Randy's Truck Driving School - Day 10

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Now that I'm talking to Randy less (twice yesterday and twice today, unless he calls again to get the baseball scores), I often find myself looking at the clock and thinking of what time it is in Utah. I'm getting so much accomplished though! I still don't like it and I wonder what this will feel like as more time goes by or if it will get any easier? Sometimes I wish I could just be put into a medically-induced coma until he returns. Obviously, I am joking...I don't want to miss all the action. ;)

- He's keeping such a level head (phew!), because they are really pushing the leases now and a lot of people are falling for it. But money is a big issue for us and that just sounds too risky. He had a problem when his debit card was declined today...I need to call the bank about that. Big dummies, I email them every week to tell them what Randy's doing so that wouldn't happen.

- He keeps reiterating what a good job I did packing for him. He has everything he needs (a lot of guys don't) and he hasn't had to worry about it. Then he called me because he couldn't find his fabric softener again...silly boy, I'm 1400 miles away, I can't find it from here! Anyway, wrinkles and fuzzies aren't the end of the world. J

- At first when we spoke, he was feeling very worn down, maybe a bit traumatized, and is really hoping for a chance to take a little breather after (not "if") he passes all his tests. He keeps talking about how some things about the school remind him of a cross between a more comfortable, low-security prison and a military base. His class all did poorly on a quiz and were upset and hoping they don't mess up any more and drag their cumulative scores down. And he's worrying that he is so exhausted that he will lose focus and make more mistakes. But he finally calmed down enough to ask me about what's going on here.

- On the other hand, he was jazzed about how well he did out on the freeway, doing serpentine backing, etc. and was high-fived by the instructor (a different one, the grumpier guy had a medical issue). He drove on I-80 toward Reno and was all excited about the scenery he will see when he goes out for real. He also really wants to bring me to that school to show it to me.

- The "kicker" is still complaining about the snoring, which, apparently, they all do! (Ha, that's one thing I don't miss much!) They call it the "snoring symphony" and say it's worse than hearing a jake brake. One guy threatened to go to a motel. But Randy has become so comfortable around these guys that he's running around in his tightie-whities, which he didn't do at first. That made me cry a little (I'm such a wimp) because I MISS that, even though I've been lobbying for boxers for many years. ;) He thought it was sweet how much I miss him.

- They all wish they had more time to practice driving before the road test on Friday; nobody feels like they're ready yet.

- Yet another guy dropped out today, he wasn't doing well and it just wasn't clicking for him.

- A couple of people have left temporarily due to family emergencies and will be allowed to restart later. Wow, that would be difficult, but it's good they have the option.

- While they were on the road today, one of the students freaked out and said he was going to quit and go home. He even texted his wife, trying to arrange for a plane ticket. Later he calmed down, and is still hanging in there.

- The guy whose laptop was stolen last week is in big trouble because it was army property and he's still looking for it. I'm a little surprised 1. that security couldn't have found it before it left the property, and 2. that so many guys bring pricey laptops there.

- The instructors have been stressing how both fun (makes you feel powerful) and dangerous truck driving can be (Yay! I wish everybody realized that). They watched videos about winter driving hazards, and were told that 90% of accident damage occurs in truck stop parking lots. Is that really true??? Holy cow, I've always liked truck stops. And this company is self-insured, so it all comes out of their pockets.

The next 2 days will be big ones for us, as Randy hopes to pass his tests. I'm crossing my fingers and my toes!

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