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Company Training: Dealing With Your Trainer

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Like it or not, you're going to be paired up with, and live with, somebody who, until very recently, you didn't know at all.

Normally, the both of you will make it through the company training phase unscathed, and you will move on to your own solo career.

Personality conflicts are almost inevitable, but your job is to stick it the best you are able, and learn how to safely operate the vehicle. There are occasions, however rare, in which trainer & trainee just can't stay together until the end.

What is life with the company trainer like?

For new drivers who aren't used to it, it can be kind of strange. You are living in a tiny space with a stranger who has been tasked with making sure that you are ready to drive a truck by yourself.

It's something that every new driver has to go through, and it's another situation that you want to do more listening & learning than talking and worrying.

Video - Maverick Trainer truck - Inside View 2015 Freightliner

This video is a tour inside the truck of a trainer for Maverick Transportation

Will there be a wait to find a trainer or mentor?

You may find yourself waiting around to find a trainer, depending on the company. There are cases in which new drivers are sent home to wait, but usually the company will be pretty good about getting you out on the road.

There may be a longer wait for female drivers who want to wait on a female trainer, as there generally just aren't that many of them.

How will I be assessed on my driving abilities by the trainer?

What about personality clashes with my company trainer?

Company training is stressful for both the trainer and the trainee, no question. You're kind of forced to be around a virtual stranger 24/7 for weeks on end.

Normally, we would suggest trying your best to make the situation work. As a rookie, you are there to learn how to do the job safely & efficiently, and one of your biggest challenges will be adapting to less-than-perfect situations.

Video - Sharing A Truck With A Trainer

This video by Allie Knight talks about sharing a truck with a trainer.

What if my trainer takes home time?

Video - Trucking And Truck Driver Trainers

This video is an interview with a truck driver about life on the road in training.

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