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    Small Cow Town, UT

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8+yrs combat construction as a Navy Seabee. 7+yrs heavy haul (105,500 GCVW) aggregates in end dumps, pups and transfer bodies. 19+yrs combat intelligence for the USAF. Hired by Pride Tansport out of SLC, Utah 15 Feb 2021.


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Posted:  5 days, 16 hours ago

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Other people’s doubts

It's your life to live, live it. Their doubts are out of fear and lack of knowledge.

This...this right here. Especially for your parents. As for your boyfriend... find a trucker boyfriend, team drive, stack that cash and live a great life. I'd do that in an instant.

Posted:  6 days, 17 hours ago

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Starting with Pride Transport SLC on 15 Feb 2021 ask away!

So my 1st solo day was also challenging. 3188 was being cantankerous. After sitting unused for a few weeks I believe she became barn sour. Once the inverter was installed she said "nah-uh Eff-yoo!" The truck would flash the hazards once, the low beams once and then the high beams once and after a pause it would repeat. I never saw so many coveralled men gathered around one truck with such puzzled looks.

I gave up and let dispatch (my FM was out most of the week) know that it was unlikely I'd make my 1600 departure and opted to do my 34 in SLC. The weekend guys may not be the best at covering for a dedicated account, but who knows. After a glorious nap up in Pride's "quiet" lounge, the truck get fixed.

So I grabs me a trailer and wash it out. Pride pays the driver 10 smackers for such efforts. Then I hit the fuel island for a top off and then a pass through the wash rack, before I park for the night. Grabbed the shuttle van and went to Wally World for some essentials and called it a night.

Off before the sun to Ogden for a load of Hershey's candy. Love this place, they give 2 free candy bars to drivers. Then make time to Hurricane for a drop n hook headed to Denver. My regular FM is back Monday, so hopefully I will get a more definitive routine.

I guess for now my objective of becoming a truck driver is complete. If something unusual or a learning moment presents itself I'll post it here. If anyone drops in with questions, I will be checking in on this thread to answer. Thanks to all who have offered advice, encouragement and took the time to read my story.

See you on the black top, if you see me and 3188 make sure and wave or say hello.


Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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Starting with Pride Transport SLC on 15 Feb 2021 ask away!

Well it's official I am a company man now.

Much like the military, my test day was an exercise in hurry up and wait. It was also filled with its share of challenges. Come closer dear reader and let me avail opon you my tale.

Showed at 0800 for my written test, proctor wasn't ready yet. So...I was told to go stash my shizz in my assigned truck. 3188 btw, she's a 2019 Cascadia. But she was dirty in n out and a dead battery to boot. Returning to the proctor with said discrepancies, he said to start the test and the crew would get on it.

45 minutes and headache later the written test is complete. Missed a few. Trip planning was old school. Not even a calculator allowed. As you can imagine I missed carrying a letter or dotting a number or some such algebraic nonsense. Also missed a couple of questions related to policies. But "C's" get degrees.

By this time I'm put on hold as the road test guy is busy, so I wait for an hour or so for him to un-busy and get us a truck and loaded trailer to test in. And here I thought I would be testing in my truck or another Cascadia like my trainer had. Nope, we grabbed a Pete and carried on smartly.

Road test was pretty straightforward. Pretrip was standard DOT fare excepting the reefer pretrip. It was part, test part guidance. But I'm not one to turn down a pro-tip. Completed the road test and I was told to work on my stopping distance behind vehicles at red lights. They want 2 car lengths. Ok fair enough. Then I was told I needed to use my Jakes more. Since the roadtrip was mostly in town I found that odd.

So we park and I'm off to find my truck and move in. Dm already has a load on me and I'm feeling pressure. Truck was hidden from me, joke on the new guy maybe. Ah who knows. I find her she's clean and fresh in n out and starts too! Time for inventory and initial inspection right?

Nope. I get called back to training and they apologetically tell me a big portion of the road test was missed. Imagine dear readers my inner monologue to this junction of the day. Well off we go to get a truck n trailer. Our HQ is in the crook of the I15 and I80 area, so we jump on the 80 head east for the mountain pass that borders SLC. Up the hill down, the hill, back to the yard. No mention of my Jake usage. Did you see the foreshadowing earlier?

So now its 5pm on Friday and the rats are scurrying from the ship. I'm in low blood sugar and sleep deprivation status as I was driving nothing but nights. So I grab chow and sort out what little gear I have in the truck and give the interior the fine tooth comb for the initial inspection. A shower and two turns around and it's 2300, rack time!

Up early Saturday to complete the inspection, get my inverter installed and a new safety inspection. Truck is in the shop as I type this. I have to be out of the yard by 1600 to grab my 1st solo load in Ogden to take to Hurricane and drop n hook head to Aurora Co.

