day I texted one of his classmates, and HE called me back. And I don't even know him. It was a nice guy from Idaho. Long story short (er), I finally spoke to Randy tonight for about 1 1/2 hours, about 1/2 of which we spent yelling at each other (not good for either of us). But we made up at the end, and a roommate is now jokingly calling him "loverboy". And we have now agreed that, if he is having a very intense day, he will call me just one quality time in the evening. And that's fine, because I've got a life here too.

- Everybody's phones are off all day now as they are out on the road learning proper shifting techniques and other driving skills. It is harder than he expected, and he is having some trouble with double-clutching...I saw that coming because when I rode with him I used to tell him if he floated the gears at school or during the road test, it was bad news. He believes me now. And he's in the habit of holding the steering wheel incorrectly too. All the more experienced guys are having trouble breaking their bad habits. They have to stop often for their chain-smoking instructor (crabby, guess the nicotine isn't helping him) to indulge his habit.

- They really are supposed to take their driving test on Friday. How will they pass when they've had so little practice? I don't get it.

- Two of the guys in his room were fighting all night because one was snoring and keeping the other awake. It even got physical as one guy kicked the other guy's bed so hard that it knocked him to the floor! They nearly got into a fistfight over it. The "kicker" is calling their situation "Trucker's Camp".

- Another one of "those" students, who has been bragging about his prison time (yeah, he's bad-a$$) was kicked out of class today for being mouthy and uncooperative, and was escorted out. But he's still at the school. I guess they really want his tuition money. ;)

- Randy finally made the shuttle to Walmart, and what do you suppose that health nut spent over $30 on? Mostly Twinkies and Potato Chips, he told me! So typical. What a goofball. He better not have a heart attack and die, I'll be so mad. ;) How will he survive on the road without me making him eat his veggies?

Because we spent so much time having our little marriage drama, that's all I got.


Hours Of Service

HOS refers to the logbook hours of service regulations.
by Brett Aquila

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