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Unemployment Insurance Tax? Ya Must Need a Doctor's Degree

Truck drivers often have questions about unemployment insurance, how it works, and how it affects them. Here, we explain the basics of unemployment insurance, how it works, and the necessary steps to apply for it. We also provide answers to commonly asked questions.

Not much. You? Trucking Is as Trucking Does.

Pappy is a trucker looking for a job, having filled out 209 applications so far. He shares his thoughts on personal hygiene and why he believes it's important for trucking companies to meet their potential hires in person.

Satin sheets to LIE on. Satin pillows to cry on.

This article examines if Barack Obama is powerless as President of the United States and the implications of this on the American public. It also looks at how the Government is changing from a Republic to a Democracy and how this can lead to Socialism. Discover the facts in this article.

Just an ol' Trucker Looking at Driving Schools

This article investigates trucking schools and offers insight into the meaning of White Knights of the Highway. Get a glimpse into the world of getting your CDL, and learn the pros and cons of different trucking schools.

Leadfoot Jessie and One Toothed Bandit

Follow the story of 'Leadfoot Jessie and 'One Tooth Bandit', two veteran truck drivers, as they embark on a strange and mysterious trucking expedition on 'Route 66'. Learn about their adventures and the surprising events that unfolded during their journey.

Economic Hard Times and The Politics of Change

This article investigates the economic recession in the United States and its effects on truck drivers and the overall economy. It looks at the causes for the recession and how it can lead to an economic depression, along with a breakdown of the gold standard, social security tax, and the potential for civil war.

Trucker's CB Radios: Fire on the Wire!!!

This article discusses CB radio lingo, how it works, the advantages of using it, and the various types of CB radio equipment. It also explains how to interpret CB radio signals and why it is still relevant in the trucking industry.

To Fuel or Not To Fuel? It is to Question.

This article provides useful advice for truck drivers to help them make the best decisions when it comes to fueling their vehicles. Topics covered include the benefits of the Trucker's Club Card, when to fuel up and why it's important to keep your fuel tanks full.

The Magical, Mystical “Hot Load”

This article provides tips and strategies for truck drivers hauling 'hot loads'. Learn how to safely navigate the roads and avoid potential pitfalls like 'barn-broken' 4-wheelers and highway pileups while delivering cargo on time.

Keep Entertained While You're Out There On The Road

Truck drivers: Satellite radio and TV can be great ways to keep entertained on the road. Learn about other gadgets and gizmos, as well as radio-controlled toys for fun. Use your imagination and have a great time!

What's a "Greasy Spoon"?

Truck drivers know the struggle of finding food on the road. Discover the definition of a 'Greasy Spoon' and tips for choosing the right one when you're out on the road.

PawPaws Don't Need Medals

This article looks at the Navy's Colors Ceremony in Pearl Harbor, explaining how it brings honor to the country's freedom and how it was honored during the attack. The story is told by the author's grandfather, who was on one of the ships during the attack.

Thank God it wasn't me.

This article is an account of a truck driver who witnessed a tragic accident. The driver reflects on his own experiences and the importance of staying focused on the road. He emphasizes the consequences of taking your eyes off the road, even for a split second, and encourages drivers to take responsibility for their actions.

Getting to know me...

Truck drivers may sometimes find themselves in the company of a tyrant boss. Read this article to understand how to handle such a situation and to learn best practices for protecting yourself while driving.

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