This Really Burns Me...Bad News About Driving in the Fog!

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You know, I'm sorry, but this really burns my butt! I saw a TV show about this tragedy last night. Why is it that people refuse to accept that they are too stupid to know how to drive when weather conditions aren't good? They always want to find someone (or some company) to blame for their stupid judgement!

So much for warning signs in areas that are prone to problems. Some people just don't want to pay attention. It's people that think they are above it all that cause the problems. I'm so fed up with TV shows trying to portray companies as the bad guys when all it takes is just a little common sense on the part of the drivers on the road to prevent an accident.

A TV show about a tragic pileup on foggy I-75 in Tennessee talks about the mother of a truck driver trying to put the blame of the fog on a company in the direct vacinity. The show also talked of the warning signs about the fog in the area and to take action accordingly if you were driving that particular stretch of highway. The mother wanted the company to pay for the deaths of those people, even if their deaths occurred because they did not adapt their driving to the conditions they were driving in! I'm sorry, but I do not agree! People are so greedy for easy money that they'll try to place blame where it has no place to be, just to be able to get a free ride for the rest of their life!

Fog! As a driver, whether of a four-wheeler or an eighteen-wheeler, what do all of the driver's license books in every state of the union tell you to do? Come on, out with it! They all say that to drive safely in fog, you use your low-beam headlights and reduce your speed! I guarantee that any accident that occurs in fog happens because people choose to ignore these rules. "I'm late for work, I can't slow down!" or " I've got to make this delivery on time!" Why do so many people believe that these are good excuses to die, become handicapped or kill someone else? Maybe those people should seek psychiatric or psychological help because the reasons they give for not playing it safe on the highway are absolutely insane! There is something terribly wrong with a person who thinks this way!

Sorry, folks, but I had to vent here after seeing that show on TV! I've been there. I've driven in the fog and done it properly! I've hated having to drive that slow in order to prevent an accident, but I may not be talking to you now if I had decided that fog was not a good reason to slow down, that my load and my husband were not important enough to get there in one piece! No matter how soon they want that load, they'll never get it if I'm too stupid to drive according to weather conditions. Better late than never, and I don't care how much it pays, because if I die by my careless driving, I'm not going to get paid anyway!

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