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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Starting with Pride Transport SLC on 15 Feb 2021 ask away!

I just dropped a trailer at our dropyard in Southern Utah and since I'm stuck waiting until midnight for my next trailer to arrive I decided to calculate my hours.

It's official! I have hit my required 200 hrs of team driving.

I will drag this next load for 6 more hours back to Cali and then my trainer will offload and drop n hook a trailer in Ontario bound for SLC. Should be in the yard hopefully late Thursday to early Friday. After some sleep I'll be testing out for solo.

My routes dm is off with a family issue, so the trainer is going to help me get a load towards home. Then I can outfit my truck and get a 34, so I can start my route on Monday with a fresh clock.

The milestone of becoming a company driver vs a trainee is with my grasp. Funny thing is my mom is way more excited than anyone else and more than needs be. Lol but that's why moms are awesome. Here's a tip...

Call your mom, tell her you love her and thank her for just being Mom.

All things go well and the next entry will detail the testing and I'll change my status!


Posted:  1 week, 5 days ago

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Journey with Wilson Logistics - Springfield, MO

Be silently following along, keep a inner dialogue about each backings pros n cons, you'll start forecasting what's gonna happen before it does and then it'll hit. Good luck.

Posted:  1 week, 5 days ago

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Starting with Pride Transport SLC on 15 Feb 2021 ask away!

Great update!

A word of caution on this route. Road conditions and weather are on the upswing now, but in less than six months, the cold, snow, and ice return on that dedicated route. That sounds to me like a great Summer routine, though.

The wx was a big component of the analysis, as was the timing of me taking the route now. At least I have all summer to scope it out and find all the hidy-holes. But with everything its compromises and pros and cons. This route had a stop point along the 70 that's one hour from home so I'll be able to pop in for a 10 a few times a circuit for laundry and food replacement.

Posted:  1 week, 6 days ago

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Starting with Pride Transport SLC on 15 Feb 2021 ask away!

2nd shift in the books after my break. Hopefully now the VA can adv6my claim.

Did some math and we are averaging 5300+ miles a week and I have 25 hrs left before I return to SLC to phase up. We are working with dispatch and training to line it all up.

I have been offered a dedicated route btwn Denver and SoCal and after discussions and doing some analysis, I have accepted. Dispatcher that my trainer has will be my dispatcher as well, so that relationship is already established. I'm told I'll get 3k miles a week easy. Can't wait to get my own truck and get after it. After phase up next milestone is in August I'll be eligible for 401k enrollment.

I'll let you know when I head to SLC!

Posted:  1 week, 6 days ago

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What type of bag/luggage should I bring for training?

You will most likely be to tired each day for games and reading.

I am here to say this is 1000% accurate, more so if/when you hit a team driving phase. After trying to get as close to 11hrs as you can, you will eat (maybe) and crash hard.

Posted:  2 weeks, 2 days ago

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Trying to get myself in sync

It may take awhile to adjust, if it happens at all. I eat, sleep, or use a bathroom as necessary with absolutely no schedule for any of it.

I'm mainly on a Keto/Paleo diet, so I avoid most grains and dairy. These are not for human nutritional needs. I will eat cheese, ice cream and white rice, but that's about it from those two groups.

Meat, Eggs, Seafood, Nuts & Seeds, Vegetables, Berries, Coffee, Tea, Water. These are the only foods I strive to eat. Is my eating steadfast? Not at all, because I will consume some food outside of this. My #1 challenge now is getting off Cokes. I'm down to three every two days since I really started weaning myself from this addiction about two weeks ago.

The soda will be a struggle for me and the Pilot app seems to know this. Lol

Posted:  2 weeks, 2 days ago

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A Few More Loose Ends

O.S. had the right ideas.

Where you entity to drive can be up to you - it never hurts to ask. You street told "work with dispatch", do start there. In the military occasionally we with for looking a "wish list" of what we would like to be staying. If was called a wifi list because it was Jeremy peregrine's and sister rarely get fulfilled.

For laundry I simply use a pillow case. Any kind of tabs for laundry soap put posts, as liquidate and prayers could slip.

Just let in high schools, yeah a gym bag with her stuff in it. Keep a towel & wish rag of your own for your terminal facilities. Truck stops will photos with laundry and very clean sister. Laundry is laundromat offices, the showers actually did but you'll get free shirts credit when you do up with diesel.

/\ /\ /\ Raw swipe keyboarding /\ /\ /\
No, I'm not on drugs.
\/ \/ \/ After I correct it, my actual thoughts \/ \/

rofl-2.gif rofl-3.gif

Omg, drugs?! I was wondering about a stroke. The more I read, the more I was confused. When I hit the raw swipe line, it hit me. I haven't laughed like that in while.

