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Getting ready to go Roehl

Congrats Jim, good luck!

The ticket is paid for and Friday morning I'll be on the train headed for Wisconsin. Orientation starts March 22 in Marshfield. I could have gone to Appleton on the 29th but they train on manuals in Marshfield. I know manuals are becoming less common each year but I figured if I can my CDL without the restriction, what the hell, just gives me more options.

Posted:  3 years, 2 months ago

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Trucking Schools/Training in Michigan

Hey Old School,

First post here, but I just wanted to say thanks for the links regarding the paid CDL training vs private schooling, very informative and very much appreciated. I've gotten as far as contacting and talking with a private school here in MI to get the ball rolling, but have still been researching which route I want to take and which company to try to sign on with if I did go the paid training route. So again, thanks a lot for the information.

Also, hi Clare! Not trying to hijack your post or anything, I'm also from MI and it just felt comfortable clicking on your post and I'm glad I did. Good luck with your decision!

Hello Clare, and welcome to our forum!


If I can get it together financially, I’m leaning toward the private schooling route but I’m also researching paid company training.


You didn't really elaborate why you are leaning toward private schooling, but allow me to make just a few comments in general about some common misunderstandings about trucking school. Many people seem to think that they will get better training if they can afford to pay for it. Also people tend to think they will have more "options" if they attend private schooling. Neither of those things are true. No matter what school you attend, they each have the same goals and they each offer the same thing. There is one objective to truck driving school. That objective is to get you to the point of passing a driving test that allows you to have a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). That's what you get from trucking school if you pass. You are still not a truck driver, which is why you will still go through almost a month or more of training when you actually get a job. Then you will probably take almost a year or more to even really feel like you are getting the hang of the job, which is why so many folks wash out of trucking early in their pursuit of this challenging career.

It seems logical to think private schools are better since only the folks who can afford them get to attend them. Those Paid CDL Training Programs must be for the poor schmucks who can't afford to pay. Therefore they are not as good a program. They are almost like subsidies for the poor. That kind of thinking is seriously wrong! These company sponsored programs are set up because the trucking companies found this to be a most effective way of developing strong drivers to fill their needs. These programs are highly effective and they don't cost you much at all. They are designed to get you behind the wheel as quickly as possible with little or no expense on your part. They are highly effective programs. We recommend them all the time. Many of the successful drivers in our forum obtained their CDLs in this fashion.

Don't shy away from these programs just because you think you will have more options or better training by paying for it yourself. It simply isn't true. Another objection is the commitment required from the driver. People get all hung up over making a commitment. Usually the driver must commit to a one year contract. One year is a drop in the bucket when you are considering a career. It is really a short time. With all the new stuff you will be learning as a truck driver, it will pass before you even realize it. Ask yourself how long it will take you to save up about 6,000 dollars at your present income and expenses. That's about what you will need to pay for and attend a month long school without working your job for that entire month. I bet that is more than a one year commitment for most average working folks. If you try to commit to a saving plan you may very well not stick to it. If you stick with your commitment to a trucking company they will gladly pay you every week for your dedication and commitment. That is a great trade off. You are committed to them and they are just as supportive of you and your efforts at improving yourself as a commercial driver. That is what I call a "Win Win" situation!

Take a look at these articles. I hope they help you with your research into this...

Why I Prefer Paid CDL Training Over Private Schooling

Busting The Free Agent Myth In Trucking

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