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What about women truck drivers?

Female flatbed driver securing a load with chains

Women truck drivers have historically made up a very small percentage of drivers in the U.S. Truck driving has, like many fields, traditionally been dominated and run by men, and in many ways women have shied away from trying to break into the industry.

In reality there is very little difference in the approach that women take when considering a driving career. In fact, with the rise of instant electronic communication, constant monitoring of public spaces, and changes in cultural gender roles, women and men stand on level ground in terms of chances for success in trucking.

How many truck drivers are women?

Not many. Women make up a small, but growing, percentage of truck drivers. Many may just not have considered it, but with the uncertain economic climate and aging workforce, more women are entering the industry.

Women truck drivers make up around 5.8% of the 3.5 million drivers in the U.S. which is up from 4.8% in 2010.

Should women drivers be concerned for their health & safety?

In short, not really, or not any more than their male counterparts. Women drivers are no more or less likely to be victims of crime, violence, etc. on the road than men. As with any situation, always be aware of your surroundings, stay vigilant, and if the situation doesn't feel right, get out of it.

Are there any issues to be concerned with specific to women truck drivers?

Again, not really, other than everyday issues that they would deal with in any job. We do have resources specifically for women in trucking below:

Video - Tips For Female Truck Drivers Part 1

This is a video by a female truck driver giving tips for female truck drivers.

Can female truck drivers handle the physical aspects of the job?

There really isn't anything about the physical aspect of truck driving that women should be concerned with any more than men. Certain types of trucking jobs, like flatbedding, will require a certain amount of physical strength to lift and move tarps, etc., as well as the general endurance it takes to drive a truck all day, but overall female drivers are on even footing with men.

Video - Woman Truck Driver, Kitty Liang, Follows Her Dreams at Schneider

This video is an interview with a female truck driver about her driving career.

Married Couple Team Driving:

Another option for women interested in becoming truck drivers is team-driving with their spouse. Many couples, in addition to being joined in matrimony, have made the decision to also work together driving truck.

Additional considerations that need to be made involve, obviously, the family aspect if there are any children involved, and whether both spouses will train at the same time or separately, considering bills to be paid, running a household, etc. For better or for worse, every couple is different and makes decisions in different ways, so there is no right answer.

Video - Husband & Wife Team Drivers James & Andrea Steward

James and Andrea Steward are husband/wife team drivers for Conway Truckload. We deliver *goodies* that make life in America possible for all of us. You are invited to come along and share the ride.

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