Posted:  2 weeks, 2 days ago

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A Few More Loose Ends

My company runs reefer/dry van so not a lot of dirt/grime do I get into, just mostly day old body. I have 2 laundry bags both are the mesh kind. The clean one keeps my clothes (8 shirts/undies/socks folded in sets. Those sets are separated in 3 by 2 pairs of jeans. So including the set I have on it's 3 kits or 9 days (I wear the Jean's 3 days). As I remove the dirties I refold them in a kit with undies/socks folded inside the shirt and I stick a dryer sheet in with the sock/undies and place them in my 2nd laundry bag. No smells. The full bag is one load and I keep 2 premade zip baggies of powder in my dirty bag. I have only needed to use 1 but have spare in case. Our company routes us through the terminal bi-weekly and that's where I get it done. But there has been plenty of opportunity to do it on the road, but why pay?

I have a shower backpack. Plain old black, 1 main pocket and 1 small pocket. When I head to shower a kit of clothes goes in on top of my soaps. Then the towel and the small pouch houses my toiletries. My flip-flops hang on the outside from the loop by a carabiner. Easy-peasy.

Posted:  2 weeks, 2 days ago

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Starting with Pride Transport SLC on 15 Feb 2021 ask away!

Still following; LOVE reading!

Re: The 'lady..' I'll be free to be 'trained' in January, when my kiddo hits 18, LoL.

(That's if Big Scott or PJ or PackRat don't take me on. . . . G'Town is too far, dang him!)

Then again, if Errol's schooling was close by... hmm! (I simply LOVE Amazon, haha!)

Seriously, I love following along, good sir. Verisimilitude, for sure!!!!

Keep on keeping on; you are such an inspiration!!!!

~ Anne ~

rofl-3.gif sorry.gif rofl-3.gif good-luck.gif good-luck-2.gif good-luck.gif

I don't know if I have enough knowledge to train you, but I'll give anyone a chance.

Posted:  2 weeks, 3 days ago

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Looking to join the trucking world after Military retirement


I will be retiring from the military in the next year and would like some feedback on the program Troops Into Transportation. It is one of the many training programs that is offered to Military veterans. I was hoping that some in here may have used this program and could give me some feedback on the good, the bad, and the ugly. From the reviews that I have been able to find it seems to be a decent program, but I would like to ask in here.

Also, just wondering what you enjoy about being in the trucking world. I have done 20 years in the communications field and need a change. I love to travel and seeing new things and think that with a big windshield in front of me, the ever-changing scenery, might be just what I need. I am not scared of hard work or long hours as long as it is enjoyable most of the time. I am aware that it is not always fun, but just looking for some feedback on what most find enjoyable in their work.

I just retired last March and am right in the middle of a "refresher" program with Pride after not driving for 14 years when I went back to active duty. I can't speak to the program you mentioned before, but if you wanna bounce any questions off me from a retired military perspective I'd be glad to weigh in.

Posted:  2 weeks, 3 days ago

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Starting with Pride Transport SLC on 15 Feb 2021 ask away!

Any update or news?


The last week was fairly routine. Lots of night shifts, we did get one run to SLC to have some terminal time and a little love for the truck from the maintenance experts. Lots of yogurt and candy runs mostly. One fresh meat load and a load of spaceship insulation for NASA that had to be kept frozen. Weird? SURE! but I guess most things involved in space aren't average to us.

I started home time last night and have 154 hrs completed on my 200 hr team phase. The trainer is planning on the 7th or 8th for a run back to SLC to drop me off for my phase up to solo. I am well over the required backing at 103 dock bumps. The trainer has really thrown me some curveballs. Waking me up to back into difficult docks, making me blind side when I don't have to, and other little "advanced challenges". I had a blind side back from the street at one small warehouse and the trainer worked with the shipper so I had to blind side all down the length of the dock and take the last dock between 2 trailers when there was ample room and empty docks. He made me 180 in a tight place to create a blind side as well. I know he's pushing my comfort level and testing my abilities.

Noobs should take this lesson, my trainer is not just making my life hell, he's prepping me for tougher times ahead. We used to say in Battalion, "The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle."

I met with my VA advocate and my claim is slowly progressing, it's been over a year now. The VA made me take yet another hearing test and wants me to upgrade to newer hearing aids. Which is all well and good but I am more bothered by the ringing in my ears. It's borderline obnoxious and I have to have background noise to drown it out. Even to sleep.

I have had the best sleep recently though. I think the noise of the truck/reefer/APU really suppresses the tinnitus, that and the exhaustion that follows driving for 9-11 hrs. Either way, the waking up every few hours, for a few hours, has completely stopped and I am sleeping 8+ at a stretch. That hasn't happened for the last 12 years or so. Winner, winner!

