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Old guy. Road race motorcycles, musician, freelance writer, general smart a$$, Happy at Knight Transportation

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Posted:  2 hours, 53 minutes ago

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Company Safety Slogan

We haul everything except a$$

Posted:  2 hours, 55 minutes ago

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Turned in my truck today...

Best of luck and congrats

Posted:  1 day, 3 hours ago

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Prioritizing - Or Risk Versus Reward

I was chuckling reading this. I' usually avoid our terminals like the plague for that very reason. Olive branch seems to get a collection of them there. I've had the exact same situation and did what OS said to do. I usually call my DM afterwards and let him know.

I just dropped off an empty that was missing the skirts on one side, nothing critical. I asked the shop if they wanted it in now or wanted me to keep running it. They thanked me and had me drop it. No skin off .my back.

If I can safely keep running I usually opt for it. I've seen a few of our trailers with notes on them that the landing gear were too stiff to operate. I always ask the shop if I can take them, and that gets me an empty and a workout. I've ran across the prima Donna's that just don't want to put a little thought and muscle into it. They're usually the ones complaining that they have no work too.

Posted:  1 day, 3 hours ago

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These are typical comments. We're talking about large corporations, they hemorrhage money. Do they have policies that will extract whatever savings wherever they can? Yes. Do they lie and perform illegal activities? Usually not.

The position I just took on a dedicated route has some Grey areas, unfortunately we're not able to reach an agreement on those areas. I could just see a number of people like the op saying the evil mega carrier promised more money and then took it back. It's not the case however.

In all reality, the manager of the route and I just couldn't get to an agreed upon amount for extra work. The solution is to accept that and either take the offered amount or resume my previous position. It's just business, it happens. Nothing personal.

For some reason people seem to expect businesses not to act like businesses. Really as piecework paid employees (by the mile), we are much closer to a business than an employee. As a result, I tend to look at my relationship with my employer as a business relationship. There's always a give and take. I expect them to act in their best interests and I do in mine. Usually those overlap but in some areas they don't. In other words, saving the company money doesn't always benefit me but overall, it helps the relationship.

But it takes time and knowledge to be in a position to have any value in the relationship. As new drivers, we're a liability, not an asset. As we become safe and efficient drivers, we build our value and then can negotiate.

Posted:  3 days, 3 hours ago

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Coffee making

Being from the bay area and living in Seattle for years, definitely a coffee guy.

The top shelves on the T680 are a plastic tub, so if you don't have that, I'd velcro a plastic tub to the surface.

I use a standard Mr coffee 5 cup model. (Our trucks come with a 2k watt inverter. The pot fits perfectly in large 32 Oz cup. I use standard filters even though it's an espresso ground. The Cafe bustello is cheap but very strong and tasty. I can also set it for autostart if desired.

I keep a Styrofoam cup for reheating in the microwave as my main cup is stainless and too big.

Saves untold amounts of money over purchasing coffee at a truck stop.


Posted:  6 days ago

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There's also some studies showing ekg and other tests in regards to biochemical changes in males and females interactions. They all showed marked changes, if I recall correctly, even visually with males but also all the senses to some degree. Interesting stuff.

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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Indeed he could have been simply trying to help, but we don't know, we weren't there.

At the same time, there's a wealth of data that shows biochemical changes and behavioral changes in men in response to interactions with women, and likewise with women and men. Both genders act and react based upon their programing in their DNA. It's involuntary and inescapable.

We have some stigma associated with it, like we're bad for our it and women are bad for flirting and seeking attention but in reality it's just our instincts.

Pretty safe bet to lay odds that the guys motivation wasn't entirely just to help. Also a pretty safe bet to lay odds that if he looked like Brad Pitt, Nae would have had an entirely different reaction.

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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Interesting, I thought Errol was being sarcastic. Seeing anyone dressed like Clinton would probably cause severe gastrointestinal issues as well as severe shrinkage so I suppose that would be a good anti harassment tactic.

Although, most men will hit on anything that has a pulse and is breathing in this industry. And most females will solicit attention from any males no matter how ugly and stinky they are. It's unconscious on both parts. It's just our species nature.

And before the litany of "I'm not that way" comes, if you're human, you have those qualities to some extent or another. It's just evolutionary biology. It is what it is. We temper it through logical thought and societal pressure.

Ultimately we're responsible for our own personal defense. It's goes back to what I said earlier. Despite all of our advances as a species, we're still just mamals and still act on our instincts to some degree.

Posted:  2 weeks, 2 days ago

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Questions from a total noob

Fwiw, I've worked for Knight since I got started with them. They have been wonderful to me as well. I'm currently on a dedicated account that pays 90 to 104k, depending on how much i work, annually while keeping me home daily wile working 7 to 9 hpurs a day.

CPM isn't all of the equation. I'm currently making the same cpm as i do OTR, it's the ancillary pay and bonuses that make up the rest. I wouldn't have gotten the opportunity without performing and communicating well. It's really all about the foundation you build in ypur career and how you maintain your relationships with your company. You may find that what you want changes as you grow in the industry. I'd just concentrate on being the best you can and see what opportunities come with whichever company you go with.

Posted:  2 weeks, 2 days ago

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Questions from a total noob

We have many members from Both Prime and Knight. I currently still work for Knight. I would encourage you to search for both companies in the CDL diaries section. I left a very detailed account of my experience with Knight from starting school all the way through Top Gun, and training. Swift also has our Top Gun training as well as shared instructors at many locations.

Some of the differences are the length of time in training and approach. I can't speak too much on Prime, but as far as I understand, your training is done while you get your license and then there's a long training period with a trainer afterwards. Hopefully a prime driver can fill in the details.

At Knight school is done first, for 3 weeks, once you get your CDL, you can do 1 week of Top Gun and 2 weeks with a trainer or go directly to 4 weeks with a trainer. Then you will do 30k solo training miles under a DDM (driver development manager). There's no contract at Knight, and you're an employee once you pass the drug tests and physical. You get paid starting your first day of school but have to pay for your own lodging and food.

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