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I try to lead a simple life, I'm not after riches untold or fame, I prefer to love, live, and be free. There is always someone out there that wants to control those things that I hold dear. For instance ... I once had a boss that couldn't stand the fact that I was happy in my life. He never wanted to get to know me or understand where I stood. He wanted me to be like the rest of his drivers. These drivers were always griping about their wives and how the law was against everyone and how they hated to work, on and on and on. It was very nerve-wracking for someone of a happy nature to be around people who wanted to lead a depressed life. So I tended to ignore those types as much as possible. Be as that may, there were times when I would have to work in close quarters with said 'want to be depressed people.'

I remember one day the owner was being nasty to everyone he came across. On those days I would usually stay away and busy myself with cleaning my truck up or something. This was one of those days when I had nowhere to go and nothing to do to keep away and out of line of fire. I mean, after all there is only so much cleaning you can do on a truck. The boss leveled off at me walking all the way across the parking yard just to make sure he was going to get full effect on me with his raging tyrant.

Now If I'm in the wrong then I will accept whatever the consequences are and deal with them accordingly. I've never been afraid of being wrong, but I would prefer to be right. Well, this boss started off by accusing me of stealing time from him ... Folks, this man was askin' for something he couldn't pay for, even with all his possessions. When I unloaded a southpaw to his nose he crumpled to the ground and began cursing me and threatening to have me arrested. I calmly ask if he was sure he wished to proceed with his threat. He then shot back in no uncertain terms that he would have me put away and sue me for all I was worth. I told him he left me no other choice but to take outta his ass what I figured he would cost me.

Still to this day I don't think I ever got enough.

What I learned from this, no man can buy. This type of wisdom only comes in two forms. The first being - having the experience yourself and dealing with it the best you know how. The second is - listing to someone who has been there. If you chose to do the first then you may be in for a long hard stay at a place where steel bars greet your every waking moment.

Just take my advice and let the boss rant and rave. He is only showing you that he is screwed up. If you're in the right then let him raise hell ... just stand there and when he's through he may fire you or he may feel like he has proven himself.

What to do if he fires you? Well if you're in the right then hire an attorney to sue him. Finding an attorney that will do what it takes to serve justice is almost impossible. If you find one, great. If you don't, then try drawing unemployment. If you cant draw unemployment, then you need to think about letting it go and chalking it up to experience ... I know, I know - It's hard to feed a family on experience ... But with the way the court systems are today, it really leaves you no choice.

Honestly... If I had it all over to do again ... I would do it the same way. BUT ... I would make sure I got enough!

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