So now I need to find a lady to team with and she can keep the truck rolling so I can keep getting good sleep.dancing-dog.gif All kidding aside the sleep has been a gift. For years I have tried all the tricks except drugs/alcohol, though I was getting desperate enough. White noise, meditation, black out curtains, you name it. Nothing helped and trying to live on what is essentially 2 naps per night was way less than ideal. Hopefully I won't have to drive a truck 9 hrs a day until I die to get good sleep. Lol

I should be back on the road tomorrow or the next day. My trainer also had a medical test to complete for an upcoming surgery. So as soon as we hear from dispatch, he'll be swinging by and I'll finish off my hrs.

Posted:  3 weeks, 6 days ago

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Galanz microwave/air fryer combo

I belong to a group of people who cook on their trucks on social seems that everyone has them. I don't know what size/model etc, but they all seem to love it.

I would like to get a list of recipes and equipment recommendations for when I go solo.

Posted:  3 weeks, 6 days ago

View Topic:

Serious question on OTR trainers ....

I'm currently running team with my trainer and we have gotten along great. He's a chatty one, but that ain't bad. He also vapes, which I asked for a non-smoker/vaper trainer, but it was that or wait. Waiting was not an option. So I sucked it up and pressed on. Maybe a lot of the horror stories also can be attributed to the trainees perspective and that perspective can definitely be shaded for good and bad by the trainees attitude going in. I went in humble and with a "do what it takes to complete the mission" attitude I perfected in the military.

Posted:  3 weeks, 6 days ago

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Starting with Pride Transport SLC on 15 Feb 2021 ask away!


So, I guess the Truckin Gods (if there is any) keep sending me tests. Tonight on the El Cajon Pass southbound was docked in with fog and traffic. Took me 2 hours to get to Riverside because of it.




Ironic because 6 days ago (when you posted this) I drove from Vegas to Corona CA to a friend's house. I was trying to explain to my husband how it was 70ish degrees in Apple Valley and hitting an actual wall of fog on El Cajon. I passed a Pride truck (it was the only one I saw), so maybe we met in a weird way lol That fog was more gnarly than it looked at first. So if you saw a black 4runner, sunroof open, blasting music...that was me :D

Hahaha well I didn't see anything matching that description. I was hyper-focused on the road anyway.

The last few day have been pretty standard. We're on track to clear 5200 miles this week. I'm really liking the night driving, less stressful than rush hour.

I should cross the halfway point of team driving tomorrow and I get a few days off over Easter weekend. Trainer has a doctor's appointment and I have to meet with my VA advocate about my disability claims. Should be near the 150 hr mark by then. A week into April and I'll be ready to phase out of training and go solo.

Posted:  1 month ago

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Starting with Pride Transport SLC on 15 Feb 2021 ask away!

Some days are odd. It's still Winter, and California can be windy.

As for that load being light, some are. I hauled one large, padded manilla envelope one time more than 600 miles. The trailer I was pulling was empty.

Hahaha, I guess FedEx wasn't the way to go. That's crazy. We had a follow up of 2 pallets of ground coffee tonight.

Posted:  1 month ago

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Tips for proper seat adjustment

I'm not sure what company you work for, but at larger Schneider OC's there is a physical/occupational therapist that has training in seat adjustments. They will go with you to your truck and coach you on getting your seat adjusted.

Man that would be nice! I don't think Pride has that, but I'd be all over it if they did. I have tried all the suggestions and am doing much better. The tail bone/low back pain is significantly reduced, the actual ass-cheek numbness is still prominent but better. I think that last part could be due to the seat itself. My trainer is a fairly large individual and me thinks the padding is just done with. Plus it's Freightliner pleather, so who knows. I have about 3 weeks left until training is completed. Then I'll have plenty else to worry about that will keep my mind off of my keester.

Posted:  1 month ago

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Starting with Pride Transport SLC on 15 Feb 2021 ask away!

Another wacky day in the books. Maybe I'm just tired or maybe it something else, but I feel like today wasn't real. We picked up a load today in Hurricane and I **** you not, cause you all are my favorite turds, our load was 1 pallet weighing slightly more than a 1000 pounds. 1 pallet of tape that had to be kept at -10 degrees and the reefer had to run on continuous. This has really been messing with my cranial housing group. Are the trucking gods playing with their new acolyte? I think someone is messing with me. Then for icing on this layer cake of goofiness, the wind blew from the Virgin River Gorge all the way to Ontario. I swear my steering wheel was clocked at 2 o'clock the whole way. Oh and for a little cherry top, I snowed for a while in Mt Pass CA. As I read this it sounds fake, I assure you it's not.


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